Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1558


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The people in the singing hall each and everyone watched Fang Tian and heard as if drunk and stupefied.

Close your eyes and think Chen Yixun is here.

This sound is exactly the same as Eason Chan, so nice!

Sister-in-law looked at him blankly, originally thought he would not sing, wanted to see him ugly, didn’t expect, he sang so nicely.

Fang Tian put down the microphone after singing “Ten Years”. “How? Do you think I sing nicely, or does he sing nicely?”

Gold Jade Ye can’t deny, but she is also reluctant to admit that she turned to drink juice.

“It’s the default.” Fang Tian hehe smiled.

Gold Jade Ye Xiaozui moved, what she wanted to say, she snorted could not refute.

Du Zhenyu gritted his teeth: “I’m not convinced, there is a species to compare with me again.”

“Brightly speaking, I sing better than you, what else is comparable?”

Du Zhenyu twitched his lips: “This can only be said that you imitate Chen Yixun better, but you can’t say that your singing skills are better than mine.”

If he does not fight again, he will not be convinced.

“OK, how do you want to compare?” Fang Tian asked.

Du Zhenyu looked at the TV screen: “If you sing an English song, whoever sings it better will win, whoever wins.”

“If I win, what are the benefits?”

It’s not interesting to contest without benefit. Du Zhenyu thought so too. He thought about it and took a card from his pocket and took it on the table: “This is a Platinum Membership Card. Hold it, you can go here The shopping mall sings K, plays billiards, drinks, and eats free. To put it bluntly, eating and drinking merrily is free!”

It looks good, Fang Tian nodded.

“If you lose?” Du Zhenyu asked with a smile.

“As much as your card is worth, I will lose you as much as possible.” Fang Tian said.

“OK, this is a 100,000 card.”

Things have been settled, let’s start to compare who’s singing is better.

Gold Jade Ye picked a classic English song of “I Believe I Can Fly”.

The accompaniment came out, and Du Zhenyu took the lead in singing: “IusedtothinkthatIcouldnotgoon, Andlifewasnothingbutanawfulsong, ButnowIknowthemeaningoftruelove……”

After the first stage was sung, the lights in the private room suddenly went dark. Everyone looked at it, and a drunk man turned off the lights.

“You can think about it carefully. You are too good. It would be a pity if you don’t join the entertainment industry.” Gaoli said seriously.

Fang Tian responded casually with a sentence: “Can be considered.”

Although she did not plan to join the entertainment industry, she still accepted her business card.

Du Zhenyu watched his agent appreciate Fang Tian so much, he was extremely unhappy, and he was ashamed tonight.

Fang Tian looked sideways towards him: “How is it, are there any questions?”

Du Zhenyu has nothing to say: “…”

The first time he competed in Chinese, he sang better. Now he competes in English, he can still sing better. It is completely strength.

Fang Tian laughed, picked up his Platinum Membership Card, and flipped his pocket in his hand.

Gold Jade Ye stared blankly at him, with a strange feeling in his heart.

I found that there were too many incredible things in him, and there seemed to be nothing he would not do.

At the concert last time, he played the piano, and the shock that she brought to her is still fresh in memory.

Tonight, Fang Tian sang on KTV, which made her unexpected again!

Fang Tian handed the microphone to the little aunt: “Sing for you.”

Du Zhenyu was curious about Fang Tian’s identity: “Who is he? Why and so on?”

Gold Jade Ye Dao: “His name is Fang Tian, ​​I don’t know how to do and so on.”

“Haha, wouldn’t it be the unemployed?” Du Zhenyu laughed unabashedly.

However, in the next second, his smile stiffened!

Gold Jade Yeh pointed into the microphone and clicked on a new song “Love Me Don’t Go” released by Shen Yanyi.

Composer: Fang Tian

Lyricist: Fang Tian

Singing: Shen Yanyi

I depend! Du Zhenyu rubbed his eyes and wondered if he was wrong: “Yu Ye, what do you call his name?”

“Fang Tian.”

Suddenly, all the eyes of the room were projected on Fang Tian.

He wrote and composed the song for Tianhou. Isn’t he a musician? !

How is it possible, having the same given name and family name?

Gold Jade Ye also saw: “It should be having the same given name and family name.”

But the next scene surprised everyone again.

The TV screen is playing the scene of Tianhou and Fang Tian walking on the beach by the sea!

The boy in the blue vest in the picture is completely Fang Tian!

Wow, not showing the mountains and not revealing the water, such an intriguing music producer appeared in the KTV room!

Gold Jade Ye couldn’t believe her eyes. She turned into a statue, and the microphone in her hand almost fell off.

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