Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1528


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After the reception, Fang Tian and Zhang Yayan walked out of the hotel.

“Mr. Fang, can you send me back to the apartment?” Zhang Yayan asked.

Fang Tian looked at his watch: “Yes.”

I drove the car and sent Zhang Yayan to the Rome apartment.

She pushed the door and got out of the car, turned and looked over: “Mr. Fang, do you want to go up for a cup of tea?”

“Ding Ling Ling ……” The ringtone of the mobile phone rang, Fang Tian took out his mobile phone and looked at it, put it on the headset and listened for a while.

Then hung up the phone, looked towards Zhang Yayan and said: “Sorry, I’m going home, change the day.”

Then the car will leave.

Zhang Yayan silently watched the car go away, froze in the wind for a long time, and I wondered what I was thinking?


Hao Ting Villa.

Fang Tian just walked into the lobby and saw Gold Jade Ye sitting on the sofa crackling and tapping on the keyboard to play the game.

She looked at the corner of her eye: “Where did you go so late?”

Fang Tian is speechless for a while, where can I not get your little aunt to interrogate?

“How do you feel?” She walked over and sat down beside her.

“Well, very good.” Gold Jade Ye nodded, very satisfied, her fingers flew on the keyboard, the speed is really smooth!

Her finger stopped suddenly and looked over: “The only bad thing is that you can only use SoftCloud’s own application.”

Fang Tian reached out and picked a strawberry on the fruit tray and put it in his mouth: “Get used to it. You usually like to use Microsoft MSN. After using yy, you know what is the best chat tool to use. .”

“There is also a browser. After you have used Angel Browser, you don’t want to use IE anymore.”

It’s true that the SoftCloud application is really easy to use. Gold Jade leaves only used it for a day, so I rely on it.

Deeply stuck in the quagmire, but it’s just that I can’t extricate myself. Today, I use SoftCloud’s applications all day. Gold Jade leaves are fully invested in it, and I’m happy.

Suddenly remembered that he snapped up a laptop for the sun, and gave him a labor fee of 1,000,000.

Gold Jade Ye blinked his eyes and looked over: “How did you grab it?”

Fang Tian laughed secretly in his heart. As a Boss that never sets, it’s not easy to get one.

Thinking about it, Fang Tian responded: “I know the Boss of SoftCloud.”

Gold Jade Ye’s eyes widened instantly: “Do you know Mr. K?”

She knows that the founder of SoftCloud is King, but she never knows the real name of the founder of SoftCloud.

It’s like some famous online writers. Book fans only know his pen name, but don’t know his real name, even though he was interviewed by reporters.

“Are you surprised:” Fang Tian asked with a smile.

Gold Jade Ye wrinkled his nose: “How did you mix with the business man?”

Fang Tian: “…” Is this to praise me or scold me?

Eating strawberries, no response.

She said quickly: “Do you have his contact information?”

“What do you want his contact information to do?”

“I want to meet him! I feel very happy to be able to meet the tech boss.” Gold Jade Ye’s eyes stared at the little star.

Fang Tian’s mouth raised, laughed, don’t you see it now?

“Say, Mr. K’s contact information.” Gold Jade Ye kept shaking Fang Tian’s arm.

“Nothing is good, Mr. K is a person, just like me.” Fang Tian’s words are very connotative and have been revealed.

However, Gold Jade Ye never thought he was the same person as Mr. K.

She wrinkled her nose: “Don’t talk to him about mental on equal terms, Mr. K is the Internet Legendary, central rarely seen genius, you are a vast distance away from him.”

It was praised and scolded again. It felt so refreshing to hovered between life and death. Fang Tian got up and walked back to the bedroom to take a shower.

After bathing, turn on the computer and immediately click on the application market to view it.

In fact, it is not just SoftCloud’s own application. In the angel application market, there are already thousands of different types of applications available for download and installation.

Most are small gadgets, such as translation software, Meitu software et cetera.

Compared to the millions of applications of the Microsoft system, the Mengzhen system has a thousand applications, which is like a tree in the forest.

Even a tree is a good start. As the sun goes down and the computer sells, there are more and more users. There will be more and more developers supporting the Mengzhen platform and more and more applications.

Mengzhen system is the most missing office application, as a productivity tool, how can it lack office software?

SoftCloud’s office software has completed internal testing, and in a few days, Fang Tian will open a press conference and release it.

The computer is about to be turned off. At this moment, the prompt message of “di di di ”Instant Messenger will sound.

Fang Tian pulled out the window and looked at it, which was sent by Lin Keqing.

Send love connection: “Chief, you said to build the Headquarters building of the Operating System in Beijing, the land has been photographed.”

Seeing this news, Fang Tian’s eyes brightened!

King: “How much is it?”

Send love: “1,000,000 square meters, guess how much money was taken?”

Fang Tian touch the chin thought for a moment, the prime location in the center of Beijing City, near the International Convention and Exhibition Center, this kind of land is definitely the king of the land.

King: “At least 10 billion?”

Send love: “No, not so much.”

King: “Is it 5 billion, not bad!”

Send love: “No, it’s one billion! {Happy}{Happy}{Happy}!”

Fang Tian was so excited that his heart almost jumped out!

One million square meters, one billion will be done. Isn’t the average unit price just 1,000 yuan?

In the capital of Beijing, where the size of the earth is very large, 1,000 1 square meters of land is so great!

Cracking and tapping the keyboard, Fang Tian asked.

King: “Why is it so cheap?”

Send love: “This piece of land has a relatively high threshold. It requires technology companies with an annual turnover of 10 billion and a profit of more than 2 billion to auction. Throughout the country, only SoftCloud can meet this condition. No one Compete, take the reserve price away! {Ecstasy}{Ecstasy}!”

“hahaha!” Fang Tian laughed excitedly!

SoftCloud technology is now the sweet and sour food of various localities. Once Headquarters settles in the local area, it will drive tens of thousands of local jobs and bring huge tax et cetera.

Not only that, SoftCloud technology is very likely to become the world’s largest Operating System and chip company, but it is the existence of the city’s business card!

In order to attract SoftCloud to settle down, there are also many discounts in various places. Obviously, this land is set up for SoftCloud.

King: “Tomorrow, I will go over with you to see.”

Send love: “I think back to the time when we were in the ant nest!”

The SoftCloud empire started from Ant Nest Studio, and a narrow rental space of MySpace has achieved the scale it is today.

Now, we finally have the financial strength to build our own Headquarters building!

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