Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1555


Global Building.

Fang Tian stopped the car and moved towards the building.

I just walked into the lobby and came across a woman wearing a fiery-red suspender skirt. She was no one else but Ma Xiaoling, the vice president of the MediaCloud Business Division of SoftCloud.

“Ma Young Lady, you are here.” Fang Tian walked past with a smile.

“The chairman called me, how can I not come.” Ma Xiaoling hehe smiled, her smile has always been so charming.

Gold Jade Pictures is about to be established, and Fang Tian asked her to come over from Binhai to prepare for this.

As they spoke, they walked into the elevator.

Fang Tian asked: “How is the progress of the filming of “Xian Jian Fei Xia”?”

This book was written by myself, and it has received super influence. It is also the first movie released after the establishment of Gold Jade Pictures.

Ma Xiaoling nodded: “The shooting has been completed, and the later stage has also been completed. It is sent to the film bureau for approval. I believe it will be released soon.”

“Good!” Fang Tian smiled and snapped his fingers.

Gold Jade Pictures depends on it if it can make a headshot.

Walk into the vice president’s office.

Fang Tian sat down in front of the computer and clicked the mouse to open a folder named “Pianhua”.

Soon, the movie “The Legend of Fairy Sword and Flying Heroes” is broadcast.

This movie invested 100 million yuan in shooting. It was a big production in this era. The super special effect is superb and the scene is shocking. Especially the fighting scene, it is full of blood!

What makes Fang Tian happy is that the film has a high degree of reduction and captures a part of the plot of the novel without much modification.

Ma Xiaoling asked curiously: “Director Fang, did you write the book “Fairy Sword”?”

“Yes.” Fang Tian nodded.

This book is written according to the routines of many classic web articles of the previous life.

The so-called routine, in this age of life, is innovation! Innovation never written by anyone.

The big scenes of Xianxia world and the fights with Divine Immortal all made the readers refreshed and hooked!

Ma Xiaoling said with excitement: “Director Fang, you will also write fire books, you are so amazing!”

The door of the “dong dong!” office was knocked.

“Come in.”

The door opened, and the secretary in the white professional suit walked in with a middle-aged man.

“This is this?” Ma Xiaoling looked at him questioningly.

middle-aged man left carrying a briefcase with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the nose bridge: “I am Boss of Xiyangyang Film and Television Company, Zhang Zhichong.”

Boss of the film and television company? Ma Xiaoling asked, “I wonder why you are here?”

Zhang Zhichong is very direct, standing in front of the desk, said with a smile: “I want to buy the copyright of your company’s novels.”

“Which novel?” Ma Xiaoling asked.

Jin Yu Novel Network has trained many top writers, and a large number of novels can be adapted. Almost every day there are film and television companies come to discuss the purchase of copyright.

Zhang Zhichong said: “”Xian Jian Fei Xia Biography”!”

Isn’t it my novel? Fang Tian asked: “How much are you willing to open?”

Zhang Zhichong extended a finger: “One hundred million!”

The value of a hundred and one book is so attractive!

However, for today’s Fang Tian, ​​one hundred million is nothing at all, not to mention, the book “Fairy Sword and Heroes” is far more than this number.

Fang Tian shook his head: “The copyright of this book is sold to you impossible.”

“Why?” Zhang Zhichong didn’t understand.

Fang Tian said directly: “So, this book is like a gold mine, SoftCloud will not sell it.”

“Fairy Sword and Heroes” can not only be filmed, but also made into anime and games, how can it be easily sold.

Next, Zhang Zhichong also transferred his goal to ancient romance novels, and finally a book copyright transaction was reached.

Fang Tian sold him an ancient Gongdou novel for 50 million yuan.

There are a lot of novels of this type on this site. SoftCloud impossible can shoot any movie by itself. In addition to those top IPs, others will be sold as long as the film and television company gives a reasonable price.

The two signed a contract with each other and the transaction was completed.

Zhang Zhichong Boss then left with a contract.

Only one book sold tens of millions, and there are many websites like these novels.

Ma Xiaoling feels excited when he thinks about it: “Director Fang, is this the pan-entertainment industry you are talking about?”

“Yes.” Fang Tian snapped his fingers: “We have a lot of high-quality copyrights, this is a gold mine!”

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