Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1543


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This design inspiration is amazing! It is definitely a classic in the history of architecture!

After listening to the introduction, even Yan Guoyu had to admire it. This Yin-Yang Symbol inspiration is indeed great.

The entire Headquarters Park is round, with an inverted S stream dividing the Headquarters into two areas.

Compared with Yin-Yang Symbol’s small black circle and Small White circle, in order not to waste MySpace, one black one white two buildings will occupy a large area.

Not only does the design look good, but it also fits very well with the system and chip SoftSoft is doing!

Isn’t system and chip a Tai Chi relationship? You have me I have you!

Yan Guoyu breathed a little bit fast: “Who designed this plan?”

At this moment, a middle-aged man wearing gold-rimmed glasses came over. He was the curator of the exhibition hall and his surname was Li.

“Mr. Li, who designed the sixth design plan?” Yan Guoyu moved towards him and asked.

“Do you really want to know?” Mr. Li asked with a smile.

“Yes, I want to worship him as a teacher and ask him for advice.” Yan Guoyu’s tone was a little quick.

His dream is to become a great architect. Today I finally met a very able person. This design is definitely a masterpiece of Master!

Director Li said with a smile: “This person is by your side.”

What? By the side, Yan Guoyu was shocked!

He looked towards Lin Keqing: “Young Lady Lin, did you design it?”

“No.” Lin Keqing shook his head slightly.

It’s not Lin Keqing who else? His eyes fell on Fang Tian: “Is he?”

Director Li nodded: “Yes, the scheme of Yin-Yang Symbol was designed by Mr. Fang Tian himself.”

I rely on, Yan Guoyu is incredible, dumbfounded!

Before, he was still shouting in front of Fang Tian. You always design one yourself, come on, you always design one to show me.

Now he sees that Fang Tian’s design is stronger than his!

He can’t deny it anyway.

Looking at the vote of bystanders, 80% of them think that the Yin-Yang Symbol scheme is the best.

Lin Keqing also felt a little surprised, she also didn’t expect, such a perfect plan was designed by Fang Tian.

Yan Guoyu thought about it, curl one’s lip: “So what? The design plan of SoftCloud Headquarters can only be decided by the chairman of SoftCloud Technology. He thinks that your design is rubbish, and it is useless if you do it well. “

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “The chairman of SoftCloud Technology will choose the Yin-Yang Symbol solution, which is for sure.”

“I feel good, mental illness.” Yan Guoyu didn’t believe it, he felt his plan would be taken.

This time, SoftCloud Technology solicited design proposals, and those selected will receive a reward of 10,000,000, and he is determined to win.

Fang Tian did not respond, and walked out with his hands in his hands.

Director Li looked at Yan Guoyu: “Mr. Yan, you are talking to offend the person.”

“If you offend, just offend, a nobody.” Yan Guoyu shrugged and didn’t care.

Li Director Li looked at Fang Tian’s back: “He is the chairman of SoftCloud Technology!”

What? I rely on it, Yan Guoyu instantly felt cold all over, like a pot of cold water splashed in the winter, the whole person was stiff there!


Lin Keqing started BMW and moved towards the company.

“Chief, you have such a good design plan, you don’t have to entrust other designers as long as you say it.” Lin Keqing turned the steering wheel and drove out of the road.

Fang Tian leaned on the back of the chair: “I also came up with it temporarily.”

The truth is that before coming to the exhibition hall, simply did not think of designing the Headquarters building by himself.

However, after reading other companies’ design plans, they were very dissatisfied and were mocked by Yan Guoyu.

When eating at noon, while Lin Keqing was in the bathroom, he used a computer to draw a design drawing, which was printed and sent to the exhibition hall.

30 minutes back to the company, Fang Tian and the team’s brother sisters discussed some details of the Headquarters building.

In addition to the building, there is an artificial lake, which is a Headquarters building where people and nature merge.

Not only that, but also has a coffee shop and massage parlor, all employees of the company can enjoy it for free.

Two black and white buildings with a circular appearance and a height of 350 meters.

Next, Fang Tian called the construction company’s Boss, and according to their assessment, it took at least 12 billion to build the SoftCloud Headquarters building!

12 billion? Fang Tian frowned suddenly. Although SoftCloud had the financial resources, it still exceeded the budget.

At night, mid-level villa, living room sofa.

At the moment, Jin Yuyan, who is wearing white silk pajamas, holds a design in his hand and looks at it very carefully, nodded from time to time.

Fang Tian is sitting beside her, peeling an apple peel with a fruit knife: “Queen, how do you feel?”

“Well, building the company’s Headquarters into a Yin-Yang Symbol, this idea is good.” Jin Yuyan recognized with satisfaction.

Fang Tian put a cut apple in her palm: “Sweet and juicy, eat one.”

Jin Yuyan smiled with a smile on his lips: “Don’t give anything diligently, or commit thieves if you commit crimes.”

Fang Tian coughed twice: His face was serious and said, “No, this time I’m looking for you to cooperate. I plan to let your company build this building.”

Qianjin Corporation is a large multinational industrial group with hotels, retail department stores, aviation, real estate, and also undertakes many large-scale construction projects.

World many famous buildings are built by companies under the Qianjin Corporation, and they are very powerful.

Qianjin Corporation is also the country’s three largest real estate companies, with a land bank of 30 million square meters, and is the largest emperor.

A wife like this has never thought about buying a house.

Jin Yuyan took a small bite: “There are so many construction companies in the world, why would you want me.”

Fang Tian is serious: “For such a large project, don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field, of course, to leave it to Wife to earn you.”

Jin Yuyan chuckled and tapped his forehead with a finger: “Don’t think I don’t know, you want me to give you greater benefits.”

Big beauty really knows me. Fang Tian will not turn around: “I have found a lot of construction companies, and they all said that they want more than 12 billion.”

The design drawing, Jin Yuyan has read it carefully, and really wants this number.

This person has to build a Headquarters building with such style, but think about it, what he is doing is Operating System and processor, the most cutting-edge thing in the entire Earth IT industry, and the Headquarters building should also lead the world!

“Well, your Headquarters are handed over to Qianjin Corporation for construction, which can save at least 2 billion!”

2 billion, Wife, it saves me money, saves 2 billion, Fang Tian to be wild with joy!

They are multiplying each other. While Jin Yuyan supports Fang Tian’s career, Fang Tian is also supporting her group.

until now, SoftCloud’s use of big data and big logistics is also driving the rapid development of Qianjin Corporation.

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