Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1557


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After watching the live broadcast of the party, Ye Qing got up and stretched out. “Miss Jin, I think you should be alert.”

Jin Yuyan blows her hair with a hair dryer: “Looking at you, I’m more nervous than me.”

A very casual sentence, Ye Qing was taken aback, and her face calmly said: “I am anxious for you, Fang Tian, ​​this person, I see him as a felony.”

Jin Yuyan expressionless, the words changed: “Go to the UK tomorrow.”

Ye Qing was surprised for a while, and asked, “Aren’t you returning home?”

Jin Yuyan said: “Qianjin Corporation wants to set up a physical store sales network in the UK, which is not only beneficial to our group, but also helps Fang Tian’s industry to go global!”


After taking a bath and relaxing, Fang Tian came out of the bathroom at home.

Sitting on the bed, opening the notebook, and clicking on SoftCloud News, the front page headline is the establishment of Gold Jade Film Group!

Fang Tian clicked in and looked at it. The party was very successful and the response was very good.

A week later, “The Legend of Fairy Sword and Heroes” will be released in major theaters across the country.

This movie captures a part of the story of the novel of the same name in “The Legend of Fairy Swordsman”. The story is very long. In other words, the Fairy Sword can be made into a series.

Fairy Sword 2, Fang Tian considers whether to make Shen Yanyi the heroine and then the heroine himself?

At this moment, the door opened and a girl in a white nightdress came in. She was Gold Jade.

“Fang Tian, ​​are you free tomorrow night?” Gold Jade’s title is still the same, killing her is not willing to call her brother-in-law.

Fang Tian can’t take her: “What to do?”

“My friend, meet in the KTV cabaret tomorrow night.”

“What does your friends have to do with me?”.

Gold Jade Ye Baiyan: “I don’t understand, I will let you be my flower ambassador.”

Isn’t that the messenger of flowers, just to be her driver and bodyguard?

“Please find someone else.” Fang Tian fell back and lay on the bed.

Gold Jade leaves wrinkled his nose: “How exactly are you willing?”

Fang Tian thought for a while: “It’s very simple, call me brother-in-law, and I promise you immediately.”

“You wishful thinking?” Gold Jade Ye Baiyan: “Except for this, other conditions are all right.”

Fang Tian checked the calendar, and there was nothing else tomorrow, but just agreed to her, and her time was taken up.

touch the chin thought for a while: “My time is precious. 1,000,000, 1,000,000, I will promise you.”

Does this person have no fun in life other than money?

However, the problem of money is not a problem. For the Little Rich Lady like Gold Jade, the most important thing is the banknotes, which cost millions, just to do a simple math problem.

Gold Jade Ye immediately returned to the room, and quickly walked in with a million cheques and threw it on Fang Tian. “Tomorrow at 6 pm, Shanghai KTV will pick me up on time.”

It doesn’t feel safe to go out without a bodyguard. If the kidnappers target the loss, it’s not as simple as 1,000,000.

She wanted to find a bodyguard in the mansion to accompany her, but the bodyguards at home were taken away by grandfather and went to Suhang.

And Fang Tian’s appearance is pretty, and he has a face.


2nd day evening, 6 o’clock.

Fang Tian, ​​wearing a white shirt, sat in the convertible Bentley and started the car.

Co-pilot, Gold Jade Ye is wearing a white evening dress and looks gorgeous and noble.

This girl’s character is really special. I would rather spend 1,000,000 than a brother-in-law. Is it so difficult to admit that I am her brother-in-law?

One day, she married her elder sister. On the wedding day, she went to the house to marry a relative. Will she be tossed to death by her aunt and refuse to open the door?

Sister-in-law opened the door obediently, I want to come in, I want to come in. I don’t open, I don’t open, I don’t open when you die.

You can think about it seriously. The plot of marrying a relative will not appear on Fang Tian. He is a son-in-law. Not only do you not have to marry a relative, even the gift is free!

Shanghai KTV Concert Hall.

Stop the car, Gold Jade leaves the door and gets off, Fang Tian walks beside her, and walks in with her.

In the private room, each and everyone dressed in luxurious costumes sat inside and chatted and sang while drinking red wine.

As Gold Jade Ye of the wealthy family, her friends are all high-class people who are not rich but expensive, and all the clothes with a dress of less than 100,000 are sorry for the party.

In contrast, Fang Tian’s dress is a bit ordinary.

However, he doesn’t care what other people think. It’s nothing more than to accompany his aunt to sing K, and sit down silently, drinking and eating.

Gold Jade Ye has been studying abroad and rarely returns home. Her friends are very happy to see her and moved towards her to say hello.

Among them, a boy wearing a top Armani suit was more enthusiastic, came over with a stemware and toasted her.

This man’s name is Du Zhenyu. He is a signed artist of a record company, and he is a singer with a small reputation!

“Ding!” The two glasses touched together.

“Yuye Young Lady, I haven’t seen you for a long time, you are getting more and more beautiful.” Du Zhenyu looked at her with admiring eyes.

Gold Jade Ye Yan took a sip of red wine: “I heard that your latest album is on sale and you are about to become a top star, right?”

Du Zhenyu faintly smiled: “It is indeed very popular.”

“I wonder if I can sing a song here?” Gold Jade Ye looked at him with some expectant eyes.

She is a girl that Du Zhenyu likes very much. She asked that she could not refuse it.

Then, Du Zhenyu sat down and sang with the microphone.

He not at all sings his own song, sings “10 years” by Eason Chan.

After a song was sung, the people around applauded.

Only one person did not applaud, that is Fang Tian, ​​he listened silently, drinking red wine.

Du Zhenyu noticed that, he looked over and said: “This, don’t you think I sing badly?”

“Alright.” Fang Tian expressionless responded.

Looking at his expression, Du Zhenyu was upset: “I think I don’t sing well, there is a kind of song you sing to me.”

“Don’t want to sing.” Fang Tian continued to drink.

At this time, the younger sister said, she wanted to see Fang Tian ugly.

“Fang Tian, ​​you sing!” Gold Jade Ye Xiaohehe said.

“Singing is too bad? Hehe, I can understand it.” Du Zhenyu said with a sneer.

“Look, people look down on you, and you sing.” Gold Jade Ye handed the microphone to Fang Tian.

Fang Tian pursed his mouth for a while and reached for the microphone.

“What song are you going to sing?” Gold Jade Ye Xiaohehe, with the mentality to read jokes.

“Same thing, “Ten Years.”

Soon, the accompaniment of “Ten Years” was played.

Fang Tian held the microphone and began to sing: “If those two words didn’t tremble, I wouldn’t find that I was uncomfortable. How to say it was just a breakup, if there is no requirement for tomorrow…”

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