Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1546


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Whether Bai Wanjun wants to buy an IBM computer or not, it is important to pay attention to it.

Fang Tian looked at Zhang Yayan and said: “Pay attention to the development of IBM President in Beijing. Call me as soon as there is news.”


Fang Tian tone indifferently said: “We want to buy IBM!”

Hearing this, Zhang Yayan was surprised. After a long period of speechless, Chairman Fang was too rich and imposing. Even the computer business of international giants had to be acquired. Fang Tian looked unprecedentedly serious: “The acquisition of IBM computers, this step, is crucial for the promotion of Mengzhen system to the world!”

Zhang Yayan lamented, Fang Tian is really painstaking for the success of the domestic system!


Mid-levels, luxury villa.

Fang Tian drove Bentley in and stopped slowly.

Turn off the engine, get out of the car, and meet the younger sister Gold Jade.

She blinked and looked at the convertible Bentley in front of her: “Where did you get this car?”

Thinking about it, Fang Tian feels funny, and participates in the question-and-answer activities, and uses the function of “listening to the song” to win the grand prize back.

“Guess.” Fang Tian is too lazy to say too much.

Gold Jade Ye wrinkled his nose: “I bought my elder sister for you? Huh, good-for-nothing.”

Fang Tian was too lazy to explain to her sister-in-law that she really didn’t care what she thought of herself, and moved towards the villa.

As soon as I walked to the second floor, I smelled a strong scent of food. Yes, the food was ready. Fang Tian quickly walked over and sat down.

Tonight, in addition to sister-in-law Gold Jade Ye, the big beauty Jin Yuyan is also there, she is sitting opposite and drinking chicken soup.

Fang Tian picked up the chopsticks and was about to eat, just then the phone rang.

Take it out and have a look, it’s from Mother-in-law.

“son-in-law, where are you?” Chen Shanmei’s soft voice came.

“At the Old Master’s house.” Fang Tian responded drinking chicken soup.

“They didn’t embarrass you?” Chen Shanmei asked.

Old Master went to Suzhou and Hangzhou to play, and here the younger sister was against each other everywhere. As for the other Jin Family people, they have not met yet.

Fang Tian said: “Fortunately, everything is going well.”

Hearing this, Chen Shanmei felt relieved. “After going to the capital, don’t be busy with work all day, go shopping with my daughter more, and increase your feelings, don’t you know?”

“My time has always been abundant, just…” Fang Tian looked towards Jin Yuyan opposite: “Your daughter is not free.”

“You give her the phone and I will tell her.”

Fang Tian then handed over the phone to Jin Yuyan.

Next, Chen Shanmei’s dissatisfied criticism of Jin Yuyan.

Jin Yuyan’s temples are a bit painful. In your mind, son-in-law seems to be more important than the daughter!

I’m a little impatient, Jin Yuyan quickly said: “Well, I’ll go roam around the street with him tonight, let’s stop here.”

After talking, she hung up the phone and handed it to Fang Tian.

Fang Tian took the phone: “Will you go out later?”

Work is for life. It’s really not good to be busy all day. Let’s go out to relax tonight.

It’s been a long time since I went out shopping with my fiance. A life without an emotional life is not a complete life.

Jin Yuyan slightly nodded: “Well, go out after dinner.”

“Sister, take me.” Gold Jade Ye said.

Fang Tian waved his hand: “Don’t be a light bulb, stay at home and watch your kimchi drama!”

Light bulb? Gold Jade Ye was so angry, I really wish I could bite it.

Wangfujing Street.

One of the most famous pedestrian streets in Beijing, the night is bustling and the lights are bright.

Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan walked on the street and felt so relaxed. The big beauty was wearing sunglasses. She was not a star, but her fame was no lower than that of a star.

She is the Queen of Thousands of Gold, the richest woman in Asia. Once she is seen, the whole street will be chaotic.

Normally, both of them have their own things, and there are not many times when they can really be together. It is really rare to go shopping like this leisurely.

The two moved towards the clothing store, and suddenly, Fang Tian stopped and looked towards the CD record store beside him.

“What are you looking at?” Jin Yuyan asked questioningly.

“Let’s go in and see.” Fang Tian took her with a smile and walked in.

This CD record store was opened by Cao Jidan Boss and had conflicts with him.

Cao Jidan Boss also said a classic quote-selling real estate is worse than selling CDs.

Jin Yuyan remembered that Cao Jidan gave up real estate, sold the land to Qianjin Corporation, and then opened 1,000 stores nationwide.

Want to see now, how is his CD business doing?

There are a lot of CD albums on the shelves. There are very few customers in the shop.

Obviously, the record shop’s business is bleak!

Fang Tian called the waiter and chatted with her. “Is it easy to do business?”

“You saw it, it’s bad!” The waiter smiled and shook his head: “Boss said, ready to sell.”

In other words, Cao Jidan doesn’t want to do it.

Jin Yuyan smiled. Fang Tian said at the beginning that the CD record shop will decline, and Cao Jidan doesn’t believe it.

Fang Tian asked: “Where is your boss, I want to meet him.”

Cao Jidan comes as soon as he talks about Cao Jidan!

Not far away, a man wearing a white plaid shirt came out. He was Cao Jidan.

“Boss Cao, how are you!” Fang Tian looked towards him with a smile.

“Hello, I’m not good!” Cao Jidan smiled wryly.

For almost a year, Fang Tian is already the boss of the domestic Hegemon technology company, and the company’s revenue exceeds 100 billion!

And Cao Jidan, from the high-spirited and vigorous Big Boss in the past, has fallen into bankruptcy today!

Fang Tian smiled secretly in his heart and sighed: “Boss Cao, I told you at the beginning that the CD record shop will decline, but you don’t believe it.”

Not only did not believe, but also expanded the scale, opened the CD record store to 1,000 nationwide.

All stores are now losing money.

With the development of digital media, the decline of the CD recording industry is inevitable, and most people listen to songs online.

Even if you don’t listen to songs online, you will download the songs to your mobile phone or Streamer like mp3. How many people still buy CDs?

Cao Jidan complexion is gloomy came down: “It’s all caused by you. If it’s not your website, your yy music streamer, how could the CD recording industry decline?”

Fang Tian shook his head: “Even if it’s not me, there will be other people doing music software. The decline of the CD recording industry is certain. And, I already told you, don’t do this industry.”

In other words, tell you that Fire Pit is in front of you, you want to jump down, who else can you blame?

Cao Jidan regrets that the scene is regretful!

Fang Tian asked: “What are your plans now?”

What can you plan for now?

Cao Jidan suddenly grabbed Fang Tian’s arm and begged with a crying cry: “Big brother, my company is about to go bankrupt and close down, give me a way to live!”

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