Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1545


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Before coming to the hardware industry alliance conference, Fang Tian revealed that he would authorize the processor chip.

Now, he finally confirmed in his speech, which excites the manufacturers present!

Phoenix processors today are the most powerful in the world. Everyone wants their brand to be equipped with Phoenix processors!

Although, Fang Tian does not authorize Phoenix dual-core. After all, Phoenix 510-U dual-core processor is his company’s highest-level strategic weapon, which can be understood even if it is not open for the time being.

Even a single-core Phoenix processor is more than 60% faster than Intel’s latest processor, which is attractive enough for the manufacturers present.

It is conceivable that if equipped with a Phoenix processor, the company’s equipment will definitely sell well. Those who do not use it, wait for it to decline.

After the speech, Fang Tian entered the reception room.

Boss from domestic computer manufacturers came in one after another to discuss licensing matters with him.

The whole process went smoothly, and the authorization agreement was completed. 99% of domestic computer manufacturers signed the authorization agreement.

Hongqi Computer Company’s Boss pushed the gold-rimmed glasses and smiled and asked, “A computer equipped with a Phoenix processor can only install the Mengzhen system?”

“Yes, only in this way can it play its best performance.” Fang Tian nodded.

You Boss understand his purpose and authorize the processor. The real purpose is to promote the dream system.

Compared to Microsoft’s Windows system, Mengzhen system is more excellent, running faster, more convenient and safer. The most important thing is that Mengzhen system can be installed without any money.

Unlike Microsoft, it spends huge amounts of money every year to obtain his Winsystem.

Install Dream Dream, you can save a lot of licensing fees!

Huasuo Computer Boss said: “SoftCloud is a great company, we definitely support it!”

Boss who got the license agreement left one after another.

These small and medium-sized computer manufacturers account for 20% of the domestic market share. Their computers are pre-installed with Mengzhen system, Fang Tian laughed, and the market share of system will be greatly expanded!

Domestic manufacturers have gone, and foreign manufacturers have come in.

IBM Vice President Carnots, HP Vice President Brown, Dell Computer President Buccino, and Japan’s Toshiba et cetera gangsters came in and sat opposite Fang Tian.

Compared with domestic manufacturers, these foreign manufacturers are more cautious. They have a skeptical attitude towards Phoenix processors.

Dell Vice President Buccino took a sip of coffee: “Until now, I’m not sure if I should have your processor?”

Fang Tian took a sip of coffee: “You know, the power of Phoenix processor?”

“Of course I know.” Buccino nodded: “But a reason alone is not enough to attract me.”

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Phoenix processors are not only powerful, but also cheaper than chips from other companies. In the case of Intel processors, the price of Phoenix processors is only one-sixth of it. !”

The presidents are surprised, what price is 60%?

The biggest cost of producing a computer comes from the chip. Like Intel’s latest processor, it costs 3,000 yuan, but the processor alone costs 3,000 yuan, plus other memory, screen, battery et cetera, at least to sell It’s only eight-nine to make money.

That’s why the price of computers in this era is so high.

If the price of the processor can be greatly reduced, the computer will greatly reduce the price of MySpace and quickly expand the market.

This is definitely a good thing, it is very attractive.

The president of HP asked with a smile: “Apart from this, what else can attract my company’s computer to use your home’s processor?”

Fang Tian put down the coffee cup: “As far as I know, Intel’s latest processor has a serious heat problem, which causes many consumers’ computers to suddenly shut down and restart. The news also reported that there is a consumer’s The notebook suddenly caught fire and burned out.”

It is true that the president of HP also found that Intel does have this problem. In fact, it is not only Intel. The processor heat has always been a headache. There is no chip company that can solve it well in until now.

The whole notebook keyboard area is hot due to heat. The traditional method can only use fans, but fan cooling also has disadvantages and is very noisy.

Fang Tian snapped his fingers: “I tell you, SoftCloud has solved this problem. With Phoenix processor, it will never get hot!”

“Really?” The HP president raised interest.

Fang Tian confidently said with a smile: “Really, you can ask your engineer to test it.”

Next, they negotiated with them for a long time, and finally the things were settled, they all agreed, using Phoenix processors.

The authorization agreement is already ready, and Fang Tian signed the authorization agreement with them.

Starting next week, they will start supplying them with the sun, supplying Phoenix processors.

The presidents of major computer manufacturers got up and shook hands with Fang Tian, ​​then left.

Looking at a large stack of contracts in his hand, Fang Tian is very happy.

With the support of well-known foreign manufacturers, Phoenix processors have finally gone global!

Fang Tian’s previous life, the processor chips are all in the hands of foreign manufacturers. Even if it is a Qilin, the architecture is also British, and it produces TSMC OEM.

Phoenix processors, from architecture to R&D to production, all in one hand.

Not only have you got rid of the dependence on foreign manufacturers, but you can also sell your chips abroad. This is an amazing achievement!

Phoenix chips are at least three years ahead of their opponents, and they can’t keep up with their opponents anymore. For example, Intel is developing dual-core processors, and the ingenuity factory is already developing quad-cores. It is always ahead of the times.

This leading technological advantage will allow Phoenix chips to occupy the world! Let foreign manufacturers produce dependence!

Even the US imperialist ban is not afraid, it is foreign manufacturers that are afraid.

Should I buy IBM next? Fang Tian touch the chin thought.

IBM’s computer business has been losing money, and their president has already planned to get rid of the company’s computer business.

Acquired by Lenovo in 2005, Lenovo became the world’s largest computer manufacturer.

This World has no Lenovo, but it will definitely be acquired by other companies, so it is necessary to take it over as the sun goes down.

He then stood up and was looking for Kanos to talk about it.

At this moment, Zhang Yayan wearing a black professional suit came over. “They are all gone.”

“Is the president of IBM gone?”

“Uh.” Zhang Yayan nodded: “However, I heard that Kanos will stay in Beijing for a few days to discuss things with a domestic company.”

Fang Tian was taken aback for a moment. Wouldn’t it be Bai Wanjun who was the first to acquire IBM?

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