Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1575


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As soon as the blond woman appeared, the rogue youth stopped.

She has curly blond wavy hair and blue eyes, especially her eyes are so sharp that people dare not look straight!

It is obviously a woman, but the aura she exudes makes people cold.

Leading rogues shouted loudly: “Go away, or don’t blame us for destroying flowers!”

The blonde babes are still standing still.

“Brother give me!” The rogue boss waved his hand.

Suddenly, the two rogues moved towards the blonde babes and rushed past.

To deal with a woman, is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain.

There is no need for weapons at all, the rogue reaches out and grabs.

But none of the fur touched, ah, the two screamed loudly.

The rogue’s wrist was caught by the blond babes, and the wrist bones of the two were crushed!

Horrible! This blond babes are so powerful that they forcibly shattered their wrist bones!

The rogue youth’s face was distorted by pain, and he waved right hand and moved the weapon towards her.

Blonde babes flicked away with a slight twist, and then quickly grabbed the man’s iron rod, pulling hard.

Huang Mao’s body flew forward suddenly, and his chest was knocked by the foreign girl’s knee.

Huang Mao’s mouth was foamed directly, and the pain fainted.

This babes, the lethality is really great, not just the appearance, but the same striking soul!

leading boss was furious, moved towards Babes shouted: “! Bitch, bitch where they come from, and quickly get out”

Yan Niu flashed and suddenly stood in front of the leading rogue.

Before he responded, he was slapped continuously. “Bang bang bang bang pa pa pa ……”

30 slaps in just one second! !

3 slaps in an average of 0.1 seconds!

The foreign girl’s shot is quick and fierce, and she is pumping back and forth until the hand is stopped, and the man’s head is still shaking left and right!

All 30 of his teeth fell and his mouth was full of red liquid.

The jaws were all twisted aside, and his face was distorted!

Yellow hair clenched the teeth, swarming towards the blonde babes rushing past.

Yan Niu white’s hand socks quickly attacked in the crowd. During the blink of an eye, seven or eight Huang Mao lying on the ground crouching and rolling.

And Fang Tian’s battle has long ended, a group of people lying on the ground.

Looking towards her, Fang Tian laughed, this blond female hero, no one else, is an Eastern European beauty, Eisa Bower, Chinese name Leng Yue.

More than once, she helped out.

As for her true identity, to be honest, Fang Tian doesn’t know yet.

However, her identity is not the point, she is enough on her side.

Fang Tian dropped the iron rod and looked towards Eisa Bower said with a smile: “Beauty, thank you for your shot, I will invite you to drink coffee when you are free!”

Eisa Bower’s face showed a smile on her face: “Fang, I am looking forward to your date!”

The people on the ground are hovered between life and death, but the two are heartless.

When Fang Tian was about to tell her where to meet, she disappeared in the blink of an eye. She has always been a wind, and suddenly came and disappeared in a while.

Pulling the door, Fang Tian got into the Jetta car and drove home.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at the door of the villa, and Chen Shanmei and Wang Xiaoxue both got off.

Knowing that Fang Tian’s battle strength is strong, the two are not at all too panic.

Chen Shanmei is a little curious: “Who is that blonde woman?”

Fang Tian walked into the villa holding something: “It is a very special friend.”

At noon, cook a meal in person and entertain two Mother-in-laws.

In fact, Wang Xiaoxue is still not the mother-in-law of Fang Tian. After all, what will happen to her daughter in the future is really hard to say, but she has called Fang Tian to be a son-in-law all day, and has already recognized herself Fang Tian also regarded her as her Mother-in-law.

Everyone says that son-in-law is half-mother son of Mother-in-law, now it’s ok, two Mother-in-law, half of each.

It feels interesting to live in these villas and live with these rich ladies.

It’s not long before the meal is ready, one after another is on the table.

Wang Xiaoxue and Chen Shanmei picked up the chopsticks and ate them. They were very satisfied with Fang Tian’s cooking skills. There is such a son-in-law, and their life is elated.

Women are more likely to be happier than men because women are emotional, especially older women, and their requirements for happiness are simple.

After a meal, it was a joy, and both women’s lips were filled with happy smiles.

After dinner, Fang Tian took a toothpick and got up to leave the seat, Chen Shanmei suddenly thought of something: “son-in-law, I think this matter is not so simple, you must be extremely careful.”

How come suddenly a man hits his car and then kills a group of people to retaliate? Seemingly by chance, there are black hands behind it.

Who is the person behind, think about it understood.

“Well, I will pay attention.” Fang Tian nodded, then walked out of the house.

3 pm, afternoon tea time.

Fang Tian pushed open the glass door of the teahouse and walked in.

This is a high-end tea house, full of antique flavor, and the indoor atmosphere is very quiet.

Close to the landscape painting, a blonde girl moved towards Fang Tian beckoned.

Fang Tian walked over and sat down opposite her: “I thought you would choose to meet at a coffee shop, didn’t expect would be a tea house.”

Eisa Bower took a sip of black tea and looked at the tea leaves in the cup: “I was born in Eastern Europe. When I was young, father asked me, should you go east or go to the side?”

“Then what?”

“After growing up, I chose to go east and came to China. Gradually, I fell in love with the taste of tea.”

Seeing that the black tea in her cup was almost finished, Fang Tian filled her immediately.

Eisa Bower looked at it: “I always think that Huaxia’s men are the most attractive in the world. I have always wanted to have a child for your country.”

Fang Tian hehe smiled: “You are special.”

“The scenery of China is very beautiful and attracts me, but this is not the reason I stayed. It is you who made me linger!”

Her blue and blue eyes looked over her, and there was a charming smile on the corner of her mouth!

“You mean, would you like to have a child with me?”

“Yes, a Sino-foreign joint venture, a happy cooperation!” Yang Niu said with ease and an ordinary thing.

Fang Tian laughed, his face turned serious and serious: “You are a very lethal woman.”

Don’t be fooled by her appearance. I still don’t know who she is.

Fang Tian took a sip of tea and asked the question that he always wanted to know: “I want to know, your true identity, can you tell me? You can rest assured that I have always attached great importance to privacy protection.”

“Is it important?”


Eisa Bower has a palm across her neck: “I am a killer, are you believe or not?”

Fang Tian said with a smile: “I believe, but it does not prevent us from becoming friends.”

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