Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1572


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“Third Madam Jin, you are here!” Butler Liu saw Chen Shanmei walking into the hall, and he walked over with full of smiles and moved her upstairs.

Chen Shanmei smiled and asked, “What about Old Master?”

Butler Liu said: “He went to Suhang to play, but he will be back soon.”

Move things upstairs, Chen Shanmei’s room is located on the south side of the second floor of the villa, open the door, Butler Liu put the luggage down.

The room is antique, with landscape paintings hanging on the walls. It is a layout Chen Chenmei likes very much. When she came over, the servants in the house had already cleaned up in advance.

She will live in Beijing for a period of time. In the next few months, many major events will happen, and maybe the entire Jin Family will change dramatically.

Come to live in Beijing, Chen Shanmei did not bring anything, she scanned all around and looked towards Fang Tian: “son-in-law, accompany me to go shopping and buy something.”

Mother-in-law demanded that Fang Tian had no reason to refuse, and immediately walked out of the villa with her to the commercial street outside.

Qianjin Mall, which is an industry owned by Jin Yuyan.

The two walked in and bought a lot of things, which are the daily necessities and clothes, shoes and socks Chen Shanmei likes to use…

When people come to the mall to buy things, it costs money, and Fang Tian comes to buy things to contribute revenue to the company. Qianjin Corporation also has a small share of his equity.

Big revenue means that the company’s stock price will rise in the capital market, and every quarter a performance report will be issued, and personal wealth will surge with the stock price.

Go to the mall to shop, and you will earn more if you spend more money.

So I never look at the price when I buy something, I buy it if I like it, and the happiness of the rich is such act wilfully.

“son-in-law, you have worked hard!” Chen Shanmei looked at the big bag of each and everyone in his hand.

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “If you have time today, please accompany you more.”

Chen Shanmei was moved: “The only one who can stay with me is you.”

The daughter is usually busy with work and has little time to accompany her. Fang Tian is also busy during this time, but he is not a workaholic and will spend more time with his family.

In Chen Shanmei’s heart, she loves son-in-law more, son-in-law is more like a son, and daughter is more like a wife.

Unsatisfied with the daughter, Chen Shanmei can criticize it with impunity, but for son-in-law, don’t say scold him, even if he makes a mistake, she will be fully tolerant!

Fang Tian can feel that this Mother-in-law treats herself better than her mother.

Put a lot of daily necessities, clothes and footwear into the car, and then Fang Tian took her moved towards the computer sales store.

Before, Chen Shanmei didn’t use a computer very much. However, son-in-law is the founder of the largest Internet giant today. Under his influence, she also gradually likes to use the application of SoftCloud under the Internet.

This computer sales store is an agent for computer brands of major domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Fang Tian chatted with Boss here for a while, the most popular thing about the store is that the sun never sets.

With the rising sun becoming the number one, sales subsidies have been reduced, but Boss is still very happy to sell the rising sun.

Fang Tian didn’t think much. He directly chose a non-sunset computer equipped with a Phoenix 510 dual-core processor and was about to pay.

At this moment, a young man in a black suit came over. “Hi, beauty, are you also an IT product lover?”

He speaks, facing Chen Shanmei.

Chen Shanmei froze for a moment, smiled, and did not respond to him.

“Pretty little elder sister, it’s also fate to meet. Which one I value is important, I will pay you.” The young man said boldly.

Look at his clothes and listen to his tone, it should be a rich second generation.

Indeed, he is the Boss son of a raw material company named Ma Yongchong, a rich second generation known to everyone in this generation.

Fang Tian waved his hand: “Sir, please let me go, don’t hinder our shopping.”

Ma Yong is not happy anymore: “I talk to little elder sister, what does it have to do with you?”

My own Mother-in-law is really too young, not only noble but also full of mature charm, it can attract some young lovers.

Fang Tian took a sip of coke: “I will choose a computer for her.”

Ma Yongchong looked at the two people from left to right, the relationship is very close, is it…

He pointed his finger at Chen Shanmei: “Is she your girlfriend?”

Fang Tian almost spewed out a coke.

Chen Shanmei covered his mouth and chuckled, laughing happily.

Ma Yongchong took a look at Fang Tian’s computer before sunset: “Why buy such a cheap computer? If you want to buy it, buy it expensive.”

Is the expensive one the best? This is obviously that many people are stupid!

Ma Yongchong moved towards the shop boss: “How much do you guys have the most expensive computer?”

The Boss of the store pointed at the other side of the glass counter, and inside it was a host: “This is an imported IBM 8700, which is super high-priced and costs 120,000!”

120,000 for a computer? Consumers in the store were surprised.

Ma Yongchong said: “Isn’t it just 120,000? Does this money count as gross?”

He turned his head towards Chen Shanmei: “Little elder sister, this computer, I will give it to you!”

Chen Shanmei did not respond, and Fang Tian answered for her: “No need.”

Ma Yongchong looked down with cold eyes: “Can you represent her? If you can’t afford it, you can say people don’t need it.”

Fang Tian said: “If she wants, I can buy it for her, but she really can’t use it.”

The configuration of this IBM computer is really high, and it can be used as a small server, which is not used by most people.

“Then you buy it, you can buy it for me to see.” Ma Yong judged that he had no money: “I think you are a cock, you can never afford such high-end goods.”

Fang Tian disinclined to pay attention to him, paying, holding the computer without leaving the sun leaving.

Ma Yong looked at his back and whispered: “Poor ghost, can’t afford to pick bargains.”

At this moment, the TV in the store is broadcasting news alerts.

Magnetic voice report from the male anchor of the TV station: “Mr. Fang Tian, ​​founder of SoftCloud Group, bought 100% of the shares of IBM Computer at a price of 1.2 billion US dollars. This acquisition shocked the global industry!”

Ma Yongchong is puzzled. Why is Fang Tian on TV so similar to him?

The shop Boss hehe laughed: “He is Chairman Fang, he even bought it from IBM, he will not be able to afford an IBM computer!”

I depend, Ma Yong shocked the body suddenly!

Come outside, put the computer in the trunk, and pull the door to let Chen Shanmei sit in.

Ma Yongchong ran out of the store and stood in front of her: “Beauty, have time to have a meal, leave a contact!”

Fang Tian looked at Chen Shanmei: “Mother-in-law gets in the car!”

Ma Yong is spinning around, is she his Mother-in-law?

“son-in-law, to accompany me to the supermarket to buy something later.” Chen Shanmei ignored Ma Yongchong sitting in the car and wearing a seat belt.

Fang Tian sat in the convertible Bentley and started to leave quickly.

son-in-law achievement out of the ordinary, Mother-in-law is young and beautiful, this combination is really enviable!

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