Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1540


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Listening to Fang Tian’s self-confidence, was he absolutely right?

Cao Huasheng’s eyes widened, his eyes were falling down in surprise! The lying trough was actually answered correctly by Fang Tian!

Everyone has guessed the expression of Boss Cao.

Fang Tian laughed at Hehe and said, “Boss Cao, can I drive away?”

“You, how did you get it right?” Cao Huasheng stared at him in shock.

The first question, the pair of crystal crushed diamond high-heeled shoes were answered correctly by him, and he was considered a good luck.

Second, he even got a Scottish folk song right, which is amazing.

The third question is more difficult. You have to answer the title of 5 songs correctly, and it only played for 6 seconds. Didn’t expect, so he can get all the answers right. This is amazing!

Fang Tian smiled faintly: “No matter what you believe or not, it is totally strength.”

What else can I do now? He got it right, meaning that 500,000 speakers and 3 million Bentleys are dedicated to him.

Originally, Cao Huasheng thought no one would get it right, so he made such a grand prize event, but absolutely didn’t expect to be swept by Fang Tian!

Say good awards, under the eyes of everyone, Cao Huasheng wouldn’t want to repent.

He took a deep breath and pretended to be indifferent: “Well, Bentley is yours. You can drive away.”

The whole audience was in an uproar, the envy and jealousy of the guests!

Fang Tian answered three questions and won a pair of 300,000 crystal broken diamond high-heeled shoes, a pair of 500,000 top-level speakers, plus luxury Bentley, and returned with full load!

The staff came over, handed the car key to Fang Tian, ​​and then signed a contract with him.

The 3 million Bentley, brand new, never opened, was placed in the exhibition hall, just to make an appearance for an event.

Now, they are all acquired by Fang Tian, ​​Cao Huasheng is distressed!

Fang Tian held a signing pen and shua~ shua~ shua~ signed many contracts.

That’s it, he officially became the owner of Bentley!

Next, Fang Tian ordered the staff to put the top speakers in the car.

After that, a pair of crystal crushed diamond high-heeled shoes was placed in front of Shen Yanyi: “Put on.”

Shen Yanyi slightly nodded, wearing these high-heeled shoes on the feet, beautiful feet, coupled with top-level shoes, the whole person looks very luxurious.

Fang Tian then took her hand and got into the car, inserted the key and started the convertible Bentley to leave the exhibition hall.

Pull the wind! Envy others!

The audience present and everyone dumbstruck watched him leave, the envy, jealousy and hate in my heart!

When the car came to the outside road, Shen Yanyi took off his sunglasses and looked over with beautiful naked eyes: “How did you get it right?”

Fang Tian turned the steering wheel, said with a slight smile: “Good luck only.”

Shen Yanyi wrinkled her nose, so she didn’t believe in luck. He knew that men were very friendly and he must have used some very special methods. “Speak, there is no one else here.”

Fang Tian hehe smiled: “Go back, I will tell you again.”

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped at the downstairs of Qianjin Hotel.

Shen Yanyi pushed off the door and got off, Fang Tian accompanied her upstairs.

This is not her usual hotel. If the hotel is always there, there will definitely be paparazzi hiding in the vicinity. When I see the day after I take a man to the hotel, I will definitely come around and ask. The 2nd day gossip will hide the sky and covering the earth.

Room 909.

Shen Yanyi immediately walked into the bathroom to take a shower. Ten minutes later, the beauty came out of the bath. She was sitting beside Fang Tian, ​​wiping her hair.

She is curious: “Can you tell me now?”

Fang Tian smiled nodded, opened yy music, and then clicked “listen to music”!

“Using it, you can identify the song, even if it only plays for a few seconds, you can accurately identify it.”

Listening to music and listening to music, this feature is already standard in major music software in the era of mobile Internet.

I heard a song in the supermarket, it was nice, and I didn’t know the name. I pulled out my phone to recognize it, and I knew the song name.

But in this era, listening to songs and recognizing music is definitely the first function of Fang Tian. People nowadays will feel amazing.

The software judges songs like people, and recognizes faster than people.

After all, people’s memory is limited. Even if they have heard it before, they may not remember the title of the song.

Just playing a little bit, it is difficult to judge, and use software to identify, all this becomes very easy.

In this way, Fang Tian earned a pair of 500,000 speakers and a 3 million luxury car using the “listen to music” feature!

If Cao Huasheng knew that it was identified by software, would he vomit blood?

Actually think about it, even if you tell him, he doesn’t understand. After all, for people nowadays, this is a black technology.

Shen Yanyi chuckled: “This function is good.”

Next, she remembered the first question, how did he know the designer of crystal broken diamond high-heeled shoes?

This is actually very simple. Fang Tian took a photo of the high-heeled shoes with a notebook and uploaded it to Angel Search to find it.

Soon, the information related to the crystal broken diamond came out.

Using the image search technology, it is no exaggeration to say that Angel Search’s image search technology is still more powerful than the search engine in my lifetime.

The image search technology like Baidu and Google, until now are not ideal, and the accuracy rate is not very high, and the image search done by Fang Tian has achieved the recognition accuracy rate like the human brain, and the machine calculation That speed.

Picture recognition and voice recognition won the grand prize, which seems to be cheating. In fact, this is all from the technology of Fang engineer.

Next, I connected the computer to the speakers, neither of them spoke, turned on yy music, and listened to the song silently.

Time passed by one minute and one second, Shen Yanyi was sleepy, leaned on Fang Tian’s shoulder, and closed his eyes.

Looking at her long eyelashes, pure and flawless face, Fang Tian has no evil thoughts at all, and does not want to alarm her, gently hug her and let her lie down.

Then, she was covered with a quilt.


On the 2nd day, the sunlight came in through the window and got up and looked around.

The silhouette of Tianhou has disappeared, and she is gone.

She wanted to wait for him to wake up, but she was afraid to wait for him to wake up.

Fang Tian touched his nose and remembered that he didn’t sleep on the sofa last night? Why did you sleep?

There was a note in front of it, and I picked it up and looked at it.

When you were still asleep, I was already at a height of ten thousand meters. I went to South Korea to attend the event, but I will be back soon, waiting for me {Missing You}—-Shen Yanyi!

Fang Tian smiled knowingly and immediately went into the bathroom to wash his face.

However, when I looked in the mirror, I found a red lip mark on my face.

Fang Tian was even surprised when he touched: “I lost my money. I did nothing obediently and honestly last night, but I was attacked by sneak in the opposite direction. Alas, being a man, don’t be too honest.”

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