Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1564


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After leaving the airport, Fang Tian immediately drove towards Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center, there is a plot of land with an area of ​​1 million square meters, SoftCloud’s new Headquarters building will be built here, with a total investment of more than 10 billion!

The company building this building is the Qianjin Corporation under Jin Yuyan.

The construction ceremony will be held today.

Jin Yuyan is not just Fang Tian.

At the moment, Jin Yuyan wearing a professional suit is standing on the stage and giving a speech.

After that, Fang Tian walked up and shook hands with her: “Qianjin Corporation is an amazing company, working with you, I believe that two world-class buildings will rise here.”

The entire SoftCloud Headquarters is inspired by Tai Chi. The headquarters are divided into two areas. The black circle is the hardware Headquarters building, and the white circle is the Operating System Headquarters building.

Yin and Yang balance, soft and hard! You have me I have you!

Two buildings with a height of about 350 meters and a height of 100 floors!

This circular Headquarters area has artificial lakes, woods, massage parlours, and coffee shop et cetera.

All employees of SoftCloud can enjoy the facilities inside Headquarters for free!

After a simple start of the ceremony, Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan took photos on the stage to commemorate it, and it is still barren.

It won’t take long for Heaven and Earth turning upside down to change here, and two skyscrapers will rise up!

At noon, Fang Tian, ​​Jin Yuyan and Ye Qing came to the nearby restaurant for lunch.

Glory restaurant.

Finding a place near the window, the three of them sat down.

“Several, do you want to eat something?” The waiter came and asked.

Fang Tian took the menu, the queen likes to eat sweets, and ordered some sweet and sour pork ribs and the like.

“Okay, please wait.” The waiter turned and walked.

“Is Yuye on the plane?” Jin Yuyan took a sip of fragrant tea and looked over.

“Well, I almost couldn’t cry so I couldn’t get on the plane.” Fang Tian said with a laugh.

Jin Yuyan raised her eyebrows: “Why?”

Fang Tian thought about it and told her about it.

After listening, Jin Yuyan smiled: “Now she doesn’t hate you anymore, this is a good thing!”

From the hatred and disgust we met at the beginning, it is not easy to clean up my sister-in-law now!

A few people chatted for a while, and the waiter walked over with the plate and laid it on the table.

“Several people, please use it slowly.” The waiter finished and turned back.

The three picked up the chopsticks and ate it.

After dinner, Jin Yuyan said he wanted to visit SoftCloud House.

After 20 minutes, Fang Tian drove with her to Wangfujing Street in the capital.

The first SoftCloud home in the country and the largest store is here.

Fang Tian walked in with Jin Yuyan.

There are a lot of customers inside. Everyday, countless customers come to experience and purchase hardware products under SoftCloud.

Experience center.

Ye Qing is standing in front of a white Beautiful Home microwave oven. “Fang Tian, ​​are you a grocery store? How can you sell home appliances?”

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “Beautiful Home is a white appliance brand owned by SoftCloud. It is also a microwave oven. You can see that the microwave ovens we make are different from others. Not only are the prices lower, but the technology is more advanced.”

The price of microwave ovens is very high these years, and it will cost 2,000-3,000 a minute. The appearance of Beautiful Home has greatly reduced the price of microwave ovens and made it a truly popular product!

This large price cut has eliminated two types of companies.

First, small manufacturers with low-end quality and low prices.

The small manufacturers themselves have no technology, relying on low prices for survival, sloppy-work, and the quality of the products they make is very poor.

After SoftCloud launched the Beautiful Home brand, the price was as low as theirs, but the quality was much better than them.

Second, Beautiful Home eliminated foreign home appliance brands!

In this era of home appliances, the best and most profitable company is undoubtedly Japan. From rice cookers to microwave ovens to washing machines et cetera, Japanese appliances have a large market share.

Even if they sell more expensively, there are still a lot of people buying, more advanced and better quality!

The appearance of Beautiful Home has completely changed this pattern, with good quality and advanced technology, but the price is much cheaper than Japanese goods!

Now the Japanese home appliances are losing ground in the domestic market, I believe it will not take long for Japanese home appliances to decline!

Playing price wars, foreign home appliances will never play with domestic manufacturers. Even if it is not a beautiful home disruption, the decline of foreign home appliances is only a matter of time.

A middle-aged uncle came over and said with a smile: “Mr. Fang, the product you made is so easy to use. I wouldn’t need a microwave if you weren’t you.”

Fang Tian said with a smile: “As long as you are satisfied, it is my greatest motivation!”

Every time Fang Tian enters an industry, that industry will reshuffle and prices plunge.

Uncle Xiaohe asked, “Mr. Fang, when will you engage in real estate, people all over the country look forward to it!”

Fang Tian laughs!

Qianjin Corporation has a real estate company, Ranked 2nd nationwide. Of course, such a high house price has nothing to do with Jin Yuyan.

Even if she doesn’t do real estate, the price of real estate soars.

There is a wife who is engaged in real estate. There is an advantage. She does not need to buy a house when she gets married.

Fang Tian conceived whether to combine SoftCloud’s smart home with fiancee’s real estate, which might lower real estate prices.

Think about it. The house is no longer a commodity. You don’t need to rely on it to make money and use it as a platform.

Well, the more I think, the more I get involved!

At this moment, a man with thin hair in his thirties came over. He was Li Qiguang, General Manager of the SoftCloud hardware business department, and he was responsible for the sales of Sunburst and Beautiful Home.

Fang Tian asked with a smile: “Uncle Guang, you work overtime every night now, do you have any opinions on the tigress at home?”

“Every day is complaining.” Li Qiguang looked around and found that Miss Jin was also there. People are better than dead, Fang Tian’s wife is really beautiful!

He looked at his watch: “He will go back later, or he will sleep on the floor.”

Fang Tian laughed and cleared his throat: “How is the physical channel of SoftCloud House now?”

Li Qiguang put up the joke and said seriously: “It’s going well. Since the acquisition of Cao Jidan’s physical store, the layout of SoftCloud House’s physical store has been advancing rapidly. Now it has opened the 900th store in the country, and the rest 100 of them will be available soon!”

“How is the current sales situation?”

Li Qiguang said happily: “Very ideal, the sales of Beautiful Home appliances have increased by 80%! The sales of electronic products in the ever-increasing series have increased by 150%!”

As soon as the channel is opened, sales have skyrocketed and money is coming!

Now control the online E-Commerce platform, and offline physical store channels, can be said to fly together!

Fang Tian has a happy heart and will soon become the leader of the industry!

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