Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1566


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Bai Wanjun’s news soon reached Fang Tian’s side.

Global Building.

Chairman Fang sat in front of the computer, drinking green tea leisurely.

Li Qiguang stood aside and asked: “Bai Wanjun has ordered that their computers be reduced by 10% in total! Do we want to follow along?”

Fang Tian decisively said: “Follow me to the end! Fight with him to death!”

Wanjun computer is the largest computer brand in China today, equivalent to this World’s Lenovo. After this wave of price cuts, the ever-increasing computer has to surpass the past and grab the boss’s position!

Li Qiguang frowned: “With such a price reduction, every computer that loses the sun will have to lose 200!”

If you sell 10,000 units, you will lose 2 million, if you sell 100,000 units, you will lose 20 million, and if you sell 1,000,000 units, you will lose 200 million!

Fang Tian said firmly: “For the success of the domestic system, at any cost! I have prepared 10 billion of back funds to promote the Mengzhen system!”

In other words, if the loss of the computer does not fall, it will become marketing expenses.

Li Qiguang is surprised, Fang Tian is also a fierce person!

However, if you think about it, if the Mengzhen system succeeds, the money will be earned sooner or later.

Later, Li Qiguang began to notify SoftCloud House and online stores, as well as distributors, to offer comprehensive price reductions!


A vigorous price war to see who can stick to the end.

Wanjun Corporation.

President’s Office.

At the moment, Bai Wanjun sitting in front of the computer looked at the announcement issued by SoftCloud, his fingers twitched suddenly!

It’s obvious, it’s going to die!

“Are they afraid of death if they do this?”

Liu Chaodong said: “As far as I understand, they will lose 200 yuan for every computer they sell!”

“Crazy, really crazy!” Bai Wanjun was cursed coldly.

If you kill 1,000 people and damage 800, only Fang Tian can do it.

Liu Chaodong cautiously asked: “Shall we follow up?”

“peng!” Bai Wanjun patted the table heavily, and the lid of the cup fell off. “He is crazy, are you crazy with him?”

What is the point of doing business to make money, and to fight against the crazy price cuts of opponents?

What’s more terrifying is that if the Wanjun computer continues to cut prices, Fang Tian can cut prices again.

Bai Wanjun is unwilling to play with him like this crazy game.

Liu Chaodong helplessly said: “Now the sales of Wanjun computers keep falling, what can I do?”

Bai Wanjun takes a deep breath: “They can’t hold on for long, you can watch it.”

In the following days, Wanjun computers have not reduced their prices anymore. Not only have they not, but they have also increased their prices slightly.

In other words, they have given up the price war, they are afraid, they can’t play it!

Fang Tian won this war.


SoftCloud Headquarters, General Manager’s Office, Li Qiguang laughed.

Fang Tian faintly smiled, sitting serene and drinking tea.

“Can we adjust the price back?” Li Qiguang asked.

“This price can be maintained for a period of time.” Fang Tian’s tone is still so determined.

Because your opponent is afraid and retreats, you can give up the offense. With this wave of price cuts, you will become the industry leader with the sun set!

At noon, Tianle Restaurant.

Fang Tian accepted an exclusive interview with the 21st Century Fortune Newspaper here.

Across the table is a beautiful journalist named Zhao Liya wearing a white stand-up collar shirt.

“I am very happy to be able to interview you!” Zhao Liya looked over with a charming smile.

Fang Tian drinking tea looked towards her: “If you have anything, just ask.”

Lia Zhao smiled and asked: “First ask the first question. During this time, SoftCloud and Wanjun Corporation fought a price war. Many people questioned whether your computer is so low in price, can it still be profitable?”

Fang Tian said, drinking tea: “Each one is loss-making, but in the long run, the lost money will be earned. For SoftCloud, the value of software and cloud services is more important.”

Zhao Liya continued to ask: “The computer will be launched at sunset, and the ultra-cost-effective route will be taken. The same configuration, the Wanjun computer is priced at 6,999, and yours is only 2,999! Decided to win market share at the expense of profit?”

“No.” Fang Tian shook his head: “We have calculated that even if it is 2999, we still have money to make! And if Wanjun computer sells 2999, they will suffer huge losses!”

hearing this, reporter Zhao felt incredible: “Why? Why can you do it?”

Fang Tian thought about it and said, “There are three reasons for the simple summary.”

“hope to hear the details.”

“First, SoftCloud independently developed Phoenix processors, and the research and development costs are indeed very high, but as long as the sales volume exceeds 10,000,000, the average R&D cost per computer will become very low, which is cheaper than purchasing Intel processors. Many.”

Beauty reporters understand that processors are often the key factor affecting the price of computers.

“Second, we control the supplier system. The supplier conference is held every day, and the supplier has maintained a very good cooperative relationship. Moreover, SoftCloud has always helped partners to improve efficiency and reduce costs. , Therefore, the price of the parts that get in the sun is the lowest.”

“Third, SoftCloud is not a traditional hardware company, and the hardware business still accounts for a small amount in the SoftCloud Group. In other words, SoftCloud does not need to rely on hardware to make money at all. I can allow the hardware to lose money for a long time, but our software still has Cloud service will bring us continuously huge profits!”

Hearing here, Zhao Liya’s eyes brightened. “This is your advantage, an advantage that Wanjun Corporation does not have!”

Wanjun Corporation is a traditional hardware company that relies on the hardware business to eat. If the hardware business loses money, the company may die.

But SoftCloud doesn’t have to worry about this at all, it depends on Eating Soft Rice.

“Yes!” Fang Tian snapped his fingers and said with a smile: “So, Wanjun Corporation is fighting the price war with SoftCloud, and they will never be our opponents!”

“Great!” Zhao Liya sincerely praised!

Fang Tian said humorously: “SoftCloud takes a completely different business model, and tough guys also need Eating Soft Rice.”

A tough guy also needs Eating Soft Rice? Zhao Liya feels interesting: “Can you tell me what it means?”

Fang Tian said with a serious face: “Eating Soft Rice, eating software is a way to make money by software. Traditional hardware manufacturers, hardware is loss-making, but the software business can feed this company.”

“Interesting.” Zhao Liya hehe smiled: “Ask the last question, this price war, what impact do you think it will have on the domestic IT industry?”

Fang Tian said slowly: “Let the computer quickly popularize and truly enter the ordinary people’s home. For the Mengzhen system, this is an extremely rare opportunity! The domestic system is not far from success, really, no It’s far away!”

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