Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1568


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Early in the morning, Fang Tian jumped off the bed with a carp.

Looking towards the window, a sun shone brightly morning, I’m in a good mood!

The notebook screen of the bedside table is still on, and Fang Tian walked over to check it.

With the news that the sales of computers are soaring, there have been news reports. With the big sales of computers, the market share of Mengzhen system is getting higher and higher!

The share of Mengzhen system now exceeds 41%, in other words, it is not far from the goal of 50%!

As long as the occupancy rate exceeds 50%, Fang Tian can announce the success of Mengzhen system loudly.

After a good mood, Fang Tian went into the kitchen after washing it up and prepared the breakfast for himself.

It didn’t take long for a delicious breakfast to be made, and Fang Tian came to the villa with a plate.

At the moment, Jin Yuyan is rolling in a private pool.

Fang Tian went to the sun umbrella by the pool and laid breakfast on the table.

Sit down immediately, holding a fork, eating cake and drinking milk tea.

While enjoying the food, look at the beauty rolling in the pool, this day is so relaxing!

Five minutes later, Jin Yuyan, wearing a water blue swimsuit, held the stainless steel handrail and walked up. Fang Tian immediately handed her the towel.

She took it in her hand, wiped off the drops of water on her body, and sat across.

“Looking at you, so happy, has you beaten Bai Wanjun?” Jin Yuyan looked over with a smile.

Fang Tian hehe smiled: “The specific data is yet to be announced.”

With a straw, Jin Yuyan took a sip of milk tea and suddenly thought of something: “Yes, today your Mother-in-law is coming to Beijing.”

Chen Shanmei is coming, Fang Tian is happy: “When will she arrive?”

Jin Yuyan said: “It’s about 5 pm.”

“OK, I’ll pick you up at the airport.”

After breakfast, Beauty Jin Yu put on a black professional suit and drove the Lamborghini back to the company.

While Fang Tian drove Bentley, moved towards Beijing International Exhibition Center.

Today, there is a very important exhibition here, the annual International Consumer Electronics Show.

Speaking of CES, many people know that it is the world’s most famous consumer electronics exhibition, which will be held in Las Vegas, USA every year.

The major technology companies from all over the world will release new products over there, attracting the attention of global electronics enthusiasts.

This international electronics exhibition held in Beijing is also an annual event. Famous manufacturers from all over the world will showcase the latest technology here.

As soon as Bentley stopped, a black Audi stopped nearby, the door opened, and Li Qiguang got off.

Fang Tian and he moved towards the exhibition hall. At this moment, a blue Ferrari came galloping across and passed in front of them.

The door opened and Bai Wanjun and Vice President Liu Chaodong got off the bus. His car almost hit someone without apologizing, and moved towards the pavilion expressionlessly.

International Exhibition Hall.

This is a place where big brothers gather. Today, big guys from global technology companies are coming.

In addition to SoftCloud and the rising sun, there are also telecommunications equipment manufacturers, Huawei, Ericsson, mobile phone brands Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, and famous software giants, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle…

Each and everyone came on stage and attracted the reporter to crack the shutter.

Among the many gangsters, Fang Tian is the most noticed, and his position in the domestic scientific and technological circles is aloof!

In the international science and technology world, he is the fastest-growing technology leader.

His appearance attracted domestic and foreign media to come to interview.

Fang Tian was just laughed, responded simply, and moved towards his booth.

Three products under the sun will be exhibited, one is a computer, the other is the latest MP3Streamer, and the other is a touch screen mobile phone.

Displayed on the stage, it is currently just a concept machine.

The news that SoftCloud is about to make a mobile phone, not at all, has attracted much attention, neither the media present, nor the president of the technology company is optimistic.

Motorola, a touch-screen phone, did it in 2000, but failed.

Only Fang Tian knows best that the touch screen mobile phone that SoftCloud will launch is a brand new screen, capacitive screen!

By chance, he met a big man, Microsoft President Ballmer, who walked to his side with a smile.

This big brother, Fang Tian is very impressed. He has met him many times in his last life. This is the first time in his life.

Now he is vice president at Microsoft. After Bill Gates retired in 2008, he succeeded Gates as CEO of Microsoft.

Balmer said with a smile: “I heard that SoftCloud is China’s most promising technology company, which makes Microsoft interested.”

Selling interest?

Fang Tian heard what he said; “Do you mean you want to acquire SoftCloud?”

Balmer is very straightforward: “Yes, Microsoft has always had a global layout, and SoftCloud is a company we value very much.”

Even the processor and Operating System have been made, which has aroused the vigilance of Microsoft. If it can be acquired, there can be one less threat.

Although SoftCloud has a large volume, with Microsoft’s sufficient cash flow, the acquisition is not a problem.

Fang Tian shook his head: “Sorry, SoftCloud will not sell.”

“Microsoft can offer a price you can’t refuse.” Baoermo said with a smile.

“No amount of money can attract me.” Fang Tian serene responded: “If you don’t believe it, SoftCloud will surpass Microsoft one day.”

Balmer froze for a moment, and felt that he was ridiculous. He would not think that a technology company from Huaxia would pose any threat to Microsoft?

Fang Tian suddenly said something that made him feel unfathomable mystery: “Even if SoftCloud is to be acquired, it will not be Microsoft, I will give priority to Google.”

Balmer feels weird. Today’s Google does develop rapidly in the United States, but compared to Microsoft, it’s too far apart, and it’s not a level of things at all.

“Why?” he asked with interest.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Because Microsoft is old. Slow action!”

In the PC era, Microsoft is indeed the overlord. With the world’s most popular Operating System, it has become the world’s first, but it missed the search and emerged from Google.

In terms of social, it has the most MSN users in the world, and as a result, it was defeated by Facebook.

When it comes to mobile internet, Apple’s iOssystem and Google’s Android are all the rage, and Microsoft is still the old functional machine system.

Balmer also made a wrong decision, wasting money to acquire the declining Nokia mobile phone business, causing the company to suffer a major loss.

Windows8system is difficult to use and is inconvenient for users all over the world.

Bolmer finally retired, Mandela came to power, and Microsoft revived with the help of cloud services.

Microsoft has missed time and time again for more than 20 years. Of course, this is a great thing for SoftCloud.

It has been missed again and again, and it is SoftCloud leading the times again and again!

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