Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1535


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Tonight, in order to make the performance more perfect, I specially invited a world-class piano master from France.

However, Troth suddenly became ill, what can I do now?

Chen Mengxue was anxious, so cold sweat fell from her forehead.

She then found the band leader Zhang Yueran.

“Zhang Yueran, the piano master can’t perform, can anyone put it on top?” Chen Mengxue looked at him anxiously and asked.

Zhang Yueran shook his head, helplessly said: “There are drum expert and guitar expert in the band, but there is no piano player.”

Chen Mengxue is also impossible to think about, even if someone can replace him, can his level compare with the French Master?

“Can the piano performance be cancelled?” Chen Mengxue asked quickly.

Zhang Yueran frowns: “No, the songs sung by Shen Yanyi tonight will be accompanied by piano accompaniment.”

Without the piano accompaniment, the concert tonight will definitely lose a lot.

What can I do now? Cancel live performance and play back accompaniment in the background?

It’s okay to perform with the piano master tonight, fans will be disappointed.

Chen Mengxue has no idea. Will Shen Yanyi’s concert tonight be doomed to fail?

Fang Tian, ​​who was listening to the concert, suddenly felt a little anxious and got up moved towards the bathroom.

Gold Jade Ye got up and followed him.

The bathroom entrance.

Meeting Chen Mengxue who was going to the bathroom, her face was very anxious.

Fang Tian asked casually: “Agent, what’s wrong? I didn’t offend you, as if I owe you millions.”

Gold Jade Ye Xiumei picked up. Why is this person so bold in talking, even talking to the agent like this?

Chen Mengxue snorted, responded with a sentence: “Tonight’s concert, there are many piano performance links, the piano master suddenly left, and the next concert may not be able to continue.”

Fang Tian’s brow furrowed, the problem is so serious!

“Talking to you wastes time.” Chen Mengxue turned and walked into the bathroom.

Fang Tian said: “Can let me perform on stage.”

Chen Mengxue pouted, questioning: “Will you play the piano? Do you want to ruin the concert tonight?”

Fang Tian said: “I can play.”

“Even if it is, it’s amateur level? Hehe, don’t be ashamed.” Gao Hailun is speaking, and he came out of the bathroom wearing black vest jeans.

Since the last confession failed, Gao Hailun knows that there is no hope for Shen Yanyi. He hates Fang Tian.

Fang Tian insisted: “Let me go up and try it.”

“Haha!” Gao Hailun laughed: “Depending on your junk level, what are the qualifications to perform on stage, you are not afraid to laugh to death.”

Chen Mengxue has a straight face and white eyes: “You will only ruin the concert tonight and be your audience.”

After talking, she walked into the bathroom.

Gao Hailun glanced and sneered and went out.

“Ai, Fang Tian, ​​why do you say those words in front of the agent, I feel embarrassed for you.” Gold Jade Yeshook the head.

Being at least a bit self-knowledge, don’t understand it at all, at most it is a half-hanger, and you want to go to the show?

Gold Jade leaves the toilet and returns to his seat.

Singing five songs in a row, Shen Yanyi took a deep breath and said, “Everyone who knows the style of Yanyi’s songs knows that Yanyi likes piano very much, and 8 of the 10 songs have piano elements.”

“The following songs are all related to the piano. I am very happy to invite the piano master tonight to perform with me.”

It’s over, Chen Mengxue standing under the stage, lamented, the piano master has disappeared, how to do piano performance?

However, at the next moment, her face changed from surprise to surprise!

The beautiful piano sounded and penetrated every soul in the air.

Shen Yanyi sang “Dream” in the microphone.

This is a song of the same style as “Meet”.

Chen Mengxue wonders, where did the piano music come from? Played in the background?

Hey, no, there is a person sitting on the stage and in front of the piano, the lights are very dark, and I can’t see who he is?

The man playing the piano still wears sunglasses.

Chen Mengxue is even more puzzled, she looked towards the concert conductor around her. “Mr. Spiritual Mountain, who is he?”

Mo Spiritual Mountain shrugged: “I don’t know.”

“Isn’t he the one you found?”

“No, I don’t know where he came from?” Mo Spiritual Mountain was also surprised.

It’s weird, Chen Mengxue looked at the piano while he was playing in the dark, it looked very mysterious.

After a song ends, his performance is perfect!

The audience applauded, crash-bang applause like Sea Wave……

Shen Yanyi slightly smiled: “Allow me to take a break. The next time, let the piano master play a section of “Sky City” for you!”

After she finished, she returned to the background.

Now, the stage has become the exclusive performance of Piano Master, and the audience’s eyes are on him.

The level is super high, very pleasant, and every note is played perfectly and impeccably!

After a “Sky City”, Shen Yanyi debuted again, wearing a fiery-red dance suit and singing and dancing with the piano.

Good times always pass quickly. After an hour and a half, the concert ends.

Tonight, in addition to the song by Shen Yanyi, the performance of the piano master also made the fans present as if drunk and stupefied.

Everyone is curious, who is the piano master?

The lighting on the scene hit the piano master. The master stood up and took off his sunglasses.

The whole audience screamed! ! !

Chen Mengxue O stared wide-eyed with his mouth open!

How is he, Fang Tian is the top piano player? !

Gao Hailun was dumbstruck, dumbstruck!

He couldn’t believe his eyes. After a short stupefying moment, he rubbed his eyes vigorously. It was Fang Tian. That’s true, it was him!

His piano performance has reached the level of world master!

In the auditorium, Gold Jade Ye is eating potato chips: “Fang Tian, ​​do you feel the concert is good? The piano master’s performance is very good.”

No one responded.

She looked sideways at the seat beside her, empty.

When her gaze returned to the stage, she watched the piano master take off her sunglasses…

Gold Jade’s potato chips fell to the ground, and her surprised mouth could be filled with an egg!

Amazed, surprised, shocked, the same expression appeared on the faces of Chen Mengxue, Gao Hailun, and Gold Jade Ye at the same time.

The only surprise is the heroine of this concert, Shen Yanyi!

Originally thinking that Fang Tian would not come to the concert to see the concert, he actually came, and, silently, he served as the piano playing master, working with himself to resembles nature itself!

Excited! Surprise! Shen Yanyi couldn’t resist the excitement in her heart, moved towards Fang Tian ran to the past, like a wind, bumped into his arms and hugged tightly.

The audience exclaimed!

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