Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1532


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At night, the three came to the nearby restaurant for dinner.

Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan sat opposite each other, with Ye Qing sitting on the right.

At the moment, Jin Yuyan is facing his laptop and using Gold Jade office software.

She is usually busy, and her Instant Messenger has not been opened for three months.

She uses office software every day, and once she starts using it, she can’t stop, and she can always find many small surprise features.

As Fang Tian said on stage, the overall experience surpassed Microsoft.

Fang Tian drinking lemon tea: “Miss Jin, are you satisfied?”

“Well, that’s good.” Jin Yuyan slightly nodded: “I ordered that the entire group use your office software!”

Ye Qing is surprised that this is not a small decision. Qianjin Corporation has employees all over the world, more than 200,000 people, and will also affect partners.

If you do this, Fang Tian’s office software can be promoted to the world!


After dinner, Fang Tian drove the pink Lamborghini and took Jin Yuyan home together.

Mid-level villa in Mid-levels.

Jin Yuyan immediately returned to the room to take a shower. Similarly, Fang Tian also rushed into the bathroom to take a cold shower.

Ten minutes later, all refreshed, Fang Tian sat in front of the computer and opened the application market to see.

Gold Jade office software was released in less than half a day, and has rushed to the sales champion!

Visible, the popularity of this software!

2 billion, if the software developed by 2 billion is not easy to use, Fang Tian can find a piece of tofu and die.

Look at the comments on the software page.

Netizens strolling in the rain-so cool! Gold Jade office software is really easy to use, Microsoft Office can be uninstalled.

Netizen workaholics—Yeah, since using the Gold Jade software, my work efficiency has improved by at least 30%.

Netizen earth shattering ——Thanks to the soft halo, I also produced a great product!

As SoftCloud releases office software, the promotion of Mengzhen system will also accelerate, and I believe more business office staff will use Mengzhen.

It’s not too early to look at the time, Fang Tian fell asleep in bed.

Sleep and sleep until you wake up naturally, and you have a good mood every day.

One night without dreams until dawn, the quality of sleep is super good, Fang Tian is very energetic and sits up from bed.

“Ding Ling Ling…” the phone rang.

Fang Tian reached out to the bedside table, took it over and looked at it, it was called by Zhang Yayan, and immediately connected: “What’s the matter?”

“Good news!” Zhang Yayan’s happy voice came over: “After we released the office software, many companies said that they would purchase our computers. Now, the orders for computers that are not falling day by day are increasing!”

Fang Tian was overjoyed: “Haha, good news early in the morning! By the way, how is the factory’s production capacity now?”

Zhang Yayan said quickly: “The production capacity has expanded. At this rate, the factory will ship 2,000,000 units this month!”

Fang Tian’s heart was so excited that peng peng jumped straight.

At 10 am, Fang Tian and Gao Yun came to Zhongguancun, the most prosperous electronic product center in Beijing.

I just found a relatively large computer digital city, and the two went in.

There are not many computer brands today, except for foreign HP, Dell, Toshiba…Wanjun computers are the largest in China.

Fang Tian communicated with the salespersons here for a while, and as the sun goes down, the sales of Wanjun computers are getting worse.

Compared with foreign computers, Wanjun computers do not have any technical advantages and rely on relatively affordable prices.

But nowadays, the computer is equipped with the strongest processor, the smoothest system, and the price is cheaper than the Wanjun computer. What are the advantages of his computer?

Fang Tian smiled, and Gao Yun smiled.

“Gao Yun, how many users are there in Mengzhen system now?” Fang Tian asked with concern.

Gao Yun is the top person in charge of developing the Operating System, and he knows the data best.

Gao Yun said happily: “Mengzhen system now has 10 million users!”

Fang Tian was pleasantly surprised, and this growth rate is faster than the sales of the ever-increasing computer.

There are not more than one million users who purchase computers that never fall, but Operating System users have exceeded 10 million. In other words, many users of computers of other brands have replaced the Mengzhen system.

Computers are not widely used in China today, and the proportion of netizens is not very high. About 100 million netizens nationwide.

Mengzhen system has about 10,000,000 users, accounting for about 10%, although the share is still very low, but this is a good start.

It proves that the domestic system has a certain market share, which is a remarkable achievement.

Think of the previous life, those domestic systems, Qilin, Hongqi and the like, not to mention 10% of users, 1% did not.

Wanjun Corporation, President’s Office.

Vice President Liu Chaodong stood in front of Bai Wanjun with cold sweats, and he had a newly printed report in his hand.

“Say, how are the sales of Wanjun computers now?” Bai Wanjun placed two fingers on the table and rapped quickly, which was his usual action when he was nervous.

Liu Chaodong glanced at the report: “Since the birth of the sunless computer, sales of Wanjun computers have plummeted by 20%!”

Although it has been guessed that the sales volume has fallen, but it has fallen by 20%, Bai Wanjun’s heart twitched suddenly. “How did it fall so fast?”

Liu Zhaodong analyzed: “There are three reasons. First, the market is not falling at a low price to grab the market. Their computers are cheaper than ours with the same configuration. Each one is 2000 cheaper.”

“Second, a more powerful processor, adding points to their computers, and the performance surpasses Wanjun computers.”

“Third, the application ecosystem of Mengzhen system is improving. A large number of enterprises have begun to purchase their computers for the office software released not long ago.”

Bai Wanjun takes a sip of coffee and takes a deep breath. “What are your countermeasures?”

Liu Chaodong said: “Our computer is equipped with Microsoft’s Windows system, the software ecological advantage is still very obvious. But the biggest problem is the price, consumers are too sensitive to price. If you want to boost sales, only large Lower the price by a margin.”

Significant price reduction? Bai Wanjun’s mouth twitched.

What this means, profits are greatly reduced.

As long as the industry that Fang Tian is looking for, this industry will be shaken. Because of his disruption, the domestic PC market has finally attracted substantial price cuts, which is a good thing for consumers.

However, what if you don’t do this? You can’t just watch the sales decline.

Development of independent processor chips, impossible.

It is more impossible to develop independent Operating System.

At least 10 billion in research and development funds are invested, and for a long time, it may not necessarily be able to make products that are leading the industry.

For Bai Wanjun, a Chinese American, holding the thighs of the United States is always the best choice. Those things don’t need to be done by yourself.

For so many years, with the cutting-edge technology of Americans, Wanjun computers have not become the first in the country.

Did Fang Tian just take the cost-effective model? Wanjun computers can do the same.

Bai Wanjun clenched the teeth, and made up his mind: “Price reduction, I will play with him to the end.”

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