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Suddenly, the phone’s text message prompt sounds.

Fang Tian took out his phone and looked at it, which was sent by Jin Yuyan.

Mother-in-law arrived at the capital at 10 this morning and passed the airport to pick up.

Originally, she should have arrived in Beijing yesterday, but stayed in Binhai for one night because of air traffic control.

It’s fine. I signed a contract with IBM last night, and I really don’t have time to pick up.

Looking at her watch, her plane is almost here.

Fang Tian then got up and put on a casual suit, then drove towards the Capital Airport.

Capital International Airport.

The plane took off and landed, and Fang Tian walked into the airport lobby.

Look at the watch. The flight to Binhai Flying Capital should have arrived.

I was about to take out my mobile phone to make a phone call. At this moment, a woman came out of the airport passageway. Her skin was fair, flamboyant, and noble, she was no one else, it was Mother-in-law Chen Shanmei .

This Mother-in-law is really a little too young, saying that she is believed at the age of 28.

Look, the backpacking youth who walked by has taken the initiative to talk to her, asking for contact information.

Chen Shanmei is just faintly smiled, there is no response.

When she saw the appearance of son-in-law, her face was filled with joy!

"Mother-in-law, I miss you so much!" Fang Tian quickly walked over and hugged her directly.

"Hehe, I am also very happy." Chen Shanmei smiled happily, and there was a shallow dimple in the corner of his mouth.

"cough cough ......cough cough ......" There is a woman beside Chen Shanmei, a woman with white temperament and white skin who wears a white dress.

Fang Tian looked sideways, a little surprised, she is Wang Xiaoxue!

"Some people, really heartless, regard me as transparent." Wang Xiaoxue wrinkled his nose and was very dissatisfied.

Fang Tian let go of Chen Shanmei and smiled a little embarrassedly: "Aunt Xuexue is you, I also didn't expect you to come?"

Wang Xiaoxue is very unhappy: "What Aunt Xuexue, Chen Shanmei is your Mother-in-law, am I not your Mother-in-law?"

Fang Tian’s temples are aching, and his forehead is cold!

"I entrust the daughter to you, you're fine, now you don't even know Mother-in-law?" Wang Xiaoxue said coldly.

Forgotten for a while, Wang Xiaoxue is the mother of superstar Shen Yanyi.

It seems that she will change her tongue, otherwise she will not pass her level.

Fang Tian said with a smile: "Mother-in-law long time no see!"

"Who is your Mother-in-law, Fang Tian, ​​you are done, I will not let the daughter be with you." Wang Xiaoxue said, quickly moved towards the airport and walked outside.

No, really angry!

Chen Shanmei whispered: "Wang Xiaoxue is more emotional, and today you have a good performance."

Fang Tian nodded, give Chen Shanmei a suitcase, so as not to make Wang Xiaoxue unbalanced, and help her with the suitcase.

Then, I took two famous ladies moved towards the restaurant outside.

Two women and one husband is not an easy task, not only to get one Mother-in-law, but also two Mother-in-law.

Do you have to give two copies for the gift?

However, this problem does not exist in Fang Tian. The two Mother-in-laws are rich and wealthy, and they don’t care about the gifts at all.

Cloud restaurant.

The three of them walked in, and found a seat near the window where they could see the ups and downs of the airport plane.

The waiter came over and asked a few people what to eat?

Mother-in-law is Lafayette, Fang Tian asked the two for their opinions, and then ordered some vegetarian-based food.

"Okay, please wait." The waiter turned and walked.

Fang Tian stood up and poured tea for the two: "Lafayette, drink tea!"

Listening to this title, Chen Shanmei chuckled.

Wang Xiaoxue is so angry and funny: "Fang Tian, ​​you are quite easy, you have got the Baobei money of the two giants."

Fang Tian sat down and took a sip of tea: "No, I don’t know each other for the time being. Sooner or later, I will tell them how the result will only be known to Heaven."

The relationship between men and women is very complicated. There are not many women in the world who can accept their own men. There are other women, especially Jin Yuyan. She is a queen and is more powerful and less willing to share with others.

But regardless of the result, sooner or later they will confess to them, maybe they will choose one out of two.

Wang Xiaoxue took a sip of green tea and looked towards Chen Shanmei: "If Fang Tian married my daughter together, do you have any opinions?"

Chen Shanmei faintly smiled: "No. Yanyi is a very good girl. I grew up watching her grow up, and Fang Tian is more like my half son. If I marry one more, I will be half more. daughter ."

She asked Wang Xiaoxue: "If Fang Tian married my daughter with your daughter, do you have any opinion?"

Wang Xiaoxue without the slightest hesitation: "Neither will I. Jin Yuyan is very good. I grew up watching her grow up. If Fang Tian can handle it together, I will be a pro-plus and a prosperity."

In other words, the two ladies didn’t mind, not only did they not object, but also had some support.

It’s just that they can accept it, and it doesn’t mean their daughter can accept it.

For example, ask Wang Xiaoxue, your husband has a woman outside, can you accept it?

It is estimated that she did not say anything, picked up a kitchen knife and cut people!

In the emotional relationship between men and women, they can’t help Fang Tian, ​​and they also worry that if they tell the daughter, things will be messed up.

After speaking for a while, the waiter walked over with the tray and placed the food on the table.

Then the three picked up the chopsticks and ate.

Chen Shanmei and Wang Xiaoxue are the noble ladies of the wealthy family, they eat slowly and eat slowly, and their movements are elegant, but Fang Tian is different, swallowing.

At lunch time, the TV on the restaurant is broadcasting the midday news.

The TV shows that Fang Tian and a foreign man signed a handshake.

Wang Xiaoxue was excited to see the news report!

She is not the kind of woman who plays mahjong and gossip all day. Wang Xiaoxue is also a business woman. Her company runs a car shop and a jewelry store et cetera.

She is also aware of IBM, an international technology giant.

"Great! Even IBM computers have been acquired!" Wang Xiaoxue looked over, and his eyes were full of appreciation.

It is said that Mother-in-law looks at son-in-law, and the more I look at it, the more I like it. Now Wang Xiaoxue is like this. I like Fang Tian like it!

She looked seriously: "It doesn't hurt you to marry the daughter at all. If I have two daughters, you are willing to marry you together!"

As long as you have money and strength, it’s not difficult to get Mother-in-law. Don't let her marry the daughter to you, sister flowers together!

After lunch, Fang Tian drove Wang Xiaoxue to her villa. She had a villa in Beijing.

After that, Chen Shanmei was sent to the Mid-level Villa.

Come to Beijing, she will live here for a while, and there will be an old master's birthday feast less than a month later, after the birthday feast is the family estate distribution.

As the noble Madam Jin of Jin Family, she must come to speak for this family and win more family property.

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