Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1553


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In fact, if you think about it carefully, it’s not always good to go to Hollywood.

Hollywood is the dream of countless movie stars, but Hollywood is also the tomb of dreams, how many people have gone, and eventually the dream is broken.

Shen Yanyi feels everything is open and cheerful when he comes out shopping for wine.

After half an hour, Fang Tian sent Shen Yanyi back to Lanlian Apartment.

Chen Mengxue opened the door and Shen Yanyi walked in: “Mengxue, I’m sorry, I didn’t promise you to go to Hollywood.”

“I don’t blame you.” Chen Mengxue looked at Fang Tian, ​​wishing to punch a big hole in him.

Shen Yanyi yawned while covering her mouth and went back to the room to rest.

Chen Mengxue’s eyes staring at Fang Tian, ​​1 second… 2 seconds… 3 seconds… 1 minute…

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “I know I look handsome, don’t you have to look at me like this?”

Chen Mengxue reveals two rows of Small White teeth and can’t wait to bite in. “How many times have I said, don’t affect her star journey.”

Fang Tian shrugged: “I didn’t affect her.”

“Why did she give up going to Hollywood?” Chen Mengxue asked coldly.

Fang Tian asked: “Is Hollywood really so good? I ask you, which female star has been successful in Hollywood for so many years in Hong Kong?”

“…” Chen Mengxue was speechless.

Fang Tian looked at his watch, it was very late: “Should I let me go to rest?”

“Who told you to live here and go out.” Chen Mengxue quickly closed the iron gate.

“peng!” Fang Tian’s nose almost touched the door panel.

Does this woman have a natural hatred against me? Against me all day.


Global Building.

After leaving the Blue Love Apartment, Fang Tian immediately drove to the company Headquarters.

Take the elevator directly to the 10th floor.

Even if it is late, there are still many programmers working overtime code in the office.

SoftCloud’s multimedia production tools, film and television production software, picture production software, audio post-production software et cetera are being developed here…

Fang Tian pushed the door into a room.

“Director Fang, you are here!”

The leader of the R&D team, Zhao Boming, came by himself. “Director Fang, is there anything else so late?”

Fang Tian went straight: “As everyone knows, the company is preparing to set up a business group. How has the software for movie editing and post-music et cetera been done?”

Zhao Boming smiled and nodded: “It’s very smooth and has entered the final stage of the test.”

Fang Tian walked over, sat down in front of his desk, and personally experienced the operation of yy special effects software.

If you want to produce shocking and real effects in movies, special effects production software is very important. To develop this software, you have invested a lot of money.

Fang Tian experienced the special effects production of the movie. It took half an hour to create a scene of a car explosion. It is very simple, even a Small White can make such an effect.

“Good.” Fang Tian was nodded with great satisfaction.

Zhao Boming asked: “Director Fang, what is the name of our film industry group?”

Fang Tian has long thought about it: “Just call it, Gold Jade Film Group!”

Gold Jade Film Group? The name is pretty, but why is it called? Zhao Boming was puzzled.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Free Golden House in the Shadow, Yan Ruyu in the Shadow!”

hearing this, everyone in the room laughed, feeling the name was nice and connotative!


Twenty minutes later, Fang Tian returned to his home and immediately rushed into the bathroom to take a shower.

After taking a bath, you can relax and come to the computer to check.

It was found that someone from the chat client sent a message, and Fang Tian took a look, it was sent by Shen Yanyi.

She asked about the lyrics and accompaniment of that song tonight.

Fang Tian remembered the lyrics, pa pa pa quickly hit the keyboard and posted the song “Love Me Don’t Go”.

As for the accompaniment, Fang Tian opened the Gold Jade audio production software.

This audio production software has been developed and will be released soon.

Fang Tian used it to make an accompaniment, and then sent it to Shen Yanyi.

Tianhou star: “{Excited}, who owns the copyright of the song “Love Me Don’t Go”?

Fang Tian would like to say Zhang Zhenyue, but does this world have Zhang Zhenyue? Have it? There may be people who have the same given name and family name, but he is by no means a singer.

This song always has an author.

Fang Tian restores the past. “I created it.”

Tianhou star: “Can I give the copyright to this song?”

Fang Tian never thought about being a star or making money on it.

King: “Yes.”

Although this song was originally sung by men, the song sung by women is also very nice. After Heavenly Queen Shen’s singing, it may sing another taste.

Shen Yanyi has passed the peak and is now in a period of exhaustion of inspiration. It is difficult to produce good works. This song allows her to sing, which can inject new vitality into her new album!

There are many songs in this World, just like Fang Tian’s previous life, but there are also many songs, this World is not.

It is possible to make classic songs that she has listened to in her previous life and make her a world-class diva.

Talking with her for a while, she is offline.

Fang Tian looked at the time, and it was late, but he didn’t feel a little sleepy. He thought of setting up the Gold Jade Film Group, and immediately opened the novel website to see.

Jin Yu Novel Network is a novel website of SoftCloud Group and the largest Chinese novel original platform in China. It is the starting point of equivalent to this World. It should be said that it is much larger than the starting point.

After all, behind the starting point is Tencent, and the traffic is also largely from penguins.

SoftCloud in this World, the scale is much larger than Tencent, so Tencent has not made a successful product!

For example Weibo, for example search, for example E-Commerce! Huge applications have been delivering continuous traffic to Jin Yu Novel Network!

Especially, Angel Search has a domestic market share of 98%, which is even stronger than Baidu’s position. Not only does it lack Baidu’s miscellaneous medical advertisements, but Angel Search has been blocking piracy!

There are also those pirated applications that have been fully blocked by SoftCloud’s applications. In the original novels of Jin Yu Novel Network, pirated versions are simply not found.

The readers pay a high percentage, and the author can earn a very rich income even if he writes short stories. Now Jin Yu Novel Network, there has been a great god writer who has an annual income of more than 20 million by subscription alone!

The super platinum god is called “Crazy Stone”, and his reputation has become popular throughout the Chinese world.

It is no lower than traditional novel writers such as finance and Gu Long.

Fang Tian has always attached great importance to online literature and regarded it as the highest strategy of the pan-entertainment empire.

Now, a large number of novels that can be adapted into film and television have appeared on the website. The copyright value of these novels has exceeded 30 billion!

These big IPs will become the most precious resource for Gold Jade Pictures to build the film and television kingdom!

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