Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1531


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Soon, Gold Jade office software is installed.

Fang Tian introduced with a smile: “In our country, there is a sentence, the book has its own golden house, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu.”

“Gold represents money and refers to career. Jade represents beauty and refers to love.”

“Aren’t we all pursuing careers and love when we work?”

“Haha!” The audience laughed and clapped.

This name is interesting!

Jin Yuyan, who was sitting under the stage, smiled, and her white, jade-like face showed a bright red of joy!

Fang Tian looked towards computer screen: “Gold Jade office software is a set. After installation, it supports the production of documents, pictures, tables, slides…multiple media formats…”

In other words, it is similar to Microsoft’s Office suite, Word, Excel, PowerPointet cetera series of office applications.

Fang Tian opened the software while introducing it, demonstrating the various functions of the software.

The software sector alone makes the people present shine.

Compared with Microsoft office software, the interface of Gold Jade office software is more beautiful and beautiful, and it is more comfortable to use.

Fang Tian asked: “Did everyone encounter such a situation with Microsoft office software, the software suddenly crashed and exited, and the unsaved things were destroyed once.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone present felt the same. The stability of Microsoft office software is indeed not good. Sometimes I edited 3000 words in Word, but it has not been saved yet. The software crashed and the hard work did not Too.

Although automatic saving can be set, that function is sometimes not very easy to use.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Gold Jade office software will definitely not have these problems. It uses a more advanced coding rule to avoid this situation.”

very good, everyone present was interested in this Gold Jade office software.

Fang Tian continues to introduce: “Gold Jade office software, the world’s first, adding cloud synchronization. Your edited content will be automatically saved to the cloud. No longer afraid of file loss, no matter where you go, log in to your account to synchronize content .”

This express is not functional, Microsoft’s office software is not available, and cloud synchronization was not available until many years later.

At this time, it was definitely the first of SoftCloud!

All of a sudden, applause and welcome!

Next, Fang Tian spent a long time introducing the various functions of the software.

The stability, convenience, and security of the software have left a deep impression on everyone present!

It is no exaggeration to say that Gold Jade office software has surpassed Microsoft’s Office!

The most important issue now is…

A British man wearing silver-rimmed glasses stood up and asked: “How compatible is the Gold Jade software, does it support other media formats?”

This is also the most concerned by the people present. They are used to Microsoft’s office software. If the Gold Jade software is not compatible with Microsoft’s format, then the problem is bigger.

No files edited before can be used on Gold Jade software.

Fang Tian nodded: “Gold Jade software is fully compatible with the existing main Streaming format. In other words, you can use it to edit doc, pdf, jpget cetera format files.”

“But I suggest everyone, it is best to use the default format of the software, so that the experience will be better.”

Microsoft’s txt, doc, ppt, et cetera formats have become the mainstream of the world.

SoftCloud has its own Operating System, and now also has its own office software, multimedia formats, all independently developed by the company.

For example, yyt, a plain text format similar to txt, and yyp is a presentation format similar to ppt.

For these formats, let them become the mainstream format of the world, so that countless office workers can’t do without them.

Let developers all around the world develop programs based on this standard format. Files that do not support these formats are opened, played, and edited, and users will abandon your application.

The third-rate companies do the cottage, the second-rate companies do the technology, and the first-class companies do the standards!

Just like the video format of yyv, the video format developed by SoftCloud has become the most popular video format in the world due to its clear, small MySpace and smooth playback characteristics.

At the end of the speech, Fang Tian said: “Gold Jade office software supports languages ​​in 170 countries and regions around the world.”

“In order to develop this set of office applications, the company has invested 2 billion in research and development funds. It is SoftCloud Technology’s product with the largest investment in addition to the Operating System!”

“Computer as a productivity tool has greatly improved the efficiency of our human work. I hope that Gold Jade software can create greater value for humans worldwide!”

Applause, the applause is like a flood outbreak…

Where Fang Tian goes, there will be applause, and there are so many surprises he brings!

Jin Yuyan smiled heartily, and smiled so happily, watching her men’s achievements getting higher and higher, which is even happier than her own success!

At the end of the press conference, the guests present stood up immediately, walked to Fang Tian with a notebook, and asked for the download address of the software.

They are very concerned about a question. Does this software need money?

Microsoft’s office software is not cheap.

Fang Tian told them that apart from cloud services, the software itself is free.

Cloud services include cloud storage, cloud translation, OCR image transfer text et cetera, although cloud services charge, but for business offices, it is worth the money.

Even without cloud services, the overall experience of Gold Jade software is better than that of Microsoft.

The foreigners are so excited that they are fighting for the download address.

“Where can I download it? I really need it!”

“Yes, I am so excited, where can I download it?”

Fang Tian told them the SoftCloud Application Center.

Foreigners immediately search for downloads and click to install.

Ye Qing looked towards Jin Yuyan: “Miss Jin, at the global partner conference, let Fang Tian release office software, did you think about it?”

Jin Yuyan slightly nodded: “Well. I hope his software’s influence will expand to the world!”

Big beauties are always thinking about their men. It’s really happy to have such a woman!

“Congratulations, Mr. Fang, your press conference was very successful!” Jin Yuyan stood up and moved towards Fang Tian.

Fang Tian smiled and shook hands with her: “Thank you Miss Jin for your support!”

Gold Jade software, which can be released at the global partner conference, is of great significance.

Jin Yuyan said: “I will support your development as always.”

Fang Tian suddenly remembered that when Jin Yuyan spoke just now, he said that Qianjin Corporation is now the world’s three largest engineering builders, and many landmarks in famous cities were built by Qianjin Corporation.

Fang Tian said: “SoftCloud is preparing to build the Headquarters building in Beijing. I hope Qianjin Corporation will participate in the construction.”

Jin Yuyan raised her eyebrows: “Sure.”

Ye Qing looks at two people, one dominates the software Internet world, and the other dominates the physical industry. Does the couple want to play Earth? !

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