Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1533


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During the daytime, Fang Tian and Gao Yun are shopping outside.

It’s not the base, it’s the machine.

The difference between men shopping and women shopping is quite big. Women prefer clothing and footwear, but men prefer to watch digital appliances.

Fang Tian and Gao Yun both like to play games, and are also engaged in the IT technology industry. It is also a kind of happiness to be able to treat interest as a profession.

In the end, Gao Yun bought a digital camera, and Fang Tian bought a set of 100,000 speakers, and then the two went home.

The time passed so quickly that it was dark unconsciously.

After returning home, Fang Tian and his sister-in-law finished their dinner, and then returned to their room to install speakers.

After work, one of the great pleasures of life is listening to songs. It is necessary to have a good set of speakers.

It took some time to connect the speakers to the computer, and then Fang Tian opened the music streamer that comes with Mengzhen system.

The music software pops up and starts playing.

After pouring a glass of milk, Fang Tian sat down and listened to the saxophone of “Going Home” leisurely.

This speaker is really worthy of high-end goods, it sounds cool!

It’s just that Fang Tian also found a problem, the music software experience that comes with the system is not ideal.

Music software, the SoftCloud team has been doing it, but not at all pays special attention, the experience has been very unsatisfactory, there are few song resources, the interface is very ugly, and it is not very convenient to operate.

Fang Tian touch the chin thought for a while, Zhang Xiaoyuan seems to be leading the team to re-develop a music streamer.

Instant Messenger was opened, and Fang Tian cracked the keyboard quickly and sent it.

King: “Xiaoyuan, are you leading a team to develop new music software? How is the development progress?”

After waiting for a while, Zhang Xiaoyuan responded to the news.

Yuanhang ten thousand li: “Yes, now it has entered the internal testing stage.”

King: “Send me the beta version to show me.”

Then ten thousand li sent him a software installation package.

Fang Tian is downloaded, immediately click install, the installation interface pops up, and when I look at the name of the software, I suddenly smile!

What is this music software called?

Yy Music

The name is called because the largest Instant Messenger software in China today is yy. For yy music to succeed, it needs the help of yy, a well-known brand, and the use of its traffic import.

Just like the relationship between Tencent’s QQ and QQ music.

Currently still in beta, yy music version 0.9.

After the installation is complete, click Open. The page is as soft as before, simple and beautiful.

Fang Tian used it, this music Streamer uses more advanced audio decoding technology, and the sound quality is excellent!

Yuanhang ten thousand li: “Boss, how are you feeling?”

King: “Very good {satisfied}! However, in addition to yy music, we have to develop another music software.”

Zhang Xiaoyuan was puzzled and responded by crackling the keyboard.

Remote ten thousand li: “Why, since you have yy music, why do you want to make another one?”

King: “Meet the individual needs of different people.”

Fang Tian’s last life, there are several famous music playback software in China, Kugou, Kuwo, and QQ Music. These three softwares are all owned by Tencent. Yes, Kugou and Kuwo were acquired by Penguin. .

Music software is very personalized. A company’s music software is impossible, which is why Tencent will buy other music software.

After Tencent acquired the three major music software, NetEase Cloud rose.

Now SoftCloud is only yy music, which is difficult to meet the personalized needs of various users. It is necessary to develop one more.

Remote ten thousand li: “OK! I arranged another team to do it. What is this music software called?”

King: “Don’t use SoftCloud related names anymore, get a more unique and interesting application name.”

The advantage of using your company’s customary name is that it’s familiar to you, and at a glance you know that it’s an app from a big company.

The disadvantage is that there is no freshness.

It’s like Tencent doing a short video called “Weishi”. At first glance, the name is like WeChat’s little video.

Looking at “Douyin” again, the name is obviously much better than Weishi.

Although some people feel that the name of Douyin is not very good, the fact is that Prestige does a short video before Douyin, but it does not attract users.

Attracting netizens of New Generation, fashionable and trendy names are the key. Just the name, Tencent’s short video has lost.

Talked with Zhang Xiaoyuan for a while, then ended the conversation, and the yy concert was released three days later.

Music software is not just as simple as a music streamer. For SoftCloud, its industrial chain is very long. It can be extended to music creation, entertainment, and it can also launch its own brand of headphones and speakers et cetera audio equipment.

Fang Tian was curious about a question suddenly. It has been a long time since he came to this world. I really don’t know the entertainment world of this world.

In the previous life, I read online novels. Those who traveled to parallel MySpace, all songs and movies disappeared.

Is it my turn to cross, is it the same?

I immediately searched for some songs in the music software.

Four Great Heavenly Kings songs can be found in this balanced world, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung… and Chen Yixun, Zhou Huajian et cetera singers can be found.

But there are also some songs that are not available in this World. For example, Jay Chou’s songs and Tao Zhe et Cetera’s songs did not appear in this World. I searched the Internet and there are no such singers.

In short, there is a lot of overlap between this World and the music scene of my previous life, but there are also many different places.

For example, Shen Yanyi is a famous Asian diva in this World, in her last life, not at all the singer.

Thinking of Shen Yanyi, and really missing her, Fang Tian clicked to play a song she sang, then opened Weibo and looked at it.

As soon as we opened Weibo, we saw her news.

SoftCloud Entertainment—Shen Yanyi’s “Beautiful Manners” concert in Beijing, which will be staged in the Beijing Gymnasium later in the evening, fans should not miss it!

The big star has a concert in Beijing, Fang Tian touch the chin thought, do you want to buy tickets or go through the back door?

At this moment, the door opened, and the younger sister Gold Jade Ye walked in: “Fang Tian, ​​buy me a ticket for Shen Yanyi tomorrow night.”

Fang Tian has always been very dissatisfied with her title to herself. “Won’t you buy it yourself?”

“It’s hard to get it.” I learned that Shen Yanyi came to Beijing to hold a concert. I grabbed tickets online a long time ago, but one ticket was hard to come by.

“You can grab tickets for you.” Fang Tian touch the chin, looking at her with a smile.

“What do you want?” Gold Jade Ye looked at him with an expression that was definitely okay. Last time he asked him to help grab a notebook and pitted 1,000,000.

I have seen Yellow Ox, I have never seen such an outrageous Yellow Ox!

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