Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1570


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Dark night, Triumph Restaurant.

Fang Tian set up a dinner here to entertain IBM President Louis.

At the door of the restaurant, a red Mercedes stopped slowly. Mr. Louis pushed the door and got out of the car. He came over with a smile and shook hands with Fang Tian.

“You are still here.” Fang Tian is happy to say with a smile.

Let Li Qiguang call him in the past, and he didn’t promise to come or not, but eventually he came.

Louis said with a smile: “Throughout the world, with this strength, there is also a need to allow IBM computers to be entrusted to life. In addition to SoftCloud, I don’t see a better choice!”

Fang Tian laughed: “Please come in!”

Then, the two moved towards the restaurant.

In today’s China, we have this strength and need in this regard. There are only two companies, one is SoftCloud and the other is Wanjun Corporation.

At first, Louis planned to sell IBM computers to Bai Wanjun. After all, he offered more attractive conditions, $1.5 billion, while SoftCloud only had $1.2 billion.

But eventually, Louis changed his mind and planned to sell it to SoftCloud.

The reason is that Wanjun Corporation’s cash payment for the acquisition was only US$500 million, and the remaining US$1 billion transferred 20% of the group’s equity to IBM.

But now, Wanjun Corporation’s computer sales have plummeted.

Stock price, Louise just looked at Wanjun Corporation’s stock price and plunged 21% today!

And depending on the situation, it will continue to fall.

Too terrifying, their stock is worthless.

There is another more important reason. Louis hopes that IBM Computer can find a good home, find a more powerful company, and let it continue to develop.

HP has this strength, but they have always had a competitive relationship with IBM and have little interest in acquiring IBM.

Microsoft rich and imposing, but they have been focusing on Operating System and gaming office applications, and have little interest in hardware.

As for Toshiba and Sony in Japan, their computer operations have also encountered great difficulties. It is estimated that their computers will be finished within a few years, powerless to defend himself, let alone acquired.

And SoftCloud is booming, the computer business has grown explosively and has become China’s largest computer brand!

SoftCloud Group has a strong desire for global layout.

Louis can’t find a company more suitable than SoftCloud, except for it there is no other choice!

Private room.

Fang Tian sat down with him and talked about some details of the contract for a long time.

This time it went smoothly, without too many twists and turns, the purchase price of 12 dollars, Louis can accept.

Although it feels that the price is a little loss, but now, in addition to SoftCloud, who can be sold to?

Retaining the computer business has brought huge losses to IBM every quarter, which has been unable to recover.

The acquisition of SoftCloud, a powerful company, is the perfect result.

It took about an hour, all the issues were discussed, and the contract was settled. Immediately, Fang Tian and Louis signed the purchase contract.

There were a lot of contract documents in front of me, and it took 30 minutes just to sign.

That’s it, SoftCloud successfully acquired IBM’s global computer business for $1.2 billion! ! !

In addition to its brand, there are also its factories, and some patented technologies.

IBM has a large number of advanced technologies and has formulated industry standards for the computer industry, which has greatly promoted the world’s computer industry.

IBM’s patents are very valuable.

apart from this, also includes IBM’s sales channels in North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

This is what Fang Tian cares about most. You can use its channels to expand your products to the whole world.

The 1.2 billion will be paid in cash, instead of transferring equity, 1% cannot be transferred, which is the bottom line of Fang Tian.

The signing is complete, Fang Tian and Louis shake hands.

“crack crack!” The flash of the cameras around you kept flashing, recording this important historical moment!

Later, Louis and his team walked out of the Triumph Restaurant.

Fang Tian sent him off.

At the door of the restaurant, it was learned that SoftCloud Group had acquired IBM’s computer business, and a large number of reporters came over.

A female reporter in a red jacket asked: “Mr. Louise, why did you want to sell the computer business to SoftCloud? Is the 1.2 billion acquisition price a little low?”

Louis responded with a smile: “SoftCloud is a great company, and selling the computer business to it is the best choice. The price of 1.2 billion US dollars is a result acceptable to both parties. IBM is already in transition and will Focus on the software business, not just the computer, maybe even the server business will be sold.”

red clothed woman reporter looked towards Fang Tian: “Why does SoftCloud want to buy IBM? What is the point?”

Fang Tian responded with a smile: “As everyone knows, now the sun has become the largest computer brand in China! Next, our goal is to lay out the world and acquire IBM computers, which can expand our business to a full range. world!”

The IBM brand will be kept for a period of time. When the time is ripe, it will erase the letters and let the sun replace completely!

By that day, the brands that will never fall will be heard all over the world.

Although the computer will be surpassed by mobile phones one day, as a productivity tool, its experience in the office field still cannot be replaced.

Even if the computer is finished one day, Fang Tian is not about making money on the computer. The meager profit of the computer is destined, and it is already very good to lose money, so I never wanted to make money on it.

The real purpose is for Phoenix chips and Mengzhen system to occupy the world! ! !

Throughout the ages, unify the world! ! !

On the Internet, countless netizens are discussing this matter.

The landlord is incomparable: “Great, my SoftCloud! Even IBM has swallowed it. Although it is only a computer business, it is also a historical event!”

The second-floor dream came true: “Everyone finally knows why the SoftCloud system is called a dream. The dream is getting closer to reality. This step is obviously Fang Tian paving the way for the domestic system to be pushed to the world.”

The third floor burst into shock: “Fang Tian is really ambitious and talented, and it has become the largest brand in China. Now it has set its sights on the whole world and aims at ten thousand li!”

Social forums, major chat groups, and various news comment areas are all talking about this!

The acquisition made a sensation across the country!

2nd day, the living room at home, soft sunlight shines through the window.

Fang Tian sat leisurely on the sofa, drinking fragrant tea, looking at today’s newspaper.

The acquisition of IBM computers by SoftCloud has caused a stir in the industry!

The major media are reporting.

An epoch-making event, SoftCloud Group swallows the computer business of an international business giant! …Hua Xia Economic News.

Global layout, domestic system dreams are getting closer to reality-21st Century Financial Report.

Acquisition of IBM computers, SoftCloud has entered the door to the whole world-daily economic news.

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