Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1562


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Watching Fang Tian’s back go away…

Watching his silhouette disappear…

Gold Jade stomped his feet straight: “You just left, no matter me, woo…”

She always speaks out, and she says to let people go, but when he left, she regrets it again.

She cried, and then used her notebook as a venting object, fiercely smashed it on the ground, and then two high heels slammed on it…


At 6:30 in the evening, Fang Tian returned to his home, and as soon as he walked into the living room, he saw at first glance that the beautiful woman was sitting on the sofa, holding a hair dryer in her hand and blowing her hair.

It is Jin Yuyan, and she is back from Europe.

Smelling the fragrance after bathing from her body, Fang Tian quickly walked over and sat beside her. “Big Beauty, when did you come back?”

“Just now.” Jin Yuyan said: “Listening to steward, are you going out with Yuye today?”

When it comes to this matter, Fang Tian really smiles bitterly. “Well, but I don’t know what nerves she has, so I won’t send her home.”

“She came back by taxi.”

“Oh, is it?”

Ten minutes later, the domestic servant prepared the meals and placed one on another on the table.

Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan walked over and sat down.

Gold Jade Ye came out of the bedroom without talking, her eyes were not as glorious as before, a little sad, she sat next to the elder sister and looked straight at Fang Tian.

Jin Yuyan felt strange and asked her, she didn’t say anything.

After 10 points, Gold Jade Ye ate something casually, and then got up and returned to the room.

“What happened?” Jin Yuyan always feels that today’s younger sister is a bit abnormal.

Fang Tian was eating spicy pork ribs and told her what happened today.

After listening, Jin Yuyan smiled: “Your identity has become too big, she can’t adapt to it.”

until now, the auntie thinks that elder sister’s husband is a scumbag, and has been involved in the soft eggs of Jin Family Eating Soft Rice, but as the contact time has grown, she gradually discovered Fang Tian’s powerful place.

To this day, she was deeply shocked, sweating all over with cold sweat!

She was ashamed and regretted what she had said before, and she didn’t face Fang Tian.

Jin Yuyan said: “She must have a process of adaptation, and her mood has calmed down, maybe she will also admit that you do brother-in-law.”

Fang Tian didn’t believe it, this girl was very savage.

After the meal, the maid came to collect the dishes and wash them in the kitchen.

Jin Yuyan sat on the sofa and used the Gold Jade office software to read the documents.

Now, all the computers she uses are in constant sun, the system is a dream system, and the office software uses Gold Jade office software, all of which are products of SoftCloud.

“Do you think this office software is easy to use?” Fang Tian asked, drinking Longjing tea.

Jin Yuyan slightly nodded: “It is easier to use than Microsoft Office.”

Not to mention, Microsoft’s office software does not yet have a cloud backup function. For office workers, cloud backup is too important.

looked towards her profile, Fang Tian leaned over and was about to come to her face.

Jin Yuyan pursed her lips and did not refuse.

It’s just 0.5cm away. At this moment, Gold Jade Ye came over. “Elder sister, I have something to tell you.”

Fang Tian is speechless. Did this little aunt come here to make trouble?

Jin Yuyan covered his mouth and chuckled: “Say.”

Gold Jade Ye said: “I’m leaving, I will go to New Zealand to visit my grandma tomorrow!”

Jin Yuyan knew that after her grandmother retired, she went to New Zealand to provide old-age care.

“When will you return?”

Gold Jade Ye thought for a while and said, “May be staying in New Zealand forever and not coming back.”

“Well, this is good, the house is much quieter.” Fang Tian said comfortably with tea.

Instead of usual, the younger sister will definitely scold, but today, she is a little abnormal and her face is unusually calm.

Jin Yuyan said, “Let brother-in-law take you to the airport tomorrow.”

“No, I will go by myself.” Gold Jade Ye finished, and turned back to the room.

Jin Yuyan looked at her back, why did she suddenly want to go to New Zealand?

Fang Tian said: “It should not want to see me.”

2nd day In the early morning, Gold Jade Ye washes a lot, then went to the living room for breakfast.

The servant came over with a plate and laid it on the table.

There is no one else, only Gold Jade Ye eats it alone. “Where did he go?”

Maid wonders: “Who are you asking?”

“When I didn’t ask.” Gold Jade was silently eating. This Young Lady was going away today, and she would have to give me a visit anyway.

Huh? How do you feel today’s breakfast is different?

Chocolate milk porridge, crystal cake, and golden cake are all her favorite foods.

“Who made this breakfast?” Gold Jade Ye asked.

The maid said with a smile: “It’s Mr. Fang, he knows you like to eat, and he cooks it himself.”

Gold Jade suddenly felt a touch of emotion in his heart. He even knew what he liked to eat, but what about himself? He never seemed to understand him.

It seems that he still has some conscience. Gold Jade leaves wrinkled Xiaoyao’s nose.

After breakfast, she got up and walked into the room, put on a purple suspender dress, and left her backpack.

You can turn your head to look at it, and there is a computer with the sun setting on the stage.

Did it break? Where did it come from? Gold Jade Ye thought about it, and it must have been put here by Fang Tian.

It’s really a profiteer, everyone has to go, and don’t forget to sell the product?

Gold Jade Ye Mai stepped out of the room and felt unwilling. She turned around and walked back to the room to pick up the sun setting computer and put it in her backpack.

Since she was going abroad, she did not plan to drive, so she walked outside and took a taxi.

Waiting for a taxi, she walked into a supermarket to buy some domestic snacks and put it in her backpack, then paid and walked out of the supermarket.

At this moment, two young men wearing black vests and skull tattoos on their arms appeared, blocking her.

“Hehe, where are the beautiful women going?”

Gold Jade Ye ignored it and went around.

The two rogue youths immediately moved their footsteps and stopped in front of her again. “Are you in a hurry to get reborn? How about accompanying us to play?”

“fuck off! “Gold Jade ye coldly said.

“Oh, it’s still a little pepper, hehe, I like it.” The tattooed man smiled eccentrically, reaching out moved towards her cheek.

“pa!” Gold Jade Ye slaps in the face.

The tattooed man suddenly felt hot and painful on his left face. “Chick, you’re done, today I will make you have money!”

As he said, the two men were so fierce and evil, so when they reached out they would grab Gold Jade.

At this moment, a white BMW rushed madly.

It’s super fast, moved towards two tattooed men colliding past.

50 meters…30 meters…20 meters…

The tattooed man’s face was shocked, and he quickly turned around and ran away.

“Ga…” white BMW braked in front of Gold Jade Ye.

The car door opened, and two burly man rushed out of the car, moved towards the tattooed male kicked.

Two tattooed men fell to the ground, punched and kicked by burly man howling wind and torrential rain…

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