Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1530


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After leaving the restaurant, Fang Tian and Lin Keqing returned to the Global Building.

The construction of the Headquarters building already has the land. Now the question is how to design it?

What is the shape like the Apple Headquarters building?

According to Fang Tian’s vision, the Headquarters building of SoftCloud must be a model of world architecture!

In the office, Fang Tian and Lin Keqing thought about it for a long time, and didn’t expect how to design it, but one thing is necessary, SoftCloud Headquarters must have a massage parlor.

Lin Keqing chuckled, and he liked massage.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “This massage shop, as long as the employees of SoftCloud can enjoy it for free, after get off work, relax in the past.”

This move, not his original, Google’s Headquarters has a massage parlor, which employees can enjoy for free.

That’s why many people are longing to work at Google.


Qianjin Corporation Headquarters.

More than one afternoon, Fang Tian drove here.

This building is 50 stories high. The whole building looks like a Christmas tree. It looks very distinctive and very eye-catching!

The reason for coming here is at two o’clock in the afternoon, SoftCloud held a new product launch meeting.

After coming to Beijing, two conferences have been held, First Stage, Mengzhen system, and Phoenix processor.

This time, release office software!

In order to succeed in the Dreaming Operating System, Fang Tian made frequent moves.

SoftCloud today is undoubtedly a software empire. Social software, entertainment software, input methods, security software et cetera are many, but the most missing is office software.

Because of the lack of office software, there is no company or office staff using Mengzhen system at all.

As the largest software company in the world, Microsoft is not only the Operating System, but also his office software. Countless companies spend money to buy his genuine Office applications.

Mengzhen system wants to defeat Microsoft’s Windows, office software must have.

48th floor.

Fang Tian is about to enter the office, Ye Qing wearing a white professional suit quickly came over and blocked him. “The president is in trouble, what are you doing here?”

“There is something to do with your president.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Don’t you know? SoftCloud will hold a new product launch here.”

Ye Qing stared: “Who allows you to hold a new product launch here?”

Fang Tian said directly: “My wife allows, let go!”

Just then, the office door opened and Jin Yuyan came out.

“Miss Jin, he is going to hold a press conference here, is this true?” Ye Qing looked towards her.

“Um.” Jin Yuyan slightly nodded.

Fang Tian laughed, and then moved towards the Conference Hall downstairs with Jin Yuyan.

“Do you remember? I once told you that to be the best office software in the world, my promise was finally fulfilled today.” Fang Tian said with a smile.

Jin Yuyan thought he casually said, didn’t expect what he said is true.

“Where is Conference Hall?” Fang Tian asked.

Jin Yuyan said: “Your press conference is not in the company, I will take you to another place.”

Fang Tian was a little puzzled, but didn’t ask much.

Beside Qianjin Corporation, the Beijing International Convention Center.

Compared with the company’s hundreds of conference halls, this place can accommodate more viewers.

Fin Tian walked in under Jin Yuyan.

At the moment, there are 3,000 seats in the Conference Hall!

Fang Tian sat down in the front row of the auditorium and looked towards the podium.

A banner hangs on the wall, with large letters on it–

Warmly celebrate, Qianjin Corporation Global Partner Conference held!

Fang Tian fully understood that it was originally the partner meeting of the group!

Qianjin Corporation is now a world-class multinational giant with operations in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Today companies from more than 100 countries all over the world send representatives to participate.

Jin Yuyan, who is wearing a ash-gray professional suit and is tall, stands on the stage with a pair of crystal crushed diamond high heels.

All of a sudden the applause crash-bang rang.

Fang Tian touch the chin laughed, our wife is really powerful!

Jin Yuyan gave a speech: “Qianjin Corporation has now entered the world’s top 500! For this reason, the group held the first global partner conference…”

Her words haven’t been much, and even the speech will not be too long, and it will end in a few minutes.

The applause at the scene was continuous, and they were all excited for this courageous queen!

At the end, Jin Yuyan’s iceberg face smiled a little: “Next, there is a person, a very powerful company, releasing a product.”

Everyone was puzzled. After the queen didn’t expect the speech, there was another press conference.

Who is that person? What company is that? What products are released?

Jin Yuyan looked towards Fang Tian: “Mr. Fang Tian, ​​please come on stage.”

Fang Tian was pleasantly surprised, didn’t expect, she will be at the global partner conference and let herself release new products here!

Ye Qing was surprised. Today is the stage of Qianjin Corporation. Let Fang Tian release the product here and give him the home court!

Fang Tian stood up and moved towards the platform.

“crash-bang……” The audience burst into warm applause!

Fin Tian moved towards Jin Yuyan, she blinked: “Thank you Miss Jin, at such an important moment, give me a time to release.”

Jin Yuyan pursed his lips and smiled: “SoftCloud is a very good company and a very important partner of the Group. The Group will continue to support…”

She looked back to the auditorium: “I also hope that my partners will support SoftCloud technology together!”

Most of the participants in the Global Partner Conference are foreigners, from the UK, from the US, and from Russia.

They don’t know Fang Tian and have heard about SoftCloud.

The people at the scene applauded and expressed their support.

Fang Tian looked towards the auditorium: “as everyone knows, not long ago, SoftCloud released its own Operating System Dream Realm.”

“But because of the lack of office software, this system not at all enterprise users.”

“After internal testing of our company’s R&D and design, the office application independently developed by SoftCloud Technology is finally officially launched today!”

hearing this, the Chinese present were the first to applaud, and other audiences followed the echo.

Fang Tian opened the application market, downloaded a piece of software, and then clicked to install.

When the installation interface appears and everyone sees the software name.

Suddenly, the eyes of the audience brightened!

Gold Jade office software

Here, this software is named after Miss Jin!

Waiting for installation, Fang Tian said with a slight smile: “Once, I promised Jin Yuyan Young Lady to make an office application that is the best in the whole world. So, this software is based on her Name it.”

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