Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1529


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2nd day morning, the sun is shining!

Near the Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Fang Tian drove the car and Lin Keqing came to this area early in the morning.

Get off the bus and Fang Tian looks around. The whole plot is really very wide.

More importantly, the location is very advantageous, located near the convention center, and the farthest side is close to Dajiang.

Coincidentally, when she met a reporter from National Television, she came over to do an interview with Fang Tian.

People are famous, and there are many kinds of interviews.

Fang Tian simply answered a few questions, all about the future vision of this land.

Then I turned around in this place, and it was unconsciously until noon. Then I walked into the nearby restaurant with Lin Keqing for lunch.

The two found a place near the window and sat down. Through the window, they could see the vast riverside land outside.

“Two people, do you want to eat something?” The waiter came over with full of smiles.

Lin Keqing took over the menu. She knew Fang Tian’s taste very well and ordered some of the food he liked to eat. As for herself, she liked it.

“Okay, please wait.” The waiter turned back.

Fang Tian took a sip of lemon tea and looked towards Lin Keqing opposite: “Keqing, how is the progress of the express delivery group now?”

Today, with the express delivery group in hand, they have Concubine’s Smile, Good Luck, Tiantong, Lutong, Haitong, Magical Powers, and Octopus, a total of seven express delivery, no longer have rivals in the country.

With the express delivery group in hand, the goal now is to cover the world and compete with the world’s three major express delivery giants!

In the last life, no domestic express company can succeed internationally. In this life, Fang Tian will expand to the world.

Lin Keqing said: “It’s going well. At present, we have set up branches in South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Singapore. The next plan is to establish an Asia-Pacific transshipment center in Hong Kong!”

Big beauties are personal talents, leading SoftCloud technology to success step by step. Now as a courier, they are getting closer and closer to the goal.

Fang Tian trusted her 100%, and Meimei took a sip of tea.

Lin Keqing said: “The purchase of cargo aircraft and the establishment of an aviation logistics base are all very expensive. Now we are preparing to list in Hong Kong.”

The establishment of the hand-held express group is to prepare for the listing. If the listing is successful, she will be the first listed company of SoftCloud Group.

Other men and women sitting together for dinner, either talk about homely things, talk about what has happened recently, or talk about love.

However, Fang Tian and Lin Keqing are two business celebrities sitting together and talking about some very handsome and handsome things, such as international and global expansion.

In fact, Lin Keqing also wanted to talk to Fang Tian and say love, but worried that leading the topic over there would embarrass each other. After all, Fang Tian has a wife.

She is not very demanding, as long as she can be with Fang Tian, ​​she is very satisfied. She has never expected anything, let alone be Mistress.

Looking at the achievements of the men he likes getting higher and higher, great beauty Lin will feel happy even if he pays for him silently!

While speaking, the waiter walked over with the dinner plate, and one after another was placed in front of them.

Fragrant aroma, smelling this taste, the index finger moved, Fang Tian immediately picked up the chopsticks and ate it.

It’s always a pleasure to eat and chat with beautiful women, not only the enjoyment of taste and smell, but also the enjoyment of sight and hearing.

After dinner, the payment was about to leave. At this moment, a young man wearing a black suit came over.

“Great beauty Lin, what a coincidence, are you also having lunch here?” The man in a suit asked in front of Lin Keqing with a smile.

Lin Keqing looked up towards him, slightly smiled: “Mister Qian, it’s you.”

This man’s name is Qian Zhongliang. He is the boss of a large listed company in Beijing. He is less than 30 years old this year.

A few days ago, when friends met, Qian Zhongliang saw Lin Keqing, and he was thrilled, and then launched a wave of pursuit offensive.

Looking at the plate on the table, Qian Zhongliang said: “I seem to be late, and I want to have lunch with the beauty.”

Lin Keqing responded casually: “There will be opportunities.”

“It’s better tonight, there is a nice western restaurant nearby. How about we try it in the past?” Qian Zhongliang set out on a date.

Lin Keqing doesn’t really like this kind of stalker man.

This time, she simply refused: “Mister Qian, I understand what you mean, but we are impossible.”

Qian Zhongliang cannot accept: “Why, where am I not good?”

Lin Keqing did not respond and got up and went to pay.

Qian Zhongliang turned towards the other side of the table, looking at Fang Tian who was drinking tea, calm and calm. Could Lin Keqing already have someone he liked?

“Who are you? What’s the relationship with Keqing?” Qian Zhongliang looked over with a bad look.

Fang Tian feels unfathomable mystery: “What is my relationship with her, is it okay with you?”

“Are you her boyfriend?”


Qian Zhongliang smiled. Looking at Fang Tian’s dress is very ordinary, it doesn’t look like a rich person, it is estimated that it’s just pursuing Ms Perfect.

“I warn you, Lin Keqing is not something you can pursue, stay away from her.” Qian Youliang warned with a straight face.

Fang Tian was drinking green tea and asked casually: “Are you strong?”

“My strength, say it and scare you!” Qian Zhongliang pointed to the 30-story building outside the window. “Do you know who this company is?”

Fang Tian looked down his finger, and there was a sign on the outer wall of Tianle Building, Huatai Technology Co., Ltd. “It’s yours?”

“Yes.” Qian Zhongliang straightened his chest and proudly said: “The whole building was covered by me!”

The office building in the core Commerce District of Beijing is so expensive. It is very difficult to deal with renting two or more floors for office.

The 30-story mansion was all wrapped up by him. It can be seen that Qian Zhongliang’s company size.

“It’s a great look.” Fang Tian got up and left Lin Keqing to leave the restaurant.

Qian Zhongliang’s mouth raised, has several points of complacent: “You compare with me, the difference is vast distance!”

At this moment, the TV in the restaurant was broadcasting the midday news.

The male voice of the TV station’s male voice said: “Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center sells the land for the construction of commercial office buildings. Due to the high threshold, only SoftCloud Group is eligible. In the end, this 1 million square meters of land was approved by SoftCloud Group. Revenue Langzhong at a price of 1 billion!”

Female reporter interviewed the chairman of SoftCloud Group: “Mr. Fang, may I ask how will you develop this plot?”

Director Fang inside the TV responded with a smile: “This is the future headquarters of SoftCloud Group. A 100-story skyscraper will be built!”

SoftCloud is going to build its own Headquarters building, 100 floors! Such a large area, at least 10 billion?

Qian Zhongliang looked at the TV: “Awesome, Huh?”

How is the chairman of the TV like Fang Tian?

He immediately turned his head towards Fang Tian, ​​and suddenly, the pupils of Qian Zhongliang’s eyes were enlarged!

“Director Fang, let’s go.” Lin Keqing slightly smiled, the beautiful woman accompanied Fang Tian out of the restaurant.

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