Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1559


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At half past nine, Fang Tian and Gold Jade Ye walked out of the KTV booth.

Du Zhenyu walks around: “Which company’s music producer are you?”

Fang Tian is just faintly smiled, there is no response.

Going to the parking lot and pulling the car away, Gold Jade Ye sat in.

Du Zhenyu looked at her and said, “Yu Ye, how about we come out for a meal someday?”

Gold Jade Ye casually responded with a sentence: “You have time to talk.”

Fang Tian sits in the car and starts the car to leave.

It took about 30 minutes to go home, but Gold Jade Ye looked over and watched for 20 minutes.

Fang Tian is seen as uncomfortable: “What are you looking at?”

“Who the hell are you?” Gold Jade Ye blinked his curious eyes.

He can play the piano, sing, and compose songs. All these incredible things happened to him.

“Don’t you always think that I am an unemployed wanderer? Well, you can think so.” Fang Tian drove the car into the mid-level mansion and stopped slowly.

Gold Jade Ye Cai didn’t believe it, she was more curious about his identity, yes, the younger sister was more curious about him!

In the past, he just thought he was handsome, looks impressive but is worthless, but now he finds out that he is very good, and seems to hide some mysterious strength.

It fascinated her, and wanted to get to know him in depth, and she didn’t even realize it.

After returning home, Fang Tian immediately went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After bathing, she was relaxed, and the little aunt in the white nightdress came in and took him to her room, teaching her to play the piano.

Fang Tian has never been a cheap labor, and one class costs 100,000 yuan. Even so, Gold Jade Ye is still happy.

Fang Tian stood beside the piano and instructed her how to play the piano.

A powerful Teacher guide, Gold Jade’s piano skills have improved rapidly, and I feel the money is worth it.

It’s just that apart from playing the piano, Fang Tian didn’t chat with her.

Fang Tian said, chat is charged 1000 per minute, less than one minute is charged according to one minute.

This is even darker than the operator. Gold Jade leaves showing two rows of teeth, hoping to bite a piece of meat on him.

At the end of one class, Fang Tian returned to his room and sat down to turn on the computer.

I just logged in to yyInstant Messenger and saw a new message coming over.

Fang Tian immediately opened it and looked at it.

It was sent by Lin Tianshan. Great scientists rarely use online chat tools. He suddenly sent a message to himself. There must be something very important to find himself.

Lin Tianshan: “Principal of Jinghua University, invite you to speak in the past.”

Fang Tian was shocked, Jinghua University, Tsinghua University, equivalent to this World.

China’s highest schools let themselves speak in the past, there is no reason not to go.

Fang Tian cracked and tapped the keyboard to reply to the past.

King: “It must pass.”

After a while, the other party replied.

Lin Tianshan: “Come to Jinghua University tomorrow, there is a good thing waiting for you!”

King: “What’s the matter?”

Lin Tianshan: “Tomorrow you will understood!”


It was another sunny morning. After breakfast, Fang Tian put on a set of clothes moved towards the villa and walked outside.

“Where are you going?” Gold Jade Ye asked.

“Jinghua University.”

“I’m going too.” Gold Jade Ye stood up and stepped on the bag to chase it out.

“What did you do in the past?” Fang Tian turned to look towards her.

“My friend is at Jinghua University. She asked me to visit her in the past.” Gold Jade Ye said, and opened the door.

Fang Tian sits in the car, closes the door, and starts the car.

Peking University.

Fang Tian pushed the door and Gold Jade got off the bus and went to find her friend.

And Fang Tian moved towards the university hall.

After coming to this World, I also have some understanding of this university. It is the merger of two top schools, Peking University and Tsinghua University.

It is the highest institution in China. Its scale and influence are even stronger than those of Tsinghua University in its previous life. Not to mention, there are several domestic Nobel scientists trained here!

Academician Lin Tianshan, dressed in a Chinese tunic, had been waiting for a long time at the entrance of the auditorium. He saw Fang Tian coming and suddenly moved towards him full of smiles.

“Old Lin, let you wait for me, more sorry.” Fang Tian quickly walked over and apologized.

“It’s worth waiting.” Lin Tianshan said with a heavy tone.

The weight of this remark is very heavy. Lin Tianshan is the Big Dipper Mount Tai in the domestic scientific community. He is a decisive scientific giant. So he is waiting for a Junior. Throughout the country, there is only Fang Tian.

The lecture will not start until later, Lin Tianshan takes him to the office of moved towards Principal.

Peking University, Principal Office.

“Mr. Fang Tian, ​​you are here!” Seeing him walk in, Li Xiangyang Principal sitting at the desk immediately stood up and greeted with a smile.

He took the initiative to reach out and Fang Tian shook hands with him. “Li Principal, it’s nice to meet you.”

Li Xiangyang looked over with a smile: “Mr. Fang, really young and promising!”

Fang Tian smiled indifferently: “Principal, you still call me to be Fang classmate, facing you, I feel like I am still a student!”

“Haha! You are too modest!” Li Xiangyang Principal is happy to say with a smile: “Now, who can compare with your contribution to domestic technological development?”

SoftCloud Technology has released its own Operating System. Dream is true. This is not the first domestic Operating System in China, but it is definitely the best Operating System.

Moreover, Mengzhen’s share has exceeded 30%, and at this rate, it will soon surpass Microsoft.

The success of the Operating System has brought a huge boost to the domestic hardware and software industry.

In addition to the Operating System, SoftCloud Technology also released the most advanced pc processor, Phoenix 510.

For a long time, domestic chips are very dependent on imports. Not only are they expensive, but the most cutting-edge technology is in the hands of foreigners. A ban bans the domestic electronic information industry.

Phoenix processors not only let the domestic chip industry get rid of the backward situation, but also realize the overtaking and achieve the world highest.

A dream system and a Phoenix chip can at least drive the output value of the upstream and downstream IT industry to more than one trillion yuan!

Yes, 1 trillion!

Also, the Internet application of SoftCloud technology has profoundly changed the way of life of Chinese people and brought a lot of convenience.

SoftCloud’s E-Commerce has profoundly changed the domestic commercial sales model and accelerated the production and circulation efficiency of domestic industries!

Who can match Fang Tian in the domestic IT industry? His contribution is incomparable! His status is transcendent!

Fang Tian’s expression is still so serene: “When I started a business, I just wanted to be able to live a better life, but I never thought about being so big.”

“But now you are indeed on the extraordinary road.” Li Xiangyang glanced at her with admiration.

Fang Tian then turned around and asked: “Principal, what is the reason for inviting me to come here today?”

Li Xiangyang said with a very serious face: “Jinghua University, invite you to be a professor in our school!”

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