Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1563


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Two hooligans were soon fixed.

Gold Jade Ye is still standing there dumbfounded.

Two robust men came to her and respectfully said: “Second Young Lady, are you okay?”

“It’s okay.” Gold Jade Ye Chang exhaled. She recognized that the two robust men were Jin Family’s bodyguards, but how could they appear here?

“How did you come here?” Gold Jade Ye wondered.

If it were not for the two to show up in time, what can be imagined now?

Gold Jade leaves all the bodyguards when he goes out, but today he goes to the airport not at all.

The moment the bodyguard appeared she was to be wild with joy.

robust man said: “It is Mr. Fang’s command, let us protect you in secret!”

He is again! Gold Jade leaves bit his lower lip: “Why is it secretly protected, can’t it appear earlier?”

robust man said: “Mr. Fang said, if you let you know, you will not accept it!”

Yes, if you know that Fang Tian sent someone to protect and send it to the airport, Gold Jade Ye will definitely refuse.

She froze for a long time.

“Second Young Lady, get in the car,” the bodyguard said.

Looking at the time, it is difficult to get a taxi now. If you don’t get in, you won’t have time to get on the plane.

Gold Jade Yela drove the door into the back of the treasure carriage and fastened her seat belt.

The bodyguard then started the car and moved towards the airport.

Gold Jade Ye took a notebook with no sun setting from his backpack, put it on his lap, opened the Internet and searched for Fang Tian’s information.

Reports about him online are full of achievements, he is so excellent!

For a long time abroad, I don’t know anything about the domestic Internet.

Do not understand SoftCloud at all.

I don’t know anything about Fang Tian.

It turns out that the big tech guy and the big bull have always been by their side.

Gold Jade Ye looked up towards the bodyguard driver who was driving: “Fang Tian how much wealth does he have?”

“He is your brother-in-law, don’t you know?” The bodyguard turned the steering wheel said with a smile.

Never admit that he is a brother-in-law, Gold Jade leaves wrinkled his nose and said: “Less nonsense, let you talk.”

The bodyguard said: “There are at least four 50 billion!”

Four 50 billion? Gold Jade Ye opened his eyes!

“His company is not listed yet. If it is listed, Mr. Fang’s wealth is comparable to the Galaxy!”

Gold Jade Ye’s eyes widened suddenly, his face full of shock.

No wonder he teaches to play the piano in class, and he charges millions if he does not move.

1,000,000 can please move him, it is already worth it.

At the airport, Gold Jade Ye got the ticket and was ready to go through security.

Her footsteps stopped suddenly, recalling the little things with Fang Tian these days.

The first time he met, he was locked in a small black room. This man was very bully.

Take him to the martial arts hall, he kicked the national free kick.

In the concert, he turned out to be a piano master, world level!

He lectured at the university and became a professor in his twenties.

Scene by scene, like playing a movie in my mind, Gold Jade Ye suddenly felt reluctant and turned to look.

“Young Lady, what else do you see, you can go through security.” the bodyguard reminded.

Gold Jade leaves slightly nodded. I want to take out my phone to take a few photos and then go, but I took out a small box from the bag. “What is this?”

Bodyguard said with a smile: “This is Mr. Fang’s command, he said your stomach is not very good, let the maid put the stomach medicine in your bag.”

Gold Jade leaves her heart warm and her nose sore, almost crying.

That morning breakfast, Fang Tian even knew what he liked to eat?

He knows the character of character radicals and will not accept his kindness, so he secretly sent someone to protect.

He even knew his stomach was not good.

He knows himself well, but he doesn’t know him at all!

“brother-in-law! I’m wrong!” Gold Jade Ye tears dimly and said to herself.

“Young Lady Young Lady, you can go through security,” the bodyguard reminded.

“Where is he now?”

“He came here just now and left after seeing you through security.”

Gold Jade Ye pushed the bodyguard away: tears kept falling: “brother-in-law I want to see you, I’m wrong!”

She went crazy, moved towards the airport and ran outside.

The people around were hiding away, I don’t know why this girl was crying at the airport, and she kept calling her brother-in-law?

Fang Tian should be gone, Gold Jade Ye feels so distressed and blames himself for being too capricious!

She kept running, and the direction of the airport exit was unclear. Suddenly she crashed into a man’s arms.

“Get out! I want to find my brother-in-law!”

“Who is your brother-in-law?” the man asked with a smile.

“Fang Tian, ​​Fang Tian is my brother-in-law!” Gold Jade Ye crying nose loudly said.

Huh? How do you feel the voice of the man in front of you is so familiar? Gold Jade Ye looked up, and the man in front of him was no one else, it was Fang Tian!

He is looking at him with a smile!

“Woo…” The little aunt threw herself into her arms again and cried loudly against her shoulder, crying like a child!

Fang Tian feels funny, is this girl really 23 years old? The size of one meter 68 is well-developed, and the high-heeled shoes have at least one meter 73. Such a big person is crying at the airport without covering up!

“Don’t you say you will never admit that I am a brother-in-law?”

“brother-in-law, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong, you forgive me!” Gold Jade’s tears continued to flow downward.

“What if you don’t forgive? Hurry up and go through the security check.”

“No, you don’t forgive me, I don’t get on the plane!”

Looking at her, she is very sincere.

Fang Tian nodded: “Well, I forgive you!”

Gold Jade Ye stopped crying, and his face changed from rainy to sunny.

Fang Tian said quickly: “Hurry up on the plane.”

Gold Jade Ye looked blankly: “I don’t want to go.”


“brother-in-law, I am reluctant to leave you!”

The people at the airport were dumbfounded. “Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law Airport is so affectionate!”

“The man is so powerful that even the auntie is done!”

“Yeah, I envy you! My sister-in-law is so sticky that she doesn’t want to get on the plane!”

“Did you mean to go to New Zealand to see grandma?”

Gold Jade Ye sipped his mouth: “Well, I will be back soon!”

Talking, she took out a stack of albums from the bag and stuffed them into Fang Tian’s hands. “This is my album, you have to remember me. Brother-in-law, I love you!”

Fang Tian’s eyes widened.

“Don’t get me wrong.” Gold Jade Ye slightly smiled, feeling he misunderstood: “Did you forget, it’s normal for me to grow up abroad and say I love you!”

Fang Tian thinks about it too. It’s common for foreigners to say I love you, not as restrained as Chinese.

Child often tells my parents that I love you, my parents will tell my children that I love you, and my big brother will tell my younger brother that I love you.

The girl grew up abroad, the expression of feelings is simple and direct, don’t think too much.

After that, she kissed Fang Tian quickly and then quickly passed the security check!

When I passed the security check, my sister-in-law cried again, and the crying rustling sound almost couldn’t get on the plane!

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