Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1560

“Really?” Gold Jade Ye Xiumei picked up and was surprised.


Gold Jade Ye is very curious about Mr. K’s identity. She always wanted to meet him. She heard that he was so young, and she was so excited! “Is there a picture of him online? Search it and see!”

Short-haired girls are nodded and are about to search.

At this moment, a boy moved towards here. “Yu Ye, you are here!”

Gold Jade Ye looked up, and she recognized this person, who was named Luo Jiaming who met at a friend’s party last night.

Under the age of five, it is already the Court Academecian of Physical Chemistry at Jinghua University.

Last night, Luo Jiaming first saw Gold Jade Ye and fell in love with her at first sight and wanted to contact her.

However, Gold Jade Ye didn’t feel anything about him. She stood up and said, “It’s noon, go to the cafeteria.”

Speaking, Gold Jade and her friend moved towards the cafeteria.

Luo Jiaming follows: “Let’s go together.”

It happened that when I saw Fang Tian coming, Gold Jade Ye immediately moved towards him and walked over.

“Are you all right?” Fang Tian asked casually.

“It’s okay.” Gold Jade Ye said: “Let’s go to the cafeteria to eat.”

Fang Tian slightly nodded, and walked into the cafeteria with her.

Looking at the close relationship between the two, Luo Jiaming was uncomfortable. He thought that Fang Tian would be Gold Jade’s boyfriend?

University cafeteria.

Although neither Fang Tian nor Gold Jade are from this university, this cafeteria is open and you can eat here as long as you pay.

The two of them took their lunch boxes and sat down in front of the long table.

The short-haired girl and Luo Jiaming sat opposite.

Luo Jiaming ate spicy radish and looked over: “This, I don’t think you look like a student at this school?”

“No.” Fang Tian responded lightly with beef.

“Which university are you from?” Luo Jiaming asked.

Fang Tian Road: “Binhai University.”

Binhai University, Luo Jiaming thought for a long time in his mind and did not remember where is this university?

Fang Tian pushed the door in and stood on the stage!

He smiles slightly, facing the audience: “Hello everyone, I am King!”

Applause crash-bang rang throughout the auditorium…

Where the big brother is, there will be applause!

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