Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1541


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It’s not too early to look at the watch. Fang Tian is going downstairs for breakfast.

At this moment, the hotel door was knocked.

Fang Tian opened the door, and at the door stood a woman wearing sunglasses, holding a box of breakfast in her hand, and an attractive fragrance wafted from the box.

“Is it for delivery?” Fang Tian smiled and took the box over.

The woman took off her sunglasses: “Send you takeaway, see who I am?”

Fang Tian looks at it again, it is the agent Chen Mengxue.

Dignified agent was treated as a takeaway by him, Chen Mengxue really wanted to smash the box and milk tea on his face.

“Before Yanyi leaves, let me send you a breakfast.” She looked coldly.

Fang Tian ignored her and turned into the room and sat down to have breakfast.

Chen Mengxue stood and stared at him blankly. It was unimaginable that a person who ate something gorge turned out to be a piano playing master.

The shock that Fang Tian brought to her at the concert was still fresh in her memory.

“How can you play the piano?” Chen Mengxue couldn’t restrain her inner curiosity.

“Is it necessary to tell you?” Fang Tian quickly wiped out the food in front of him.

Chen Mengxue’s complexion said seriously: “You have such a superb piano skill, it must be a personal talent to join the entertainment industry. Are you interested? I will bring you into the entertainment industry.”

She is a gold agent, and anyone who has a star dream wants to be appreciated by her.

What else do you want to change to someone else, I promised in one bite.

However, Fang Tian threw the disposable box into the trash can: “Not interested.”

After getting up, get up and leave with your hands in your pockets.

Chen Mengxue looked at his back and stomped his feet, but he did not appreciate him.

The more arrogant he is, the more the agent will pull him into the entertainment world, Chen Mengxue is a man with a strong desire to fight, and she has made up her mind.


Thirty minutes later, Fang Tian drove the convertible Bentley to the Global Tower.

The top convertible is the top convertible. It is cool to drive. After I came to Beijing, I always wanted to buy a car. Now that I am good, I finally have my own car.

Bentley stopped and Fang Tian got off the vehicle and moved towards the company.

immediately, meet Gao Yun and Lin Zhendong, the former is responsible for Operating System and the latter is responsible for Phoenix processor.

These two products are the two cores of SoftCloud.

Standing in front of the desk, I asked Gao Yun, now the user data of Mengzhen system.

The installed capacity of Mengzhen system is still erupting and growing, and the speed is getting faster and faster. If this continues, Mengzhen system will soon obtain more than 50% of new users in the country.

Gao Yun poured a cup of fragrant tea and handed it over: “Bai Wanjun’s Wanjun computer sales have fallen sharply, and they finally can’t stand it and cut prices significantly.”

With the Mengzhen system and Phoenix processors on the rise, not only are they easy to use, but they are also cheaper than yours. What other faces of Wanjun computers are selling so expensive.

Fang Tian smiled, Bai Wanjun had already felt threatened, which could scare Hegemon opponents. This is already a staged victory!

Take a sip of tea, Fang Tian looked towards Lin Zhendong.

Lin Zhendong said: “There are many small computer manufacturers now, I hope we can open up Phoenix processors, license them, and use Phoenix processors to produce computers. Do you think we should provide Phoenix processors to them?”

Fang Tian touch the chin seriously, this is not a simple question.

The previous generation spent Qilin processors, and it was not licensed to other manufacturers, only for their own use.

Compared with Phoenix processor, Fang Tian cares more about Mengzhen system. After all, domestic system is more difficult to succeed.

Phoenix processors can be sold to other manufacturers, because the use of this processor means that Mengzhen system must be installed.

Form an alliance with other hardware manufacturers to accelerate the promotion of Mengzhen system.

However, the rising sun is competing with the Wanjun computer. The Phoenix processor is its own core competitiveness. If it is sold to other manufacturers, the advantages of the rising sun computer will not be obvious.

What should I do? Authorized or not authorized? Is there a compromise?

Fang Tian thought for a while while drinking tea and decided. “We can license Phoenix processors to other manufacturers!”

Hearing this, Lin Zhendong and Gao Yun were a little surprised. “Why? Phoenix processors can be used by other manufacturers to achieve the same performance as ours. Are they still competitive in the future?”

Fang Tian said: “There are two versions of Phoenix processors, one is a single-core processor and the other is a dual-core processor. We can open the single-core processor, but the dual-core processor can only be used by our own computer .”

Lin Zhendong and Gao Yun glanced at each other and thought the idea was good.

Enlarge the influence of Phoenix processors without compromising the competitiveness of the sun, one move, two gains.

Even a single-core processor is attractive to other computer manufacturers, and it is more than 60% faster than Intel’s fastest processor today.

What suddenly came to mind, Lin Zhendong asked: “If Bai Wanjun wants his computer to be equipped with a Phoenix processor, shall we give it or not?”

Actually, it is not given, but he is the enemy of the sun.

Think seriously, Fang Tian smiled: “Hey, he wants us to authorize him.”

Lin Zhendong understands after a short stupefying moment.

If Bai Wanjun really used Phoenix processor and installed Mengzhen system, it seems that their advantage is greater, in fact, the initiative is in the hands of Fang Tian.

Their processors are all supplied by SoftCloud, and the system is also provided by SoftCloud. When one day they became dependent, the fate of his company was firmly controlled by SoftCloud.

So, if Bai Wanjun really wants it, Fang Tian is really willing to open up authorization.

Fang Tian pats Lin Zhendong’s shoulder, chuckled, said: “Our mind should be wider. Do you know that there is a saying that is not the case.”

“The most powerful thing in the world is the chest. When your chest is as big as the sky, the opponent can’t hurt you.”

Lin Zhendong had to admire and gave him a thumbs up. Obviously it was a trick to squeeze the opponent, and in his mouth it became the chest of argue with the courage of one’s convictions.

The matter is settled, and a hardware alliance meeting will be held in a few days.

Fang Tian and Lin Zhendong then walked out of Gao Yun’s office.

Into the elevator, Lin Zhendong suddenly remembered something: “Oh, the principal of Jinghua University invites you to go to the university.”

“What’s the matter?”

“It is estimated that you should give a speech in the past.”

Is it just a speech? Fang Tian faintly felt that there was a very important thing.

Lin Zhendong remarked: “Is SoftCloud planning to build its own Headquarters building?”

Fang Tian slightly nodded: “Yes, just near the Beijing International Exhibition Center, Mengzhen system and Phoenix processor Headquarters will be settled over there!”

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