Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1554


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Jin Yu Novel Network, the top of the list is “Ao Shi 3000 years” written by crazy stone.

Who is the crazy stone? He is Fang Tian’s cousin, and his web writing skills are all taught to him by Fang Tian.

I opened his book and looked at it. Now he is Supreme God. There are many fans who vote every day to reward.

Fang Tian clicked on the three chapters of his latest update, and gave him 1 million Jinyu Coins.

The website is about to be closed, and at this moment, the ringtone of the mobile phone rings.

He took out his phone and looked at it. It happened that this kid called.

“Cousin, are you free tomorrow?” As soon as he connected, Shi Jun’s excited voice passed.

Fang Tian thought about it: “Yes.”

“Tomorrow, my new house has a banquet. Do you want to come over?” Shi Jun asked with a smile.

This kid is bullshit. He wrote a novel and bought a house in a big city.

Fang Tian then agreed with him, see you tomorrow.


2nd day at 11 noon, Fang Tian drove to the riverside villa.

Just stopped the car, a young man wearing a white T-shirt, glasses and slippers looked like an otaku came over.

This person is none other than Shi Jun, whose pen name is “crazy stone”, Jin Yu Novel Network Supreme God writer!

“Cousin is amazing!” Shi Jun looked at the top convertible Bentley in front of him and smiled.

Fang Tian pushes the door and gets off: “Long time no see, now you are not simple, you have become great writers.”

“hehe, it’s just average!” Shi Jun chuckled, scratching his head.

Fang Tian looked at him like this: “I have become a great god writer, it still looks like that.”

Shi Jun raised his chest and said, “This is pretending, don’t you read my novel?”

Fang Tian has read his book and is absolutely pretending to be a Paragon expert.

While writing novels in this era, you know how to pretend to be compelling, and with a certain amount of renewal, it’s sure to be a god.

“You are the king.”

“No, you are the king.” Shi Jun looked over and said: “I didn’t even know that before, you were the boss of a technology company! You are so close, Paragon is invincible!”

Last year, the author’s annual meeting, Shi Jun was invited to participate.

Fang Tian also participated, Shi Jun thought he participated as a writer.

That night he saw Fang Tian taking the stage speech and heard the host call him. At that moment, Shi Jun’s whole person became a stone carving!

Fang Tian laughed, and the two of them walked into the elevator while talking, and they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. There was always a lot to say.

After becoming a novelist, Shi Jun bought a 200-square-meter cottage on the riverside, bought a BMW, and even had a girlfriend.

In the eyes of others, Shi Jun is already a rich man, but who knows, he used to be just a factory worker.

Moreover, it is the cheapest labor force, working twelve or three hours a day, and living in a rented house of twenty square meters with his mother.

Having blind date with girl for thirty times, he loves others, they can’t look at him, there is no way, too poor!

I want to improve my life by writing novels. I found a physical book to be published by the publishing house, but I was rejected 101 times!

I really doubt my life. At that time, I was anxious to ask for money. He wanted to give up writing and go to the construction site to move bricks.

It was Fang Tian, ​​who changed his life, encouraged him to write novels, and told him that writing a novel to enter the million years is not a dream.

Today, he has already surpassed 10 million in subscription revenue alone, and with the copyright of film and television et cetera, he will soon become a billionaire!

Shi Jun is very grateful to him and once said that if it succeeds, share the house with Fang Tian, ​​share the car, share the wife!

In retrospect, Fang Tian could not help laughing!

His villa is on the 8th floor.

The two stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby.

There are many people in the lobby, all of them are relatives and friends of Shi Jun.

Moving to a banquet in the new house, many relatives have come.

Not far away, a girl wearing a white coat, a pink scarf, long hair Piaopiao, fair skin, and a delicate face looked over.

She is Shi Jun’s girlfriend, Bai Li, a daughter of Boss, a sales shop.

Since writing the novel, Shi Jun finally realized what he once said, buying a car and a house to marry Ms Perfect.

Fang Tian walked over and sat down, Shi Jun personally poured tea for him.

At this moment, a woman wearing a red cheongsam came over and said with a smile: “Thank you nephew, if you weren’t you, there would be no family today.”

She is the mother of Shi Jun and the aunt of Fang Tian.

Fang Tian drinking tea said with a smile: “I am also very happy to see your family’s life getting better.”

After chatting for a while, it’s time for lunch. The hotel in Shi Jun in the vicinity is booked, and a group of relatives moved towards the nearby hotel.

Happiness Hotel.

In the lobby on the 9th floor, everyone sat down after one another and placed 10 tables.

Fang Tian is sitting at the same table with Shi Jun, aunt and Shi Jun’s girlfriend.

There are several youngsters on the same table. They are cousins ​​and cousins ​​of Shi Jun.

“Boy, you are so powerful, you have become a great writer.” A man in a plaid shirt exclaimed, his name was Ishikawa.

Shi Jun drinking white wine, faintly smiled: “Alright.”

“Brother, I’m going to open a book at Jin Yu Novel Network, when the time comes to give me a recommendation.” Ishikawa laughed and filled him with a glass of white wine.

Shi Jun asked: “What is your novel?”

Ishikawa said: “wuxia novel!”

This? Shi Jun was stunned for a while and didn’t know how to respond?

Fang Tian ate a piece of beef and said: “The martial arts have fallen, you should change the subject.”

Hearing this, Ishikawa was a little unhappy, and he looked at it expressionlessly: “You think it’s declining if you don’t, and there are still many people watching.”

“It’s really gone. Few people on the Internet even read novels of this kind.” Fang Tian’s face told him very seriously.

Ishikawa gloomy face: “Do you know novels? Can you write novels? You know how fart you are.”

Fang Tian ate food and said, “I wrote it before, but I don’t write much now.”

“Haha!” Ishikawa laughed: “Is the level too rubbish, the street is dead, I have no intention of writing a book?”

Fang Tian was speechless for a while and coughed dryly: “Not for this reason.”

The shoulders of Ishikawa pats Shi Jun: “Learn from others, write a book, buy a car, buy a house, and marry Ms Perfect. Don’t intervene if you don’t understand the web.”

Shi Jun opened his palm: “He doesn’t need to write a book now, but his achievements are higher than mine.”

Ishikawa was surprised, a little surprised: “He did and so on?”

Fang Tian said: “It is also related to the novel.”

“Is it a god?”


“hehe, which is a street.” Ishikawa sneered and sneered.

What Shi Jun said next made everyone stunned. “He is the Boss of Jin Yu Novel Network!”

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