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On the 2nd day at 8pm, the Beijing Gymnasium.

Tonight, the lights are shining brightly, and the stadium that can accommodate 50,000 people is full.

It’s not a star who is here for a concert, but instead, Gold Jade Film Group is holding a grand celebration party here.

Stars from the Mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan were invited to attend the party.

Surely, there is Shen Yanyi, an Asian diva.

The reason why so many celebrities are here tonight is largely because of her.

"Thank Heavenly Queen Shen for her support!" Fang Tian stood with Shen smile in front of Shen Yanyi.

Shen Yanyi reached out with a smile, shook hands, and didn’t speak. There were other people here, but they couldn’t be too intimate.

The stage, after the magic show is over, the queen will appear and sing a song "Don't Go"

"I am still the same at this time, the loneliness at night is easy to make people sad, I dare not think too much..."

This song is the first time people on the scene have listened, they can hear as if drunk and stupefied!

"Is this song the latest title song of Tin Hau? Very nice."

"It must be that Tianhou hasn't released such a good song for a long time."

"Since last year, many people think that her singing career has arrived at Peak, it is difficult to have a good work. It seems no, this song surprised me!"

After the song was finished, Shen Yanyi said: "Thank you very much for creating such an excellent song for me. This "Love Me Don't Go" has let me stay. If it were not for him, I might have gone to the United States ."

"Go to Hollywood, or stay in China? In the end, I chose to stay in China. I believe that the establishment of Gold Jade Pictures will bring a dramatic change to the film industry in our country!"

"crash-bang..." The audience applauded.

didn't expect There is a story in this song, I don’t know who he is the one the queen said?

Afterwards, she turned and exited the stage.

Next, Fang Tian appeared, white shirt, black jeans. "Thank you for the support of Tin Hau! Tonight, in addition to the establishment of Gold Jade Pictures, there will be 5 major software releases!"

Five softwares? The audience was amazed that it was still the first time to release so much software at one time. I don't know what the application is?

Fang Tian stood in front of the computer, opened the application market, and immediately downloaded the five software one after another.

Everyone looked towards the big screen behind him.

Gold Jade video production software.

Gold Jade photo production software.

Gold Jade animation production software.

Gold Jade audio post software.

Gold Jade audio-visual effects software.

Fang Tian looked towards the audience with a smile: "as everyone knows, not long ago, SoftCloud released its own document editing software, Gold Jade Office Suite."

"SoftCloud is not enough to create a media entertainment empire, just text editing software, video, animation, music, special effects, pictures, all do!"

Great! SoftCloud has achieved full coverage in multimedia!

Applause from the audience.

Fang Tian clicked on the software and introduced some functions of the software while operating it, just briefly demonstrated it, so that the audience present was excited!

With these software, making some videos and doing some post-processing for music will become very simple.

Although there is a Renowned Audition, it is foreign, and it is not as convenient to operate as the software developed by SoftCloud.

Fang Tian said: "Some people will ask, why is an Internet company in SoftCloud setting up its own film and television group?"

“There are three reasons. First, SoftCloud NetVid is now the largest video site in China, with a market share of up to 80%! Every year, the purchase of film and television copyrights costs a huge amount of money. It’s not as good as this Try to shoot yourself."

"Second, SoftCloud has huge platform traffic. As long as it is a good work, after the promotion of SoftCloud, it will quickly become popular."

"Third, SoftCloud's Jin Yu Novel Network, a large amount of high-quality novel copyright, has great potential for adaptation. This is SoftCloud's biggest advantage in the film and television industry!"

To put it bluntly, SoftCloud has a platform, traffic, money, resources, and it would be silly not to shoot your own movie!

At the end of the speech, Fang Tian said: "Tell me that after the establishment of Gold Jade Pictures, the first movie will be released soon. I believe that the establishment of Gold Jade Pictures will bring you a better entertainment life! "

"crash-bang..." applaud the audience!

At the end of the speech, Fang Tian not at all left immediately and sang a song with Shen Yanyi on the stage.

The two of them sang "Somewhat Touching" affectionately face to face

Fang Tian looked at her opposite to the microphone: "I and you, male and female, can't escape love, who wants, has the courage, and pays the sincerity in spite of everything."

Shen Yanyi in a gorgeous evening dress looked at him affectionately: "You said, not only you, but also myself, should I continue, or should there be a response, let love step by step come closer... "

Beautiful! So affectionate! The two frowned, perfectly matched and impeccable!

Singapore, Qianjin Hotel.

Ye Qing, wearing a pink nightdress, sat in front of her notebook and watched the live broadcast.

Gold Jade Pictures was such a big event that Jin Yuyan and Ye Qing would have been there, but the flight delay could only be watched live in Singapore.

Ye Qing watched Fang Tian and Shen Yanyi sing on the stage, what did you feel wrong?

Jin Yuyan came out of the bathroom and wiped her hair with a towel.

"Miss Jin, do you feel that the two are very problematic?" Ye Qing asked.

Jin Yuyan looked towards the screen: "What’s the problem, it’s a nice song."

Miss Jin is really a relationship with Small White. Don’t you see that they are very intimate and seem to have an emotional relationship?

Ye Qing's finger was pointed at the eyes of the two: "Look, the eyes of the two are in communication, I feel they must be related!"

Jin Yuyan stopped his hand and looked at it carefully: "Live performance, is it normal to have brows?"

"No, this is not a performance. Intuition tells me that they must be related." Ye Qing's tone is very positive.

Gold Jade Pictures was established tonight. Many movie stars and singers were invited to perform. Jin Yuyan knew it, and Shen Yanyi would also be there. She also knew that Fang Tian would sing a song with the big star, and she too knew.

So, Fang Tian and Shen Yanyi sang love songs on the stage, frowning. From Jin Yuyan’s point of view, they just performed that’s all.

"Do you think the music star will like Fang Tian?"

“No, it’s not necessary now.” Today’s Fang Tian is a young man of an Internet giant, how many women are excited.

Jin Yuyan shook his head slightly: "Shen Yanyi is very attached to feelings. She likes her first love, a person named Li Tian, ​​she likes other things."

As a fan of her, Ye Qing knows this too. Looking back at the live broadcast, are they really just performing?

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