Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1551


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It’s not too early. After Fang Tian sent Lin Tianshan away, he walked out of the SoftCloud home and went home to rest.

As soon as I got into the car, my phone rang.

Take out her phone and look at it. It was sent by Shen Yanyi and immediately opened.

“I feel so lonely tonight, can you come with me?”

Looking at this text message, Fang Tian smiled. When the other party is lonely, he will think of you immediately, proving his position in her heart is incomparable.

“Okay, are you back in Beijing?”

After waiting for a while, the other party will reply with a text message.

“In the apartment, come here.”

Fang Tian then started the car moved towards the apartment where the big star was located.

Blue Love Apartment.

At the moment, Shen Yanyi, who is wearing white silk pajamas, is leaning lazily on the sofa and listening to music while wearing the MP3.

The agent Chen Mengxue sat beside her, holding a book in his hand.

“ding dong!” The doorbell rang.

Shen Yanyi immediately took off the headphones, stood up, and walked over to open the door.

The iron door opened, and the person standing at the door was Fang Tian. He looked over with a smile.

Looking at his expression, Chen Mengxue wrinkled his nose: “Yanyi, don’t let him in, lead the wolf into the room.”

Fang Tian was too lazy to respond to her, looked towards Shen Yanyi: “I am here to send express.”

Say, send the box in her hand to her: “Do you accept the goods?”

“Receive, not only the goods, but also the people!” Shen Yanyi’s mouth smiled charmingly. He took him into the apartment.

This customer is so overbearing. People receive the goods. She doesn’t even let the courier go.

After entering, Fang Tian put the box on the table.

“What is this, can you open it and see?” Shen Yanyi looked at the beautiful gift box in front of her.

“It’s not a Pandora’s box, open it and see.”

Shen Yanyi opened the box, and inside it was a huge music box, let her eyes shined, so beautiful!

Then she opened the music box and the music played slowly.

There are a couple of men and women on the box. The male avatar is Fang Tian and the female avatar is her.

Shen Yanyi was pleasantly surprised: “Where did you buy it?”

“Specially customized for you.” Fang Tian has been making this music box for a long time, but today I remembered it and gave it to her.

Looking at the brilliant brilliance of the music box and listening to the moving voice, Shen Yanyi’s eyes suddenly became blurred, and tears fell on the box.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Tian looked at her strangely and came over tonight, always feeling something was wrong with her.

Shen Yanyi takes a deep breath: “My mood is very bad, can you accompany me to go out for a walk?”

Fang Tian nodded agreed.

People coming, people going pedestrian street.

Fang Tian and Heavenly Queen Shen strolled down the street.

She wears sunglasses and is not afraid of being recognized.

“Did you encounter any troubles, you might as well say it.” Fang Tian looked sideways towards her.

Shen Yanyi said: “The famous Hollywood film and television company invited me to film in Hollywood.”

Fang Tian was shocked: “This should be happy!”

How many people dream of filming in Hollywood, I don’t quite understand why she is sad.

Shen Yanyi sighed slightly: “If I agree, I will live in the United States for a long time, and I may not be able to come back once a year.”

“Is this all right?” As soon as he finished, Fang Tian’s shoulder was bitten by Shen Yanyi fiercely.

Shen Yanyi loosened her teeth: softly speaking in the ear, “I am reluctant to leave you!”

Fang Tian sucked in a cold breath, his body froze.

Today’s big stars are already deeply in love, not just wanting to be together every day, but wanting to be together all the time, let alone a year apart.

For her, this world is too long, too long, too long!

Which is more important, dream or love?

A lot of couples in the world have to separate because of their careers. They can’t meet each other for a long time. The time has been long. It seems that everything has changed.

Shen Yanyi never wants to see this happen to her. Although love in this place in the entertainment circle has not lasted long, she is very different from other celebrities and she is very persistent in feelings.

Fang Tian lifts her hair: “What do you think? I will support you no matter how you choose.”

Shen Yanyi pursed her red lips: “I want to go.”

Forbidden Hollywood, and this movie is a masterpiece of the century. Seizing this opportunity can expand your reputation to the world and become an international movie star!

Extremely rare opportunity, she was not willing to give up.

“Well, then you go.” Fang Tian said.

Shen Yanyi wrinkled his nose and looked over: “From your heart, do you want me to go?”

To be honest, Fang Tian really can’t bear her to pass, the entertainment world is originally a flower world, she went to the United States to film for a year, what will happen to heaven knows?

Did she give up her great future for her own selfish desires?

There is no response, there is a bar nearby, Fang Tian took her hand and walked in.

The night bar.

This place is very high-end. Although the consumption threshold is relatively high, the people who come here to drink are people with status and status. Therefore, the bar is not clamoring, listening to light music and drinking a little wine, I feel very comfortable.

The two went in and sat down in front of the bar.

At the same time, a handsome man in a suit and leather shoes came over: “Hi, Superstar Shen, come here to drink?”

Shen Yanyi was taken aback for a moment, and he recognized it when he was wearing sunglasses. She turned to look at it. This man is Boss, a famous Hong Kong film and television company, named Dong Shihao.

In other words, it’s a person in a circle. It’s strange if you don’t recognize it. Dong Shihao is still the boss of this bar.

“Mr. Dong, what a coincidence.” Shen Yanyi lightly replied.

Dong Shihao saw Fang Tian around her at a glance: “She is your secret boyfriend?”

Shen Yanyi is about to deny that the relationship with Fang Tian can not be made public. Think about it, Dong Shihao, as a film and television company, Boss will not be so boring, and announce the relationship to reporters.

And in Hong Kong, Dong Shihao has been pursuing, telling him directly, let him die.

Heavenly Queen Shen admits directly: “Yes, his name is Fang Tian.”

Dong Shihao’s face changed suddenly, and soon he returned to normal, pretending to be laughed indifferently. “I don’t believe it, you told me on purpose.”

“It is true.”

Dong Shihao left to look at Fang Tian and didn’t feel anything special about him, just like an ordinary fan? Will Tianhou like an ordinary fan?

Dong Shihao asked with a smile: “Yanyi, do you want to drink?”


Immediately, Dong Shihao personally made a bartender and made her a cup of “three-color” cocktail.

There are three colors in the cup, which are very beautiful.

“I hope you like it.” Dong Shihao placed the glass in front of Shen Yanyi.

He is an excellent bartender, showing this hand in front of Fang Tian, ​​has several points of showing off.

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