Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1537


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The time stepped into 8 o’clock, and accompanied by the light music of “The Summer of Kikuchiro”, Fang Tian appeared on the stage on time.

The guests at the scene looked excited and clapped.

Fang Tian cleared his throat and said with a slight smile: “The night before the software was released, someone asked me on the Internet, after SoftCloud released the Operating System and processor, why should I make a special one? Music software?”

“The reason is actually very simple. In today’s China, I can’t find a really easy-to-use music software. Either there are few song resources, or the page design is ugly, or the sound quality is too bad. For this reason, SoftCloud has set up a team, Created a music Streamer for music lovers very carefully.”

As I said, I opened the application market, downloaded the official version of yy music 1.0, and then clicked to install.

The software is installed quickly. The Mengzhen system equipped with Phoenix processor is fast.

Then, Fang Tian clicked to open.

A line of colorful fonts appears on the page-welcome to yy music world, yy music, yy unlimited!

A dolphin jumped up in the sea.

The software is fully opened and the interface is very beautiful, letting the people present shined!

Fang Tian introduced: “To explain in particular, to achieve such a brilliant display effect, it must be a computer equipped with a Phoenix processor.”

The computer configuration in this era is relatively low, most of them are single-core processors, and the music interface is also very dull. It can display such a gorgeous dynamic background effect, and it is only the sun that sets the computer.

Fang Tian demonstrates various functions of the software, playlists, search interface, and various classification lists while clicking the mouse. It is simple and convenient to operate, apparent at a glance.

The key point is that the recommendation of yy music uses the recommendation algorithm independently developed by SoftCloud, which can intelligently recommend the songs you like.

Everyone present listened, and they were all very excited!

SoftCloud products, must be high-quality, also music software, SoftCloud software is more powerful than other applications.

Fang Tian quickly hit the keyboard and searched for Wang Fei’s “Red Bean”.

“I haven’t felt the climate of snowflakes blooming well, we will tremble together, and we will understand what gentleness is…”

As soon as the song was broadcast, the superb sound quality made the music lovers screaming!

The same song, the effect of yy music playing is a lot better.

The computers in this era are generally not high in configuration, and the network is not good, so most companies make music software that uses compressed low-quality music.

Take the most common music format mp3 as an example. The standard sound quality is mp3128K. This sound quality is audible. If the requirements are not high, you can.

The better sound quality is mp3320K, which is close to lossless.

However, the current music software uses mp364K, which is a severely compressed sound quality. Not only the sound is not clear, but the true degree is high, and the bass of the accompaniment can not be heard.

Someone stood up and was curious about the sound quality of yy music. “Excuse me, what format of audio does yy music play?”

Fang Tian said with a smile: “yym!”

Yym? Everyone is puzzled. I have heard of mp3, flac, ape, what format is yym?

Fang Tian looked at the Software Sector: “The lossless music format independently developed by yymSoftCloud, not only has high sound quality and high reduction, but also has a small volume!”

A lossless music format? ! Everyone is curious, how big is it?

The format of lossless music is generally very large. Ordinary quality mp3 songs, a song is about a few MB, but a lossless music, its volume will be 10 times larger, dozens of MB.

Because it’s too big, neither a mobile phone nor a computer can hold too many lossless songs and has to give up this format of audio.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “I will compare flac, the most popular lossless audio format currently. A 30MB song, if it is yym, is only one-sixth the size of flac, which is about 5M. .”

“Despite its small size, it achieves the same lossless sound quality as flac!”

When the remark came out, the audience was amazed!

Is the Yym format the best audio format in the world today? ! Amazing!

“SoftCloud will either not do it, it will do its best if it is to be done.” Fang Tian said: “The format of yym guarantees the sound quality while keeping it as small as possible. It is convenient for everyone to store music and speed up the music. Upload and download!”

“crash-bang……” The audience applauded!

“very good, yy music is the gospel of our music lovers!”

“Yes! SoftCloud has created an innovative application product!”

“Yyym format, I feel it will be popular in the world, more popular than mp3.”

Fang Tian clicked and played an English song of “Great World”.

“In addition to developing the world’s most advanced audio format, yy music is also the world’s first p2p music platform. With this technology, the website’s resources will become more and more abundant and convenient for everyone to download.”

While listening to the song, Fang Tian introduced the versatility of this application, and the whole process was very enjoyable!

The press conference is coming to an end here. Fang Tian is about to bow down and exit.

At this moment, Shen Yanyi’s song suddenly sounded in the concert hall. “Infinite Pampering”.

Fang Tian feels strange, he didn’t order her songs, where did the music come from?

At this moment, the audience watched the sky above the hall, and Shen Yanyi, who was hanging from Weiya, debuted!

Piaopiao and Immortal Qi in her white dress were full and sang to the microphone.

Surprise! At the end of the didn’t expect conference, the day after appeared!

The audience unexpectedly screamed loudly!

Fang Tian looked at it and smiled. Didn’t she go to Korea? Why did it suddenly appear here?

After a song, Shen Yanyi stood steadily on the stage, smiling with the signature Goddess: “Hello everyone! I’m late!”

The audience called her name excitedly!

Fang Tian looked towards her with a smile: “Your sudden arrival? To my surprise, too.”

I thought it was specially arranged for the press conference. The audience now finds that even Fang Tian himself does not know that Tianhou will be there!

Shen Yanyi smiled Yan Yan: “Yy music is a very good software, I think it is necessary to come and support it!”

“Thank you Tianhou for your support!”

Next, Shen Yanyi sang a dynamic fast song, a song called “Yy Infinite”, which she specially created for yy music.

The latest release, fresh and hot! The fans present were so full of ears that they could all beat together.

Finally, at the suggestion of Shen Yanyi, Fang Tian and her sang a song “A Little Touching”!

Tonight’s yy music conference was very successful. After the tech guy released the product, it came out in the future.

Super five-star surprise! ,

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