Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1547


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This scene shocked the waiters and consumers in the store!

Boss Cao This is nowhere near!

In order to be a CD record store, he owed a lot of money to suppliers, and also owed a lot of debt to the finance company. He slept every night and had nightmares. He couldn’t help it.

Ten minutes later, Wangfujing Milk Tea Shop.

Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan sat down, and Cao Jidan sat opposite.

The waiter came over, asked a few people, and then delivered a few cups of milk tea.

Fang Tian cracking a joke said: “Boss Cao, in fact, you can make a milk tea franchise store, the cost is low, and the return is fast!”

Cao Jidan smiled bitterly: “President Fang, I am serious, don’t crack a joke, OK.”

Not to mention whether the milk tea franchise makes money. He now owes hundreds of millions of debts. When will the milk tea be paid off?

Fang Tian said: “The Cao family’s rich and imposing, Great Young Master, what are you afraid of, so that the family can’t save it.”

“Don’t mention it.” Cao Jidan grinned bitterly and said one after another this year.

Due to the drag of the CD recording business, the Cao Group’s current operations are also very unsatisfactory. Cao Jidan has been abandoned by the family, and no one wants to save him.

He drove him out of the family.

When it was very beautiful, who would have thought that one day they would be swept out by the family.

Fang Tian took a sip of milk tea: “How much do you owe?”

Cao Jidan stretched out five fingers: “Five Billions.”

It’s really not a small number.

Fang Tian looked up and down at him: “What valuable things do you have now?”

“My life, my life is the most valuable.”

“Your life is not valuable.”

Cao Jidan was furious: “Why is my life worthless? Anyway, it is also a life. Is life worthwhile, do you know?”

“Your life is really worthless to me. I would rather spend 10 yuan to buy a salted fish than spend a dollar to kill you”

In other words, salted fish is not as good. Cao Jidan was stunned for 10 seconds: “Well, I’m just a terrible one.”

Fang Tian thought for a while and asked, “Does your store have the property rights in your hands?”

“Yes.” Cao Jidan nodded: “1000 branches across the country, the property rights are in my hands.”

hearing this, Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan looked at each other, and they were excited!

“Where are your shops and how much are they worth?” Fang Tian asked hurriedly.

Cao Jidan took a stack of materials from the black briefcase and placed it in front of him.

Fang Tian took it and took a closer look. Some of them were in first-tier cities, and most of the stores were in second- and third-tier cities.

After a while, it’s difficult to determine its value. After drinking milk tea, Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan got up and left.

“Big brother, you haven’t answered me, can you show me a way out.” Cao Jidan quickly chased over.

“You can open a freefish website!”

Salted fish website? Cao Jidan is speechless, need to be so ironic?

“I’m serious, if you open a Xianyu website, you can definitely turn over.” Fang Tian hehe smiled and knew he didn’t understand, so he didn’t say much.

Walking on the street, Jin Yuyan looked over and said: “Are you very interested in acquiring his shop?”

“Uh.” Fang Tian nodded: “Now the company’s hardware products are sold online, not in physical stores. The acquisition of his store can quickly expand the sales channels of physical stores.”

There is a cinema nearby, and then Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan moved towards the cinema and went in.

There are two films tonight, one is a love movie and the other is a Hollywood science fiction blockbuster.

Fang Tian asked her opinion, originally thought she would choose to watch a love movie, and generally women like to watch romance.

However, Jin Yuyan chose a Hollywood blockbuster.

Fang Tian laughed, the queen is the queen, really different from the average woman.

Jin Yuyan said: “I hope that there will be a film and television company in the country that can make a blockbuster film like Hollywood, but unfortunately it has never happened.”

Fang Tian walked in with her: sit down in the last row of lovers. “SoftCloud is ready to set up a business group, maybe your idea can be realized?”

Hearing this, Jin Yuyan was pleasantly surprised: “Really?”

“Yes, just the past few days. Film Group was established.”

SoftCloud is now invincible in the domestic software Internet industry, and it is starting to move towards the traditional industry. It is necessary to establish a film industry group.

When the film and television company’s Boss, how interesting it is to make movies.

Fang Tian whispered in her ear: “I will take a picture with you in the future.”

“en!” Jin Yuyan slightly nodded.

The Hollywood blockbuster special effects are very shocking. It is really difficult to achieve this level of production in China.

After a movie, the two got up and walked out of the theater.

At this moment, I met a person head-on, Bai Wanjun, his white suit, as always, looks like a white horse Prince.

He saw Jin Yuyan and Fang Tian walking out of the cinema, his face showing a hint of anger.

Fang Tian looked at his eyes: “Wanjun, haven’t you given up yet?”

Bai Wanjun coldly smiled: “Beauty Jin is always my favorite, and I will never give up.”

Jin Yuyan wrinkled his nose: “Young Master Bai, if you shift your goal to another object, I will never like you.”

This is very decisive and direct.

Bai Wanjun also knows that pursuing her is already impossible, and now Jin Yuyan has really fallen in love with Fang Tian, ​​and their relationship viscosity is still very strong.

However, if the light doesn’t work, it’s dark.

Bai Wanjun is already planning to get Jin Yuyan! There is no need to conquer her heart, as long as her… is enough.

Bai Wanjun faintly smiled, the words changed: “Fang Tian, ​​is Phoenix processor open for authorization?”

“Yes. Are you interested? I can license Phoenix processors to you.”

didn’t expect Fang Tian is so direct, Bai Wanjun said: “You didn’t crack a joke?”

“Really.” Fang Tian looked very serious: “The computer produced by your company can be equipped with a Phoenix processor.”

Bai Wanjun is so clever. After thinking about it, he will soon understand his purpose. If Wanjun computers rely on his Phoenix processor, and one day Fang Tian will stop supplying, then Wanjun Corporation will be paralyzed. .

“No interest, Intel is my best partner.”

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Sunless computers equipped with Phoenix processors have developed rapidly, and at this speed, they will soon surpass you.”

“Haha!” The man next to Bai Wanjun laughed. This man is Liu Chaodong, the top person in charge of the computer division of Wanjun Corporation.

“Laughing? Do you have questions about the strength of the sun?”

Liu Chaodong pouted: “The sales volume of the ever-increasing computer and Wanjun are not at the same level. Wanjun Corporation has a very perfect sales channel throughout the country.”

“Daoist has the world, do you understand?”

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