Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1573


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Tiantian supermarket.

Fang Tian and Chen Shanmei walked in, and happened to meet Wang Xiaoxue in front of the supermarket.

Wang Xiaoxue smiled and said, “son-in-law, come and visit the supermarket with Mother-in-law?”

This woman, afraid that people don’t know, Fang Tian coughed: “Well, come and accompany you to visit the supermarket.”

Then three people walked in, and the two super rich women turned around in the supermarket, and finally bought a lot of seafood and organic vegetables.

Aunts living in this area met Chen Shanmei and came over to say hello to her.

Chen Shanmei hasn’t been to Beijing for a long time. I was very happy to see them and chatted with them.

Talking and chatting, the topic was on Fang Tian. Zhang Aunt asked with a smile: “This is your son-in-law?”

Chen Shanmei nodded with a smile: “Yes, called Fang Tian.”

“majestic appearance, a list of talents.” Zhang Aunt hehe praised: “Which line does he do?”

Friends long time no see, always ask the other party when they meet and so on?

Chen Shanmei said quite frankly: “I started an Internet company!”

“Wow, you are so powerful, so son-in-law that finds such an interest.” The Aunts around were very envious.

Chen Shanmei said: “He was just a very ordinary and ordinary person before.”

Zhang Aunt’s thumbs up: “This proves that you have vision and found this super potential stock!”

In the beginning, Bai Wanjun came to the house to raise relatives and wanted to marry Jin Yuyan, but Chen Shanmei not at all agreed, and finally chose Fang Tian.

The former is a super billionaire with a net worth of 10 billion, and Fang Tian is still a college student with nothing.

If you change to other Mother-in-law, you will definitely choose Bai Wanjun, don’t think too much, just have money!

But Chen Shanmei, in turn, chose Fang Tian and valued his heart for his family, even if he had nothing.

Although he was often ridiculed, Chen Shanmei did not mind.

But now, Fang Tian has surpassed Bai Wanjun! Stronger than him!

Zhang Aunt enviously said: “Ai, if only I could find such a son-in-law!”

Wang Xiaoxue said with a smile: “A son-in-law like Fang Tian is rare! may come by with luck, but not by searching for it!”

After shopping, Fang Tian held a box in his hand and walked out of the supermarket with Chen Shanmei and Wang Xiaoxue.

At this moment, a blue Ferrari stopped, the door opened, and a man in a white suit got off the bus. He was Bai Wanjun.

Beside her, there is another person, wearing a purple coat, who looks like a 40-50 years old woman. She is Bai Wanjun’s mother, Li Ruolan.

Chen Shanmei was about to sit in the car, and Li Ruolan came over on his own initiative. “What a coincidence, didn’t expect to see you here.”

Chen Shanmei was also a little surprised: “I also didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Thinking of the past, Li Ruolan’s face froze: “In the beginning, my son pursued your daughter, but you resolutely opposed, but you just wanted to find a common poor fellow. Do you regret it today?”

There is such a Mother-in-law on the world, so it’s amazing to find son-in-law instead of choosing the rich.

Chen Shanmei smiled: “First, my daughter is not interested in your son. Second, I will never regret it, even if he is always so ordinary.”

“Third, Fang Tian today is no longer the past, he has surpassed your son!”

Li Ruolan looked towards Fang Tian and felt ridiculous: “Just him, can I surpass my son, are you funny?”

Wanjun is the hardware king, known as the youngest and richest man in the country, Fang Tian, ​​he is a hairy, isn’t he just a fan of eating soft rice?

Chen Shanmei said indifferently: “You ask your son what happened during this time.”

Li Ruolan looked sideways towards Bai Wanjun: “Son, what happened?”

Bai Wanjun shrugged: “Just stumbled on Little Stone. I am still above him.”

Li Ruolan looked towards Fang Tian again and felt that he seemed to be different, but he didn’t see it for a while. “How much personal wealth do you have?”

Fang Tian didn’t want to say, and didn’t want to respond to her question.

Wang Xiaoxue answered for him, she often pays attention to financial news. “Fang Tian has 49 billion personal wealth!”

hearing this, Li Ruolan’s face was surprised for a while, and then she whispered: “So what, do you know how much personal wealth my son has? 80 billion! Fang Tian is not a level thing compared with my son .”

Wang Xiaoxue smiled, smiling forward and backward.

“What’s the laugh?” Li Ruolan looked at her coldly.

Wang Xiaoxue put his smile away and said seriously: “80 billion, it’s very bullish. You know, Fang Tian’s company hasn’t gone public yet. If it goes public, he will add a 0 at least after 49 billion!”

Shock! The heartbeat of those who were shocked was accelerating!

Wang Xiaoxue is not exaggerating. Today’s SoftCloud has not only created a software empire but also a hardware empire!

The largest E-Commerce giant in China, the largest social application in China, and the largest Search Engine in China, these three are already the sum of Ali+Tencent+Baidu!

With the sun going down, it is already the largest computer brand in China, and it has acquired IBM, at least a Lenovo!

apart from this, SoftCloud is frantically advancing the Operating System and Phoenix chips. If these two are successful, the sum of Intel + Microsoft!

Li Ruolan stared blankly at Fang Tian. Really so, didn’t Fang Tian change from a son-in-law into a creator of a wealth empire? !

Chen Shanmei said: “This is not the past, my son-in-law is far above your son in any way. Your ridicule can only prove your ignorance.”

Li Ruolan’s face was furious. She wanted to scold others but couldn’t utter her words. Nowhere to vent, she lifted her hands towards Chen Shanmei’s face.


Her palm hit Fang Tian’s hand board.

Her fair palm is about to be taken back, Fang Tian’s big hand grasped it, and then twisted hard.

Li Ruolan face deathly pale, exclaimed: “Ah!”

Everyone is amazed that the son-in-law Jin Family is really strong and has no fear of powerful women.

Bai Wanjun’s bodyguard rushed over immediately, and four or five people blocked Fang Tian.

Fang Tian indifferently smiled, let go of Li Ruolan’s palm. “Why? Want to fight here?”

Bai Wanjun called to take a deep breath, how to say that he is also a character with a head and a face, if there is a conflict with Fang Tian at the entrance of the supermarket, it is necessary to be on the news.

He waved his hand, beckoning the bodyguard.

Fang Tian pulled the door open and let Chen Shanmei and Wang Xiaoxue sit in the car.

Turn the car off in a corner.

Looking at the car going away, the bodyguard Lei Yong stood beside Bai Wanjun: “Young Master Bai, is that all right?”

It is definitely not his style to be willing to give up.

Bai Wanjun coldly said: “If you have any suggestions, please speak quickly.”

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