Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1567


The morning after three days, blue sky and white clouds, the sun is shining brightly.

Century Plaza.

More than 5,000 distributors from all over the country came here to attend the first distributor conference held by SoftCloud Group.

Fang Tian wearing a baseball cap appeared on time, stood on the stage, and gave a speech. “I’m very happy to hold the first ever-sunset distributor meeting. As everyone knows, China has now entered the golden age of rapid computer popularization, which is an extremely rare business opportunity for us…”

At the end of the speech, Fang Tian raised his voice and threw a heavy message: “For every computer sold, SoftCloud will reward 200!”

When the remark came out, the audience was amazed!

It’s really worthy of SoftCloud technology, rich and imposing.

In other words, in addition to making a profit for every computer sold, you can also get an additional 200 yuan reward!

The more you sell, the more rewards!

Representatives from dealers across the country applauded to express their support.

The stores of these dealers are located in the first-, second-, third-, and fourth-tier cities across the country, and there are probably 3Wan Family stores.

The channels of these dealers are opened, and the rising sales will usher in a wave of surge!

For dealers, they are also happy to sell computers that are on the rise, with powerful performance and affordable prices. Now there are rewards, they will be more actively promoted.

Two o’clock in the afternoon, every day Digital City.

Bai Wanjun and Vice President Liu Chaodong walked into the Digital City. They also wanted to see the sales of Wanjun computers today.

In addition to his own channels, he is more concerned about the sales of the dealers. After all, the dealers sell all products, and can really see who’s products are more popular.

“Welcome to visit.” Seeing customers come in, the male salesman greeted the past.

Bai Wanjun asked directly: “What is the most popular computer brand in your shop now?”

“It must be the sun never falls!” The male salesman does not have to think about responding to him: “The computer with the sun falling is stronger and the price is cheaper.”

Bai Wanjun took a deep breath: “How is the sales of Wanjun computers?”

“Ai, don’t mention it.” The male salesman shook his head helplessly: “I can’t sell two units in a day, and now I’m seriously under pressure. Boss wants to return Wanjun computers to the factory.”

didn’t expect Wanjun’s computer sales are sluggish to such an extent that Bai Wanjun was surprised. He stood there for a long time and was speechless.

Men’s sales put a non-sunset computer on the countertop: “This is the fastest in the world today, sir, if you buy it, I suggest you buy it.”

Bai Wanjun coughed dryly: “What I need is a Wanjun computer, not the sun goes down.”

To be honest, some salespeople are reluctant to sell Wanjun computers, the profit is too low, and Wanjun has no subsidies.

A computer can’t be sold for 100 yuan.

However, SoftCloud’s computer does not set its sun, although the profit is not high, but for each unit sold, SoftCloud will reward 200. In other words, one machine can earn more than two hundred.

What brand of computer to recommend, fools know how to do it.

The male salesman persuaded with a smile: “Sir, I suggest you buy a computer that does not set the sun, the price is cheaper, the Phoenix processor is faster, and the game is more enjoyable.”

Bai Wanjun is not happy, he coldly said: “Did you hear what I said? I want a Wanjun computer.”

The customer is God. Since he wants Wanjun computers, the salesperson is nodded: “Okay.”

He turned around and said something to the saleswoman around him.

The female salesman shook her head and said: “This store no longer has a Wanjun brand computer.”

Liu Zhaodong asked with a smile: “Is the sales too good, out of stock?”

“No.” The salesperson shook his head: “The sales volume is too poor, no one buys it, it is no longer in stock!”

Stunned! Bai Wanjun and Liu Chaodong glanced at each other, trying to scold others without being able to speak out, only to hold their anger on their chests.

Next, a girl came over and wanted to buy a computer. “Excuse me, is the sun setting and the Wanjun computer better?”

The male salesman didn’t want to think about it, and answered her: “It must be the computer without sun setting! The speed is fast and the price is cheap!”

“Isn’t the Wanjun computer a good one?”

“That was before, the current Wanjun computer is just rubbish, not to mention 6000 one, 2000 is not worth it…” Male sales highly recommend that the sun goes down, and it is black for Wanjun computers!

In the first place, it was really easy to use. Secondly, it earned more money, and the sales staff were more willing to recommend the sunless brand.

Bai Wanjun looks all black!


In the next month, Wanjun computer sales plummeted by 80%! Distributors across the country are under heavy pressure and are reluctant to purchase Wanjun brand products.

On the contrary, as the sun goes down, sales are booming and singing all the way!

From the first-tier cities, second-tier, third-tier, fourth-tier, and wireless cities, sales are unstoppable, and the country is rapidly hot!

The sales volume has surpassed that of rivals, becoming the nation’s largest computer brand!

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