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On the other side of the pavilion, the two bigwigs also discussed the acquisition.

Bai Wanjun and Mr. Louis of IBM Corporation stood together and chatted with ease.

"Last time we met, I bought IBM computers at a price of 1.5 billion. How are you thinking about it?" Bai Wanjun looked towards Louis with a smile.

Louis said: "This price is very attractive to me, but there is another company in China contacting IBM."

Bai Wanjun knows that it must be Fang Tian's company. Why is he also eyeing IBM?

"It can't be sold to him in any way. Wanjun Corporation is the best choice." Bai Wanjun wants to buy IBM to expand its global business and make up for losses in the domestic market.

Louis slightly smiled: "If there is no accident, the IBM computer will definitely be sold to you."


On the other side of the pavilion, Fang Tian and the vice president of Microsoft are still negotiating.

But from their expressions, the two of them were not happy in their negotiations.

Balmer felt he was too delusional and turned away.

The ever-rising booth is the most popular among consumers. A large number of electronic product enthusiasts experience the latest products launched by the ever-rising day.

Fang Tian is very peaceful, chatting with consumers about some aspects of user experience.

"Sunrise is the pride of domestic production, we will always support!"

"Yeah, if only one day, SoftCloud could beat US technology companies."

"If there is a way out for the Operating System, it depends on SoftCloud, support is supported!"

The fans are in high spirits, shouting support!

After ten minutes of chatting with them, Fang Tian was about to move towards other booths. At this moment, IBM’s President Louis came over.

I just wanted to find him.

"Mr. Louis, we have met!" Fang Tian slightly smiled shook hands with him.

Louis shoved his glasses and reached out enthusiastically. "A few days ago, I received a call from the vice president of your company, saying that Mr. K you have important things to talk to me, I do not know what is the matter?"

Fang Tian looked around: "Find a place to sit down and talk."

Louis nodded, and immediately the two moved towards the exhibition hall.

Triumph coffee shop.

Close to the window, you can see the large exhibition hall outside. The two sat opposite each other and ordered a cup of coffee.

Fang Tian spoke directly, looking at Louis opposite: "I heard that IBM is planning to sell the computer business, and SoftCloud intends to acquire it!"

Now that computers have entered the era of price wars, IBM’s computer business has fallen into a major loss. They plan to abandon the hardware business and focus on the software business.

In other words, the tough guy who has lived for a hundred years started to transform Eating Soft Rice.

Now IBM, not to mention in China, even in the United States, sales are declining, and the competition with HP is losing ground.

Louis had long wanted to sell the computer business.

The waiter came over and placed two cups of coffee in front of them.

Louis took Blue Mountain Coffee and took a sip: "If you can afford the price, IBM can sell it to you. Oh, just the computer business."

In 2005, IBM’s computer business was acquired by Lenovo at a price of US$1.75 billion. The exchange rate between US dollars and RMB was 1 to 8.

In other words, Lenovo spent more than 10 billion yuan to acquire IBM. This price is really not small. It is because of this acquisition that Lenovo has become the world's number one computer brand in sales.

Fang Tian is in this World, the time is 02 years, in other words, it is a few years earlier than Lenovo, and the purchase price can be lowered.

Fang Tian took a sip of coffee said with a smile: "$900 million, I am willing to spend $900 million to acquire IBM's computer business."

Louis was surprised by this price: "No, the price is too low, IBM cannot accept such a price."

Although the IBM computer has fallen, it is not so low.

Next, Fang Tian spent a long time negotiating the purchase price.

In the end, Louis promised that he could sell IBM to SoftCloud for 1.2 billion!

Fang Tian's heart is happy, this price is much lower than Lenovo's purchase price!

I’m quite satisfied with the price, but Fang Tian’s face is not very excited, and he looks helpless: "Ai, this price is still too high, it is difficult for SoftCloud to buy so much money."

Louis said with a smile: "You can transfer 10% of the shares of SoftCloud to us, which can offset 80% of the funds."

At the beginning, Lenovo did not have enough money to buy IBM computers. In addition to $650 million in cash, it also transferred 25% of its equity to IBM before completing the acquisition.

Now, Louis is the same trick, he hopes that SoftCloud can transfer part of the equity to them.

Fang Tian smiled, you really wishful thinking, do you know how much SoftCloud's valuation is? In the future, 10% of SoftCloud's stock price may be worth hundreds of billions, and it will be in US dollars.

If you transfer the stock to you for acquisition, you will regret it later, and it will definitely become a joke in the global industry.

Fang Tian shrugged: "I will never transfer SoftCloud's stock to you, $1.2 billion. Although it is bigger, I can afford it."

Louis said with a smile: "If you are unwilling to transfer stocks, the purchase price will be $1.7 billion!"

SoftCloud technology is the fastest growing technology company in the world today. IBM is very optimistic about the growth of SoftCloud and wants to take part of its equity.

"Impossible, 1% will not work." Fang Tian refused decisively.

Louis said: "Actually, in addition to you, another Chinese company contacted me and bought IBM for 1.5 billion. Hehe, the price they offered attracted me more than yours."

No need to ask, it must be Bai Wanjun.

If Fang Tian was not born, Wanjun Computer is the Lenovo of this World. The leader of the computer industry, if it wants to expand its international business, it will definitely acquire foreign computer manufacturers.

While IBM is losing money, Wanjun will definitely acquire it if it wants to transfer.

Fang Tian thought about it and asked, "Wanjun Corporation can take out so much cash for acquisition?"

Louis said with a smile: "500 million US dollars in cash, then add 20% equity of Wanjun Corporation!"

The Wanjun computer is almost like Lenovo.

Louis put down the coffee cup and stood up: "The price of 1.2 billion is too low, I would rather sell it to Wanjun Corporation."

Fang Tian gently shakes the coffee cup: "Bai Wanjun’s 1.5 billion price seems attractive, but you must know that Wanjun Corporation has gone into decline, and their stocks are worthless!"

Louis froze and stopped.

He turned his head and looked at it: "How is it possible that Wanjun Corporation is China's largest computer company, with annual growth of more than 50%!"

"That was before." Fang Tian stood up: "You still have to evaluate the value of Wanjun Corporation's stock right now. You get 20% of their equity, and eventually there is no value for chicken feathers."

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