Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1536


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The stadium crowd crowd, the scene is very chaotic, Fang Tian finally left the scene.

Pulling open the door of the treasure carriage, Fang Tian looked sideways towards the gold Jade leaf standing outside. “Why do you stay here, hurry up!”

Gold Jade Ye must have refuted coldly before he changed his order, and turned away.

This time, she came back to his senses, nodded very well: “Oh.”

Then pull the car door and sit in and fasten your seat belt.

Fang Tian started the car and left quickly.

Recalling the chaotic scene before, Fang Tian was sighed in relief.

The moment the big star suddenly came over, the audience was shocked. The scene was very chaotic, and a large number of reporters ran over to interview.

“What is your relationship with Tianhou?”

“Why are you here?”

“Hey, isn’t he the founder of SoftCloud Technology?”

Countless questions came over, but Fang Tian did not dare to stay too much, put on his sunglasses and flicked into the sea and left.


Fang Tian turned the steering wheel and got on the viaduct.

Gold Jade Ye blinked her eyes, her eyes full of curiosity. “How can you have such a piano playing skill?”

Fang Tian is still the same sentence: “My strength is no need to explain!”

In the past, Gold Jade Ye listened to him and always felt that he was blowing, but now, it sounds very compelling.

Looking back to the last time, in the Martial Dao Pavilion, Fang Tian kicked the national Sanda champion with a single kick, and the younger sister still has a fresh memory.

Tonight Fang Tian shocked her again, the superb piano skill made her linger.

Gold Jade Ye looked at him blankly, and for the first time found something fascinating on him.

“Why? Did you admire me and call me brother-in-law.” Fang Tian said with a smile.

“Cut.” Gold Jade Ye Xipi mouth: “In my heart, Bai Wanjun is my brother-in-law, you can’t compare with him, although you fight fiercely, and play the piano, but you don’t have that kind of thing. Wealth status.”

After half an hour, the car drove into Haoting Villa, turned a corner and stopped in front of the villa door.

Gold Jade leaves the door and gets off, humming into the villa.

Fang Tian pushed off the door and got off the car. At this moment, the mobile phone message prompts the sound.

Take it out and take a look, it was sent by Shen Yanyi–

Your appearance tonight surprised me! {Love you}{Rose}{Flying Kiss}

Fang Tian laughed, reply to the past immediately–

What you want is this effect, congratulations, your concert is very successful! Do you have time? Come out and meet.

Sometimes the other party’s editor’s text message was sent-no time, now go back to the hotel to rest, and I will go to South Korea to attend the event early tomorrow morning.

Fang Tian was stunned. The time spent with each other was really short.

Put your phone in your pocket and walk quickly into the villa.

After taking a shower, he walked out of the bathroom with ease and was about to go online.

At this moment, Gold Jade Ye in white pajamas walked in and pulled him to her room.

“What to do?” Fang Tian walked into her room with doubts on her face.

The pink hue of her room, surrounded by many dolls, a very girly room, with a faint lavender fragrance in the air.

They are both 22 years old, still such a young girl, a little sister-in-law who is physically developed and has not yet matured in thought.

“Teach me to play the piano.” Gold Jade Ye stood in front of a piano.

After listening to Fang Tian’s performance tonight, she was so excited that she had always been looking for an excellent Teacher to learn piano performance. The opportunity finally came and let him teach.

Fang Tian put his finger on the keyboard and gently press it to make a few pleasant notes. “Teaching you is not impossible, but my labor is not cheap!”

Gold Jade leaves wrinkled his nose: “How much is it?”

Fang Tian raised a finger.

It’s another 1,000,000. Gold Jade leaves wrinkled his nose, sky-high tuition, but think about it, as long as you can make your piano level leap, the money is still worth it.

“1,000,000 is it? Okay.”

“No.” Fang Tian smiled and shook his finger: “100,000. One lesson.”

Stunned! Gold Jade Ye felt a bit of a collapse while covering his head. This piano teacher is too dark!

“My labor is not cheap at all. Even if you don’t want to.” Fang Tian finished and turned to walk out.

As he was about to go out, Gold Jade Yee gritted his teeth and pulled him. “OK, 100,000 lessons.”

Thousand Miss Jin, as a wealthy family, has 10 million pockets a year, and 100,000 is nothing for her.

“Before class, I want to hear you play a song for me.”

Fang Tian nodded, sat down in front of the piano and put his hands on the piano.

What didn’t expect to play for a while?

Gold Jade Ye looked at him and said, “If this song pleases me, I will reward you 50,000!”

It’s really a female tyrant!

Fang Tian immediately lifted his spirit and thought of the song he played.

Played immediately, it is the classic piano song “The Mark of Rain”.

Standing aside, Gold Jade Yeh heard as if drunk and stupefied, she could not figure it out, how could Fang Tian have such a superb piano skill?

Fang Tian can’t always tell her that she practiced at the God Rank training ground in the Soft Rice King System, learning 10 seconds in it, just like learning 10 years in reality.

Gold Jade Ye was very satisfied after playing a piano piece and immediately turned on the computer and played him over 50,000.

Fang Tian stood up and began to guide her to play the piano.

Although Sister-in-law still has no good feelings for herself, after getting along for a while, they are not as stiff as they used to be.

With the guidance of Fang Tian, ​​Gold Jade Ye’s piano performance level improved rapidly in one class.

2nd day evening, Jinghua Concert Hall.

Fang Tian drove the car and came to the concert hall alone.

The reason to come here is not to listen to the song, but to come and release the product.

Tonight, SoftCloud’s new music streamer, yy music is released here!

Music software, of course, it is better to find a concert hall conference.

After coming to Beijing, products are released more frequently, or new products have been emerging since the company became bigger.

As the founder of the company and a celebrity in the technology world, the press conference can not be absent.

A blue Mercedes-Benz stopped next to it, and Zhang Xiaoyuan wearing silver-rimmed glasses got off the bus, accompanied by his wife Du Xiaoqing.

Yy music was developed by Zhang Xiaoyuan and led the team. Tonight’s product release, he must come over.

Then three people moved towards the concert hall and walked in.

Zhang Xiaoyuan said with a smile: “Boss, tonight, release music software, have you invited stars to help out?”

Originally, Fang Tian planned to let Shen Yanyi come to participate.

However, last night, she texted herself that she went to South Korea to attend the event today.

No way, there are no stars in the software release tonight.

However, the focus is on software, and it is possible to have no stars.

The Jinghua Concert Hall is the highest professional music venue in China. It can accommodate about 3,000 people. There are no seats tonight.

They came not to watch the show, but to see the release of the software. It can be seen how powerful SoftCloud is today.

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