Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1549


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On the second floor of the restaurant, private rooms.

After the Channel Business Conference, Cao Jidan and Fang Tian came here for lunch.

Fang Tian has a relaxed expression, holding a glass in his hand and drinking 20,000 yuan of Rafi.

However, Cao Jidan on the opposite side is a little anxious, and it feels tasteless to drink top wine. “Director Fang, I have already sold the chain store to you at a low price. Should I tell me how to return me to my family?”

The reason why Cao Jidan is willing to sell the chain store at a price of 10 million yuan is because Fang Tian told him that he can be returned to the Cao family and sent his younger brother to prison.

Since Cao Jidan was driven out by his family, the Cao Group has been seized by the younger brother, and Cao Huasheng has served as the company’s chairman and president.

More importantly, father is about to distribute equity. If he can’t go back to his family, he won’t get any of Qian Family’s property, and he watched his younger brother take away all his property.

That’s 5 billion worth of property. Cao Jidan will go back anyway.

“Do you hate your younger brother?” Fang Tian asked, drinking wine.

Speaking of this, Cao Jidan gnashing teeth: “I hate him, if he accuses me in front of the clansman at home, I will not be kicked out by the family.”

In other words, he was kicked out by his family. In addition to his own disappointing, there was Cao Huasheng’s fanfare.

The goal of Cao Huasheng has also been achieved. He became the chairman of the board, and the family property distribution, he must also take the lead.

Fang Tian put down his glass and took a stack of documents from a black briefcase and threw it in front of him. “These all are your younger brother’s criminal evidence, you can go back after grasping these handles.”

Cao Jidan quickly picked up the file to view, his eyes went from surprise to shock, from shock to surprise, and finally, from surprise to ecstasy!

didn’t expect, younger brother Cao Huasheng has done so many bad things.

Economic crimes, insider trading in the stock market, and doing some things that hurt the interests of the Cao Group for the sake of private gain.

These things were announced, and Cao Jidan was immediately defeated by his family. Not only that, but he was sentenced to prison!

“younger brother, you’re done! hahaha…” Cao Jidan laughed wildly, and he hasn’t been so excited for a long time since he was kicked out by his family!

“Big brother, this is true? Where did you find the information?” Cao Jidan asked after looking over.

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “You don’t need to control these, use these handles well, you can return to the Cao’s group, and oust your younger brother!”

Although I sold the chain store to Fang Tian cheaply, I now feel that it is worth and is worth it! As long as you can return to the family, you can get a few billions of family property.

“Several people, do you want to eat something?” The waiter walked into the private room and asked.

“No need.” Fang Tian waved his hand and got up and left.

Become a friend with Cao Jidan impossible. It’s not fun to sit and eat together. It’s time to leave when things are done.

Looking outside, Li Qiguang looked over and gave a thumbs up: “Director Fang, I really admire you! This trick is really brilliant!”

It’s good for people to buy the industry without being priced by the other party, but Fang Tian can even lower the other party’s price to the lowest.

If you say that before SoftCloud only had online channels, it was a person with only one leg. Now, with a physical channel, the two legs go together and are finally complete!

Next, a team will be set up to take over the chain.


2nd day, the morning sun shining in and basking on Fang Tian.

996 is not required for 996. Even if it is more than 9 o’clock in the morning, there is no need to rush to get back to work in the company.

Life is easy and money is coming.

“Ding Ling Ling…” the phone rang.

Fang Tian lost his eyes opened and reached for the bedside table to pick up the phone: “Who?”

“Classmates, you are very unconscientious. You won’t call me when you come to Beijing.” The voice of a young girl came from the phone.

Fang Tian suddenly became energetic and immediately sat up from the bed: “hehe, Lin Mengting you!”

“I thought you came to Beijing and would come over to find me, but you didn’t even have a phone.” Lin Mengting’s dissatisfied tone came.

“Sorry, too busy.”

“Busy? Are you busy sleeping?”

“cough cough.” Fang Tian coughed twice. “Is there something to do with me?”

“Can’t I find you if I’m fine?” Lin Mengting said: “I think of Wangfujing’s shopping, can you stay with me.”

“Why are you looking for me?”

Lin Mengting really wanted to rush to his house. When the phone smashed over, the girl took the initiative to ask you to go shopping. Do you not understand what it means? Fang Tian, ​​who is studying how to make money all day, is emotionally Small White.

“You don’t agree, I’m going to be angry.”

Fang Tian looked at his watch: “OK, see Wangfujing.”

Hang up the phone, got up and rushed into the bathroom to wash up, then came outside to finish breakfast, and then walked out of the house.

After 30 minutes, Fang Tian appeared on the famous Wangfujing Street in the capital.

Take out her phone and ask where is her location?

“Ding Ling Ling…” the ringtone of the phone just rang.

Fang Tian took out his phone and saw it from Lin Mengting, and immediately connected it to his ear.

“Fang Tian, ​​come here, I am bullied.”

What? School Beauty has been bullied?

“Where are you?”

“Cao Qicao slightly.”

Fang Tian hung up the phone and immediately moved towards the record store.

Although this store has been acquired, it will take some time to change the signboard.

Before entering, I heard someone talking loudly.

“The consumers who hate you the most are irritated. I warn you. If you do anything here, I will call Police Officer to come and take you away.”

Fang Tian speeded up and walked in. Looking inside, a man about 30 years old, wearing a white shirt, was scolding a girl loudly.

That girl is not someone else, it is Lin Mengting.

Fallen Tian stood in front of her immediately: “What happened?”

Lin Mengting wrinkled his nose and said a little angrily: “I bought a Deng Lijun’s genuine CD record here yesterday, but when I opened it home, I found that the discs inside were scratched and still pirated. Today I Come back to return the goods, he will not live or die.”

The man in front is the manager of this store, surnamed Cai.

Mr. Cai gloomy face said: “You have bought it, used it, and want to return it, you wishful thinking. Besides, why do you say that your CD is from our store, and the CDs sold here are all It is genuine and brand new.”

Lin Mengting shook the CD in his hand: “Obviously it was bought at your home, don’t admit it.”

Money is a trivial matter, but it’s just pitted, and I’m not happy!

“I’m the first time I’ve seen a consumer like you, get me off immediately!” Manager Cai’s face was cold and he reached out and moved towards Lin Mengting.

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