Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1548


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Beijing International Conference Center.

Fang Tian pushed the door in, an air-conditioned breath assaults the senses, and the seats inside were filled with Boss, a domestic distributor.

Here is the annual national channel business conference.

No matter where they are, they are the most high-profile VIPs. President Li came to the meeting, shook hands with Fang Tian, ​​and then greeted him sitting next to him.

At this moment, Wan Wan Corporation Chairman and CEO Bai Wanjun is giving a speech on stage.

Bai Wanjun looked at the speech slowly said: “Wanjun Corporation is the largest domestic electronic product channel provider in China, with 2,000 self-operated stores nationwide, which is the advantage of Wanjun Corporation.”

“In recent years, someone has not known the immensity of Heaven and Earth and wants to challenge the status of the industry leader, but he does not even own a physical store and sells all online. This model is destined to fail.”

All the audience heard, who was the person he said?

Wanjun Corporation and SoftCloud Group are now in full battle, from industry disputes to channel disputes.

Bai Wanjun finished his speech and then walked off the stage.

The host on the stage pointed into the microphone: “There is now Mr. Fang Tian speaking on stage!”

The audience was looking forward to it and applauded.

Fang Tian got up and moved towards the stage toward the stage.

Bai Wanjun passed by, he said: “If you want, in fact, Wanjun Corporation’s channels can be opened to you. Really.”

There are 2,000 self-operated stores nationwide in large and small cities all over the country. Imagine that if the computer does not fall into the sun and you can enter his channel to sell, the sales of the product will definitely soar!

It sounds attractive, but think about it seriously.

The channels are all in the hands of the other party. If one day he terminates the cooperation and completely removes your products, the company’s sales will plummet!

In Fang Tian’s entire life, many major home appliance and mobile phone manufacturers have established their own channels. Although the cost is higher, they are not willing to rely too much on third-party channels.

“No, I have my own channel.” Fang Tian refused decisively and stepped onto the stage.

Fang Tian cleared his throat and spoke into the microphone: “I am very happy to be here to participate in the channel business conference. As everyone knows, today’s SoftCloud has the largest E-Commerce platform in China, Sanctuary.”

“Has the largest self-operated website in China, Qianjin Mall.”

“Also has the largest Consumer to Consumer platform Cloud Online Mall.”

“Undoubtedly, online, SoftCloud controls a large enough network channel. But the physical channel has always been a zero.”

“Lack of physical stores and over-reliance on online sales will create a crisis for future product sales.”

“Recently, SoftCloud is laying out physical channels and advancing very quickly. It won’t take long for a huge sales network across the country to be established.”

Bai Wanjun curl one’s lip under the stage, boasting without paying taxes, you just blow it. It took 10 years for Wanjun Corporation to establish 2000 self-operated physical stores. How many years can you build it?

Fang Tian said with a smile: “To participate in this conference, in addition to the speech, please allow me to complete a simple signing ceremony here.”

Suddenly, everyone signed a contract to cooperate?

Fang Tian raised his voice: “I asked Cao Qicao’s Boss, Cao Jidan to speak.”

At the front seat, Cao Jidan stood up, sorted out the gray suit collar, and walked onto the stage.

Bai Wanjun is puzzled, how could he appear here?

Cao Jidan stood on the stage, a slightly fat man, a company on the verge of bankruptcy, and was driven out of the family by Cao Family.

Cao Jidan didn’t understand anything and talked about it directly, he announced directly: “From today, my Cao Qi Cao Lu record chain, all property rights will be transferred to Fang Boss!”

hearing this, the audience was surprised!

Cao Qicao, there are 1,000 stores nationwide, all sold to Fang Tian.

As said, does SoftCloud have sales channels all over the country?

I don’t know how much Fang Tian spent?

I heard that if it is worth 300 million yuan, Bai Wanjun will not sell it for 5 million.

Next, Cao Jidan’s words made the audience dumbfounded.

Cao Jidan said: “I sold it to Fang Tian for 10 million!”

“hua…” The whole audience was in an uproar!

Cao Jidan’s mind is okay, it’s worth 300 million yuan, 3 billion yuan, you will sell 100 million yuan!

Bai Wanjun bids you 500 million yuan and you refuse, why sell 10 million yuan to Fang Tian? Didn’t you get water in your head? Or was his head kicked by a donkey?

1000 stores, an average of 10,000 sold.

Cao Jidan is World’s First wastrel!

Cao Jidan also saw the laughter of the people present. He didn’t care, and he didn’t say something publicly.

In short, he did not lose at all in this transaction.

Next, under the witness of the audience, Fang Tian and Cao Jidan signed the contract on stage.

SoftCloud Group fully acquired Cao Qi Cao Luo’s chain stores nationwide for a price of 10 million!

There is no doubt that Fang Tian made a big profit in this transaction. 1,000 stores, and in a few years, these stores will be worth more than 1 billion!

After the acquisition is completed, SoftCloud immediately becomes one of the very best physical store channel providers in the country!

Bai Wanjun sneered and sneered. Even if Cao Qi Cao was acquired, it is only 1,000 physical stores, and Wanjun Corporation has 2000.

Vice President Liu Chaodong said with a smile: “The channel of SoftCloud is impossible beyond us.”

As soon as I said this, I was beaten!

Fang Tian signed to the microphone and said to the microphone: “Jin Yuyan Young Lady, the chairman of Qianjin Corporation, is now on stage.”

The glass door of Conference Hall opened, and a tall, full-bodied woman appeared. She was Jin Yuyan.

Secretary Ye Qing accompanied her to the stage.

Fang Tian shook hands with her: “Miss Jin, I am very happy to work with you.”

The handsome men and beautiful women, the reporters present kept pressing the camera shutter.

Jin Yuyan slightly nodded, for the audience present: “Qianjin Corporation has 2500 physical stores across the country, and Mr. Fang and I will start an in-depth cooperation to let his hardware products enter my channel.”

Wonderful audience!

In other words, all of a sudden, Fang Tian owns more than 3,500 sales physical stores.

Overall Wanjun Corporation!

In addition, Fang Tian itself has a huge E-Commerce channel, which is amazing!

His products fully open up online and offline channels! The real king of channels!

Bai Wanjun complexion is gloomy, stood up and Liu Chaodong hurriedly left the scene.

Fang Tian smiled and thanked: “Thank you Miss Jin for your support.”

Jin Yuyan have hidden meaning: “I and you are a community of destiny, no regrets, no wind and rain in the same boat.”

It’s not just about career, but also about each other’s feelings.

A hundred years of repairing the same boat ferry, a thousand years of repairing sleep together!

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