Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1550


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Fang Tian grabbed Manager Cai’s wrist: “If you have something to say, don’t move your hands.”

The wrist is unable to move as if it was stuck in a vise, Manager Cai is furious: “none of your business, get away!”

Fang Tian looked towards Lin Mengting: “Apologize to her immediately.”

“Apologize? She made trouble for no reason. She should apologize.” Manager Cai was tough.

Fang Tian coldly said: “After saying it, apologize to her immediately.”

At this moment, Cao Jidan walked in from outside the door.

Mr. Cai saw him and hurriedly said: “Boss, these two mental illnesses came to our shop to make trouble.”

Cao Jidan looked towards Fang Tian, ​​suddenly the complexion changed, he moved quickly towards Manager Cai and rushed over, raising his hand is a slap!

“pa!” Manager Cai’s face immediately showed four fingerprints!

Cao Jidan looked at him with a black face: “From today, he is the boss of this store!”

What? Is he the Boss of this shop? Manager Cai looked at Fang Tian with wide eyes, and his eyes would fall off. “Why are you the boss of this shop?”

Cao Jidan’s tone is faint: “I have sold him the store.”

I rely on, Manager Cai’s face instantly pale!

He immediately turned to look at Fang Tian: “Chairman, I’m sorry, sorry.”

“Apologize to her.” Fang Tian looked at the School Beauty around him.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry…” Manager Cai watched Lin Mengting nodded and said apologetically like a chicken pecking rice.

Fang Tian waved his hand: “You can go.”

What do you mean? Manager Cai faintly felt something, and his forehead was sweating coldly.

Cao Jidan glared at him: “Silly X, you have been fired, don’t hurry up!”

Fang Tian then ordered the waiter here to return the goods to Lin Mengting.

Speaking of the new Boss, the waiter didn’t dare to neglect, he got Lin Mengting right away.

Then they walked out of the CD record store.

“Student, you are the Boss of the national record chain, why didn’t you say it early?” Lin Mengting looked over with a smile.

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “I am not the Boss of the chain record store, I bought the store, and the goods in the store will be cleared soon.”

Fang Tian did nothing else during the day, accompanied Lin Mengting to go shopping, the day was relaxed, and leisurely passed.

In the evening, the SoftCloud House opens!

Wangfujing Street, the first SoftCloud home physical store in the country officially opened for business.

In the afternoon, the staff came over to clear out the goods inside. This is no longer a CD record store.

This kind of clearing was recorded by the media, a landmark event in the decline of the recording industry.

The staff re-arranged the electronic digital products in the counter, marking the beginning of the digital media era.

The signboards were changed at night and everything went smoothly.

In addition to selling computer and mobile phone products, SoftCloud House also has beautiful home rice cookers, beautiful home microwave ovens and cetera appliances.

Compared with online, the offline experience will be much better. A dedicated experience area has been set up, where consumers can experience the characteristics of the product.

At the opening ceremony, Fang Tian made a short speech at the shop door.

Fang Tian’s face full of red light faced the guests present: “This is the first SoftCloud home in the country, I hope it can bring you a better experience and better after-sales service.”

“As SoftCloud’s hardware products become more and more abundant, the products will bring more surprises to Anjia and a better life for everyone!”

Fang Tian finally shouted the slogan of SoftCloud House: “SoftCloud House, quality and quantity, and love!”

What a quality, quantity and love! “Crash-bang……” The guests applauded in unison.

After a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony, a large group of consumers swarmed into the store.

The scene is quite popular, showing that consumers love the sun and Beautiful Home products.

“Chief, so prosperous, I feel that when a SoftCloud house is opened, it will be a fire house.” Lin Keqing stood beside said with a smile.

At this moment, someone came, and an old man wearing a Chinese tunic came in, Lin Tianshan.

Fang Tian was very happy to see him and greeted the past: “Old Lin, you are here too.”

“The first brick-and-mortar store opened, how can I come to support it.” Lin Tianshan hehe laughed.

“Come over there and sit down.” Fang Tian took him moved towards the east.

Lin Tianshan sat down, in front of a glass counter, Fang Tian stood opposite him.

“What do you sell here?” Lin Tianshan asked with a smile.

“A lot. What products do you want to experience?” Fang Tian asked with a smile.

“Is there a mobile phone?”

Uh? Fang Tian was stunned, didn’t expect that he would ask the mobile phone, the sun is not setting, and he hasn’t made a mobile phone yet!

Fang Tian hehe smiled: “Apologize, there is no mobile phone yet.”

“Why not make a mobile phone?” Lin Tianshan was puzzled.

Today’s mobile phone production process is very mature, and a large number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers have emerged. If the sun is not going to be a mobile phone, it can be done in minutes.

However, this year’s mobile phone is not a smart phone. It can only be regarded as a functional machine. The most important function is still to call and send text messages.

Fang Tian said: “Either don’t do it, make a revolutionary mobile phone. I will never do a feature phone now.”

“Revolutionary mobile phone?” Lin Tianshan looked forward to the look.

Fang Tian thought about it, and did not hide it: “Touch screen mobile phone.”

Lin Tianshan froze for a long time, as Big Dipper Mount Tai in the technology world, he touched the phone with a touch of nature, but…

“Motorola did it, but it was eliminated before it became popular.”

The world’s first touch screen phone was indeed made by Motorola, but that one is a “resistive screen” rather than a “capacitive screen”.

The resistive screen only responds when pressed hard. The screen sensitivity is extremely poor, and multi-touch cannot be achieved. Even if Motorola did it, it just disappeared.

If Motorola attaches importance to the touch screen and continues to develop, it may not decline.

Not to mention Motorola, even Nokia will not guess that one day the touch screen will become the mainstream of the world.

Fang Tian has already laid out the ingenuity factory, the team is developing smart touch screens, and key technologies have also made breakthroughs, and soon there will be good news over there.

The Mengzhen system on the mobile phone has also entered the internal testing stage, and it will not take long for this World’s first touch screen intelligent system to be born.

Lin Tianshan Hua Feng turned around and asked: “What is the share of Mengzhen system now?”

Fang Tian quickly clicked the mouse and checked the data: “Today, 30% of new computer users in China are using dreams!!”

hearing this, Lin Tianshan was very happy. At this rate, Mengzhen system will soon exceed 50% of the occupancy rate.

You don’t need to wait for 100% occupancy, as long as it exceeds 50%, SoftCloud can declare victory, beating Microsoft system already not far!

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