Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1565


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In the beginning, SoftCloud lacked physical channels, only online channels, as if there was one leg missing.

But now, the channel is completely established and becomes the real king of channels!

The competition with Wanjun Corporation occupies an advantage in terms of channels.

After thinking about it, Li Qiguang is not too optimistic. “Bai Wanjun’s side is starting to make a big move, and the computers under their group have started to cut prices significantly!”

Fang Tian laughed. The price of domestic computers fell to an ordinary person because of the constant disruption.

Li Qiguang said: “This wave of price reductions has greatly increased the sales of products. Do we want to reduce prices together?”

Fang Tian without the slightest hesitation: “Decrease, reduce the price by 10%!”

In other words, a 3999 yuan sun-deep computer will reduce the price by 399 yuan.

Ye Qing listened, and was surprised: “Fang Tian, ​​the profit of the computer is not high, the price is still low, you still cut the price, do you still have money to make?”

“I don’t care about profits, now, I am more concerned about market share!”

The Mengzhen system is installed in the sun, and for its promotion, it is worthwhile to pay a lot, not to mention the meager profits and losses.


Wanjun Corporation, Headquarters Building.

At the moment, Bai Wanjun, wearing a white suit, is sitting in the office, drinking coffee and chatting with the young secretary.

The office door of “dong dong!” was knocked.

“Come in.” Bai Wanjun shouted.

The door of the room was quickly pushed open, and Liu Chaodong walked in quickly. “Mr. Bai, there is another big move over the sun.”

Bai Wanjun eyebrow raised, now every time Fang Tian takes any action, he will cause vigilance. “What action?”

“The price of the computer that is not setting sun is reduced by 10%!” Liu Chaodong breathed quickly: “According to the current rhythm, Fang Tian is going to fight the price war with us!”

Bai Wanjun touch the chin think about it, this Fang Tian is crazy, can the computer cut the price to that extent, can you make money?

“Mr. Bai, do we want to cut prices together?” Liu Chaodong said trembling with fear asked.

Bai Wanjun shook his head: “It’s not necessary, we didn’t cut the price not long ago and see how the market reacted.”

While the Wanjun computer is more expensive than the non-sunset computer, the Wanjun computer is equipped with Microsoft Windows, the world’s first Operating System, and the so-called dream that is equipped with the sundown is really just a non-mainstream system.

Even if their prices are cheaper, consumers will still choose Wanjun computers more.


Regarding the price reduction of the computer that is not setting sun, the online discussion has exploded!

The mental illness of the landlord recurred: “If the garbage keeps falling, the computer will not use your product, even if the price is lower.”

The dream on the second floor came true: “You are the sailor of Wanjun, how much did Bai Wanjun give you?”

The third floor is happy every day: “If it weren’t for the sun to be born and you launched a price war, you would never be able to afford a computer.”

Small White Pig on the fourth floor: “How long will it be before the sun goes down, do you think its computer is easier to use than an old computer like Wanjun?”

The fifth floor is who I am: “Upstairs is Small White? Do you know that the fastest processor in the world today is Phoenix? Do you know that Mengzhen system is 80% faster than Microsoft system? These products are independently developed by SoftCloud. Yes, looking at Wanjun, it is the real cottage assembly product, from chip to system are all American goods!”

The true hero on the sixth floor: “Yeah, SoftCloud has a technology price close to the people, it is worthy of support. As for someone who sprays the dream system, there are no applications, and there are already many developers who are developing applications on it. The daily use is completely satisfactory. “


On-line hotspots, the battle between the rising sun and the Wanjun computer is also on Weibo!

Following this, the ever-increasing sales volume soared again!

Seeing that the price of the sun-setting products has been greatly reduced, many people are so excited that they immediately open the Qianjin Mall or the Sanctuary and place an order to buy it immediately.

In the physical store, SoftCloud House, countless consumers enter the store experience, and the computer is out of stock!

Yes, in short supply, the product is out of stock!

In addition to individual users, a large number of corporate orders have also been received, with purchases exceeding 1 million units!

The fastest computer in the world can increase productivity, and it has become the first choice for enterprises.

Sunrise will increase the production line over the factory and operate 24 hours a day.

This is an era when computers have just become popular, and the Chinese are as crazy as Apple launched the first generation of smartphones.

Everything I want to buy is almost a topic for everyone!

Looking at the skyrocketing sales, some people can’t sit still!

Wanjun Corporation, small conference hall.

Early in the morning, Bai Wanjun called the company’s top management to a meeting to discuss countermeasures!

Vice President Liu Chaodong looked at the report in his hand: “Since the price of the computer is not falling, the sales of Wanjun computers have plummeted by 30% and continue to fall!”

hearing this, every high-level face in this room is very dignified!

Bai Wanjun looked at the crowd and asked: “Any other good plan besides price reduction?”

If he can, he is really reluctant to fight the price war with Fang Tian. The profit of Wanjun computer has been repeatedly lowered. If this continues, the company will definitely lose money.

Chief technology officer Zhang Peisuo pushed his glasses and said: “It is okay not to fight the price war, unless our product technology can lead our competitors, then even if the price is much more expensive, we are still very competitive!”

Everyone understands the truth, but the problem is…

Bai Wanjun asked: “Can our computer have a technological breakthrough?”

Zhang Peisuo smiled bitterly, helplessly said: “Can’t say no, it’s hard!”

Being an Operating System, Bai Wanjun will never consider it. He still believes that the best pcOperating System today is Microsoft’s WINdows, and dreams will always become mainstream.

The only thing that makes him feel a huge threat is the Phoenix processor, the most powerful processor in the world today.

For so many years, Wanjun computers have purchased Intel processors, but Intel has said that if you want to achieve the performance of Phoenix, it will take at least 3 years!

If Wanjun Corporation develops it independently, Bai Wanjun thinks that he feels cold sweat in his back, which is simply impossible.

Intel spends more than 10 billion yuan on research and development every year, and has accumulated many years of technology to achieve this level. Wanjun will do it. How many years will it take to achieve its level?

Technology can’t break through. Compete with Fang Tian’s sunless computer. After thinking about it, the only thing you can do is to lower the price and fight the price war with him!

This is something that Wan Wanjun is reluctant to accept, but until now, there is no better way!

Wanjun’s sales of computers have fallen in a diving fashion. If this continues, the factory will cease production.

So far, it’s a fight!

Bai Wanjun clenched the teeth: “Reduce the price, fight the price war with Fang Tian!”

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