Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1561


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Looking at the Fang Tian on the stage, listening to the warm applause from all around, Gold Jade Ye heart beat wildly!

When I came back to China, I knew that a very difficult to deal with technology company was called SoftCloud. I also knew that the founder of SoftCloud was a Legendary character. She already had curiosity and wanted to meet him.

I finally saw you today, right in the university hall, watching him speak on stage!

Absolutely didn’t expect, he is Fang Tian, ​​the tech leader, has always been by his side!

The man who seemed to her to do nothing and did not achieve anything was so brilliant!

Fang Tian’s image now subverts Gold Jade’s cognition of him, she turned her mouth into a stone sculpture! The back and palms are cold sweat.

Fang Tian cleared his throat and preached: “I am very glad to come to Jinghua University to communicate with the elite students here.”

“Someone asked me, what did he do to create SoftCloud technology over the years?”

“In fact, it is very simple to sum up. I have only done three things in these years!”

There are only three things? The teachers and students present listened to him quietly.

Fang Tian said: “Software ecology, hardware ecology, Operating System!”

The conclusion is very incisive. The people present applauded.

“It took a long time to develop the Operating System and develop processor chips. Prior to this, all my energy was focused on the application ecology.”

“Everyone has witnessed, one after another Internet war, one after another innovative software is launched, and every application that SoftCloud launches, it has become the first!”

“At the beginning, when I entered the software Internet industry, many people questioned, can this industry develop? How can it be profitable? But what about now?”

“SoftCloud’s application ecosystem has been completely established. From social software to Search Engine to E-Commerce, to entertainment and life applications, everything!”

“When everyone thought that SoftCloud would only focus on software and not on hardware, I bought a factory. Everyone should have heard that it is not falling, I spent 1 yuan to buy it!”

This incident, all the students present know that it is a classic in business history, Fang Tian’s Legendary story has been included in the textbook.

“SoftCloud does hardware, unlike traditional hardware manufacturers, we do Internet hardware! Yes, Internet hardware! The main profit comes from software and cloud services, and hardware, we can not make money, or even allow It loses money!”

“So, everyone sees that the hardware products launched by SoftCloud are very cost-effective! The advantage is that the products can quickly open the market, and the sales of computers grow fast like the sun goes down!”

“Finally talk about the Dreaming Operating System that everyone cares about. Compared with the processor chip, the Operating System is more difficult to succeed.”

Fang Tian stretched out two fingers: “Operating System, I will go in two steps. First, occupy the domestic market with a share of more than 50%! This goal is very close, and now the market share of Mengzhen System Over 35%, thank you all for your support here!”

Operating System made by Chinese people, of course, we must support, and the people present applaud together!

“2nd Step is to occupy the world and make Mengzhen System the most popular Operating System in the world!”

The goal is very ambitious!

The front row of the auditorium, Gold Jade Ye looked at him silently, and looked at Fang Tian, ​​who was full of self-confidence and talked about on stage, full of shock!

That person who has always been looked down upon by her, didn’t expect is so powerful!

The processor chip, Operating System, he is now at the top of the technology industry!

At the end of the speech, Fang Tian said with a slight smile: “Jinghua University is a place where individuals are gathered. I hope that more talents will join SoftCloud to pursue dreams with us and make dreams come true!”

Luo Jiaming’s face is ashamed. He just showed off in the cafeteria that he is a Court Academecian from a top school. Now he is really embarrassed, just to work for him!

The really good people have always been low-key!

Next, Li Xiangyang Principal of Jinghua University awarded Fang Tian a professorship certificate!

Starting today, he became a professor at the cream of the crop institution in Jinghua University!

He is only 23-24 years old, he has already become a professor!

The students present were surprised!

Even Fang Tian himself was surprised. Before coming to the university, Lin Tianshan hinted that there was a good thing waiting for himself.

But the result is beyond your expectations!

Li Xiangyang said with a smile: “Mr. Fang Tian has made tremendous contributions to the domestic IT industry, and his philosophy leads the progress of the times! It is an honor for us to be a professor at our university!”

No one doubts that Fang Tian is more than enough to be a professor!

Fang Tian took the certificate and thanked with a smile: “Thank you for your trust and support!”

At the end of the speech, Fang Tian stepped down, and suddenly, a large group of people moved towards him to sign, especially the girls, whose faces were red.

Fang Tian signed his name quickly, King.

After ten minutes, walk out of the auditorium.

“Congratulations, Professor Fang!” Lin Tianshan came over with a smile.

Fang Tian laughed, didn’t expect came to Beijing University and was hired as a professor, this surprise is really not small.

Li Xiangyang walked over and said: “Professor Fang, come to the university to have classes for students.”

Top schools, coming here to teach these proud students, I feel pretty good, Fang Tian nodded.

Looking around, I don’t know where Gold Jade Ye went?

“Mr. Fang who are you looking for?” Li Xiangyang asked.

“Find auntie, cough cough, I can find it myself.” Fang Tian said, walking back to the auditorium.

I scanned her silhouette and didn’t see her silhouette. When I said yes, I went home together. Why didn’t I disappear without saying a word?

The short-haired girl came and pointed her finger outside: “She seems to have gone to the artificial lake.”

Fang Tian nodded, turn around and walk out quickly.

The short-haired girl grabbed him: “Don’t go.”

“Is it necessary to sign?”

“No, I want to ask if you have a girlfriend?”

Fang Tian was shocked: “I have.”

Short-haired girls are not disappointed: “It doesn’t matter if you do, I don’t mind being your spare tire!”

Fang Tian didn’t want to talk to her, she flicked her hand moved towards and walked outside.

Artificial lake.

Gold Jade Ye was holding a notebook in his hand and stood silently watching by the lake.

Fang Tian quickly walked over and took her hand: “Go home.”

Gold Jade Ye Yi turned around and shook his hand away, lifted the notebook moved towards him and smashed it over: “Fuck off! You liar! Pretend! I hate you, why are you King!”

Fang Tian retreats back and forth, what nerve?

“Don’t think you are Mr. K, I will agree that you are brother-in-law, no, will not always, get away!” Gold Jade Ye scolded and kept smashing the notebook over.

The screens are all burst! This sunless computer is estimated to be scrapped!

Unreasonable, Fang Tian is too lazy to take care of her, turn around and leave…

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