Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1544


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Jin Yuyan stood up and stretched out to go back to the room to rest.

Suddenly, she remembered: “What will happen to Little Pearl after you come to Beijing?”

Speaking of this, Fang Tian has nodded pain: “I originally wanted to take her to the capital, but she was taken away.”

“Is it taken away?”

“It was her biological mother who took her away.”

Jin Yuyan is surprised: “Who is her biological mother?”

until now, Little Pearl’s life has always been a mystery. People outside never know her biological parents, even little girl herself, many people think her biological parents are gone, but what about her biological mother? Will appear suddenly?

“I don’t know, I sent someone to look for. I feel like a very mysterious character. But…”

Fang Tian pursed her lips: “I feel that her biological mother is in Beijing, and, faintly, she will appear soon!”


2nd day morning, ingenuity factory.

The world’s most powerful processor chip is designed and developed here.

Today, SoftCloud Group is hosting the first “Hardware Alliance Conference” here.

For the success of Mengzhen Operating System, it requires software and hardware manufacturers, and the upstream and downstream industry linkage support, not only the application ecology, in terms of hardware, Fang Tian also hopes that more manufacturers support the Mengzhen system.

Today, computer manufacturers from home and abroad are present, except for Wanjun Corporation.

Small domestic manufacturers, as well as the well-known foreign computer manufacturers, HP, Sony, Dell et cetera, oh, there is a company to say something special.

That is IBM.

In 2005, IBM sold the computer business to Lenovo, and Lenovo was able to become the world’s famous computer brand, starting with the acquisition of IBM.

Fang Tian came to this World. There is no computer brand like Lenovo. Instead, it is the Wanjun computer, which is the industry leader today.

According to the development trajectory of the previous life, Wanjun Computer is likely to acquire IBM.

Fang Tian is determined to develop the computer business. In any case, he must also grab IBM before Wanjun.

Fang Tian immediately met Zhang Yayan at the Craftsmanship Factory.

“Are you working hard in the ingenuity factory?” Fang Tian asked after looking at her.

Zhang Yayan shook his head: “I am very happy to be able to lead such a great innovation workshop forward. It is my pleasure.”

Fang Tian sat down in the seat opposite the director’s desk and took the tea cup from the waiter. “Is the Phoenix processor in mass production now?”

“Well, five production lines are already in operation.” Zhang Yayan nodded: “The current output can not only meet the needs of their own brands, but also supply to third-party manufacturers.”

Fang Tian was very happy to hear this news.

I came here today to convene the Hardware Alliance Conference to tell other computer manufacturers that they can use Phoenix processors.

Zhang Yayan clicked the mouse and looked at the screen to see some data. “Director Fang, is the computer sales channel for the sun setting only online?”


“Now that the output is up, I think the channel can be expanded to physical stores.” Zhang Yayan suggested.

Internet sales are indeed very popular, but compared to physical sales, its proportion is still low.

In the last life, Little Mi’s products were only sold online without physical channels. As a result, the E-Commerce channel encountered sales bottleneck, and OV blue and green manufacturers used the traditional physical channels to kill.

In just one year, sales of Little Mi phones plummeted.

Later, Little Mi adjusted its strategy in a timely manner and began to pay attention to the physical channel. After opening many physical stores across the country, sales gradually rebounded.

Early-Stage, established in the brand, can quickly expand its reputation and reduce costs with the help of the Internet, but this trick is unsustainable. 70% of domestic consumption is offline, and excessive dependence on E-Commerce is not a good thing.

Fang Tian nodded: “SoftCloud really has to lay out its own offline channels.”

In addition to lack of channels, the sun will not cause a huge crisis in future sales.

There is another problem that will seriously affect the future development, that is, the cost-effective model.

Early-Stage in the product development mode can really attract many consumers to purchase, but as consumers’ purchasing power continues to increase, the requirements for products are getting higher and higher, and the price-performance mode will become a part of the company’s development. Big drag.

Some consumers even equate high cost performance with low price and low quality. Cost performance is not bargains, and quality is definitely not good.

Without the stereotype of high cost performance, it will be difficult to advance to the high-end route in the future and become a huge and heavy burden.

Therefore, Fang Tian decided to set up another brand in addition to the rising sun and take the high-end route.

“When we set up physical stores, we must establish a new hardware brand.” Fang Tian said.

Zhang Yayan froze: “A new hardware brand?”

“Yes.” Fang Tian snapped his fingers: “If the sun goes down, the Internet will take the cost-effective route, and the new brand will take the high-end route.”

Two o’clock in the afternoon.

Ingenious meeting hall.

Except Bai Wanjun, computer makers from home and abroad are all here.

Fang Tian walked over to shake hands with them.

The president of HP, the president of Dell, and the president of IBM came over to shake hands, and then the guests sat one after another.

Standing on the stage and giving a speech.

Fang Tian cleared his throat and smiled with a smile: “I am very happy that the first hardware industry alliance conference will be held as the sun sets.”

Hundreds of people were applauding……

“Although the sun is rising, the computer business is developing, but you and I have never been in a competitive relationship, but a win-win situation, yes, a win-win situation, and promote industry progress together.”

Fang Tian raised his palm, with a chip in the middle of his palm. “This is the Phoenix processor chip, the world’s fastest single-core processor chip.”

Through the large screen on the scene, everyone saw the chip in his hand. It was really small, 50% smaller than the chip made by Intel, but its performance exceeded 60% of the Intel processor. !

A tiny chip with a few 1 billion transistors gathered. How can we see that the company’s chips are so strong?

Fang Tian introduced with a smile: “Phoenix processors are completely independently researched and developed from software databases, processor architecture, and production. They are completely in their own hands. In other words, Phoenix today has the most cutting-edge in the world. Semiconductor Technology!”

Applause, the big brother is promoting the progress of the global technology industry!

It’s just that such a powerful processor can only be equipped with SoftCloud’s own computer, if only it can be provided to all manufacturers.

Fang Tian cleared his throat and said with a serious face: “Today, at the hardware industry alliance conference, I want to tell you that the Phoenix processor 510 will be open for licensing and use by manufacturers around the world!”

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