Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1574


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“Just now I should slap it!” said Wang Xiaoxue sitting in the back row of the car.

Her character is already tough. If Chen Shanmei was slapped, she would fiercely fight back.

Chen Shanmei faintly smiled: “Oh, I have never been afraid.”

She knows how strong son-in-law is, so there is no one he is afraid of. With his current strength, she is not afraid of Bai Wanjun.

Wang Xiaoxue hehe laughed: “She used to look down on Fang Tian before, but today she finally realized that Fang Tian’s strength is now enough to crush her entire family.”

Despite this, Chen Shanmei reminded: “son-in-law, Bai Wanjun, you must be careful, he will never give up.”

Fang Tian knows Bai Wanjun, a typical hypocrite. After losing the commercial war, he may have some crazy moves.

There is still hundred meters to go home. This is a single lane, the road is narrow and only one car is allowed to pass.

Along the road, a group of old ladies slowly walked across the road with crutches in their hands.

Fang Tian immediately braked and stopped the car.

Suddenly, with a bang, the buttocks were hit by the car behind.

Fang Tian immediately moved towards the mirror and looked behind, followed by a white Acura.

Acura driver honked his horn loudly and scolded loudly: “Don’t, block Lao Tzu’s car, don’t hurry away.”

The quality is really low, do you not see Senior crossing the road in front?

The white Acura behind “peng!” hit the car butt again.

Chen Shanmei and Wang Xiaoxue suddenly leaned forward and turned pale!

The driver behind is still foul-mouthed: “Hurry up and leave, or I will crash your car into scrap iron!”

“peng!” His Acura shocked again, fiercely bumping over.

Fang Tian stepped on the accelerator, and the car drove forward several dozen meters, then made emergency braking, quickly pushed the car door, and moved the brick on the ground towards the Acura car.

“peng!” Fang Tian photographed the brick directly on the front cover of Acura, and suddenly a large piece was depressed.

“Get off!” He stared coldly at Acura’s driver.

The man is about 30 years old, wearing a black suit, and looks so put on airs.

“Get off? Get off your head and get away.” The Acura driver yelled.

Fang Tian held the brick in one hand and raised three fingers: “I counted three times and immediately got off my car and apologized to my family!”

“mental illness, get away immediately, or don’t blame me for killing you!” The attitude of men is still so arrogant.

“peng!” Fang Tian shot the brick directly on the windshield.

Suddenly, the party style glass burst like a spider web.

Acura boy was shocked and his eyes widened.

“peng!” “peng!” “Bang peng~ peng~! “

In just a few seconds, the windshield was smashed.

The glass fragments also scratched Acura’s earlobe, which was hot.

Acura male was furious and started moving the car towards towards Fang Tian.

“Ah!” he cried out in pain.

Fang Tian slapped the brick directly on his head, dizzy and almost comatose.

Fing up three fingers, Fang Tian said: “I counted three times and got off immediately, apologizing to my family.”

The man was extremely angry, and his eyes were crimson. “Do you know who I am? I dare to offend me? My name is… ah!”

Not finished yet, Fang Tian grabbed his hair and forcibly dragged him out of the car!

The onlookers marveled, this youngster is so domineering!

“Bash!” Threw Acura Man on the ground.

He climbed up to resist, Fang Tian kicked on his face.

Acura boy fell to the ground and rolled.

Wang Xiaoxue and Chen Shanmei looked at this scene through the mirrors and felt a sense of security in their hearts.

“Many people think that Fang Tian is a weak man. In fact, he is overbearing and more terrifying than anyone.” Wang Xiaoxue said with a smile.

Chen Shanmei said: “In the past, he was really weak, and I don’t know when it started to become so tough.”

After being severely hit by howling wind and torrential rain, Acura was afraid, and she kept begging for mercy.

This kind of person does not beat him to death, he will not admit it wrong.

Fang Tian picked him up and left him in front of his car. “Apologies to my family immediately!”

If this matter just provokes yourself, even if this person hits his car again and again, the family has a history of heart disease. unfortunately.

Acura boy kneeled in front of the car, moved towards Chen Shanmei and kept shaking his head: “I’m wrong, I’m wrong, sorry sorry sorry!”

They moved quickly and moved towards Chen Shanmei.

Wang Xiaoxue and Chen Shanmei in the car felt a little panic.

Seeing the rogue youth attack.

At this moment, a blonde woman appeared and stood in front of the rogue youth.

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