Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1539


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Don’t know how long they ran, they ran on the street and finally walked into a stadium.

Beijing Convention and Exhibition Center.

The annual brand product fair is being held inside.

Brand merchants from home and abroad have set up booths here.

There are really many consumers present. The densely packed people in the exhibition hall are all people.

Today, Sunburst is also a well-known electronic hardware brand in China. In addition to computers, the famous MP3 is also popular among consumers.

Sunset has also set up a booth here, and many consumers are gathered in front of the booth.

Fang Tian and Shen Yanyi walked over and stood in front of the booth.

Li saw him and was about to call him Boss.

Fang Tian waved his hand: “I am just an ordinary consumer.”

“Oh.” Manager Li smiled, nodded.

Fang Tian picked up an mp3, looked at manager Li and asked, “Does this Streamer support yym format audio playback?”

“It is completely possible. Since the format of yym was developed, Sunset Mp3 has already supported it.” Manager Li responded with a smile.

There is no doubt that yym is the world’s best audio encoding format, achieving lossless sound quality, but the file size is very small.

I believe it won’t take long for yym to become popular in the world soon.

Fang Tian put the headphones on Shen Yanyi’s ears: “How do you feel?”

“The sound quality is great!” Shen Yanyi is nodded with certainty: “The 8000 yuan mp3 I bought in Korea can be discarded.”

“Haha!” Fang Tian laughed happily, even the music star said so, it must be impeccable.

“Mr. Fang, is she your girlfriend?” Manager Li asked curiously.

Although she is wearing sunglasses, from the perspective of facial features, exquisite nose, oval face, and fair face, she is definitely an absolute beauty.

Fang Tian is just faintly smiled, there is no response.

Purchased two non-sunset Streamer, and one non-sunset computer, then walked out of the booth.

The reason why I bought a computer that does not set sun is Shen Yanyi. She has just experienced the Phoenix equipped with the Phoenix processor and the Mengzhen system in a coffee shop. She wants to have one.

Furthermore, such awesome products are made by Fang Tian Company, so I have to support it.

“I think I have become your fan.” Shen Yanyi smiled Yan Yanyi.

Fang Tian said: “I am also your fan. You like my product, I like your work.”

In other words, both love each other, which is a very sticky way of interaction.

Not far away, there is a company engaged in activities, which is very lively.

Fang Tian took her hand moved towards there.

On the stage, a man in his blue suit, about 30 years old, stood on the stage and spoke.

This person, Fang Tian recognizes, is the Second Boss Cao Huasheng of Cao’s company. He once had a conflict with him in the resort.

What is he going to do?

Cao Huasheng cleared his throat and said with a smile: “This year is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Cao Group. Thank you for your support to the Cao Group over the years.”

“In order to thank you all, a big event will be held here tonight!”

As soon as this word came out, everyone on the scene was quiet. What grand prize event?

Cao Huasheng said with a smile: “Play a small game, and if the answer is successful, our company will send out diamonds, speakers and Bentley worth 3 million!”

The consumers present were amazed, really rich and imposing. Don’t know what game it is?

He even made such a tempting jackpot, it is estimated that the game is very difficult.

Cao Huasheng said: “The gameplay is very simple, I ask questions, as long as the answer is won, the prize is yours.”

Concentrate attention completely, waiting for his first question.

Cao Huasheng pointed his finger to a pair of “crystal broken diamond” high-heeled shoes: “This pair of shoes cost 300,000 to build, who knows which designer designed this?”

I rely, this question is too tricky. Who knows the designer of crystal high heels?

The people present guessed wildly, and none of them could answer.

At this moment, Fang Tian raised his hand: “This pair of high heels was designed by Italian designer Roland Noni!”

Cao Huasheng was surprised, how did he know?

Fang Tian looked at his expression, said with a smile: “Am I right?”

Cao Huasheng took a deep breath: “Well, you got it right.”

Then the staff sent the pair of crystal high-heeled shoes worth 300,000 to Fang Tian.

The envy of everyone, how did he know?

Next, Cao Huasheng asked the second question.

He looked at a set of speakers around him: “This set of speakers is worth 500,000! A song will be released from this speaker later, and see who guesses its title? Who guessed, who the speaker is Of.”

He then snapped his fingers and the speaker began to play songs.

All the guests present were blinded. This is a foreign language song. I don’t know what language it is. How can I know what song it is?

“Who knows what song this is?” Cao Huasheng glanced at everyone.

Everyone present didn’t know, even if someone answered, it was nonsense, and they didn’t get it right.

When Cao Huasheng thought that this prize could be withdrawn, Fang Tian raised his hand again.

Fang Tian replied loudly: “This is a Scottish folk song, ScotlandTheBrave.”

Cao Huasheng smiled bitterly. How did he know that it was too perverted.

“Am I right?” Fang Tian looked at him and asked.

Cao Huasheng gritted his teeth: “That’s right.”

The audience was amazed. He knows such tricky songs?

A speaker of 500,000 won by Fang Tian!

Cao Huasheng is not calm, and his face is a little nervous.

Took a deep breath, he will not believe it, and Fang Tian can answer it correctly.

Cao Huasheng said: “Next, play 5 songs, if you all get it right…”

He looked towards the distance, where a brand new Bentley limousine was parked. “This car worth 3 million belongs to you.”

Then, Cao Huasheng let the staff play songs.

It’s fast, really fast, and it’s only 30 seconds to finish playing the five songs.

In other words, each song only plays the first 6 seconds.

Cao Huasheng glanced at everyone on the scene: “Who can answer the right, the title of these five songs, right, the luxury car can drive away.”

Guests in the audience, look at me, every song just hears a little at the beginning, guess a hair!

If you can guess, that person must be an expert, no, it’s better than expert. Even if you have heard these five songs, you can’t judge it!

Cao Huasheng looked towards Fang Tian with a smile: “Can you guess?”

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “These five songs. First, Chen Huixian’s “Floating Snow”. Second, Zhang Xueyou’s “Blessings”. Third, Adu’s “Perseverance”. Fourth, Chen Yixun’s “Backpack.” 5. Yu Chengqing’s “Love is not enough”.”

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