Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1576


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Eisa Bower’s cold face smiled again!

When she faced others, her face was always so cold, like an iceberg that hasn’t changed for thousands of years, she would smile only when facing Fang Tian.

Yes, she only smiles at one person.

Eisa Bower took a sip of black tea: “Fang, you are in this world, the only person I trust.”

Fang Tian was shocked: “The only person you trust?”

“Yes.” Eisa Bower slightly nodded: “I will be highly vigilant in the face of anyone, and give me a fatal blow at any time. But facing you, I feel very calm and comfortable, you bring me a strong Trust, I can approach you without any worries.”

“Thank you for your trust in me, I should sell you more products, the success rate will be high.” Fang Tian said with a smile.

She suddenly opened a magazine: “Do you know what I have been doing in recent times?”

Fang Tian said: “Kill someone.”

Eisa Bower shook his head slightly: “Do you really think I am a killer?”

“Isn’t it?” Fang Tian looked at her suspiciously.

Eisa Bower didn’t respond and looked at the magazine: “At this time, I am going to apply for a fashion company as a model.”

Fang Tian looked at her up and down, she was tall, her face and shape were superb, she could be a model.

She doesn’t lack money, it’s nothing more than a whim that’s all.

Fang Tian took a sip of tea: “Why are you a model, this is not for you at all.”

Eisa Bower asks: “Why?”

Fang Tian said with a laugh: “Models are very deep in the industry, various unwritten rules, I know you are not afraid. But models are not at all so easy to think about, you have to listen to people’s instructions and fiddle around Posture.”

hearing this, Eisa Bower frowned, and she didn’t like being manipulated.

Fang Tian suggested: “Come and be my bodyguard, I can give you a salary of 10 million yuan a year!”

As a bodyguard, you can earn 10 million a year, which is higher than the annual salary of the president of many listed companies. It is the most expensive bodyguard in the world.

Eisa Bower tone indifferently said: “Do you want to control me?”

“No.” Fang Tian shook his head: “We are equal and free. If you don’t want to do it, you can leave at any time.”

There are three reasons why she wants to make her a bodyguard.

First of all, Eisa Bower is really strong, let alone dealing with the general Hooligan, dealing with super strong enemies is not a problem.

Secondly, he is also very capable, but as a technology company’s Boss, he can’t fight by himself. And if a larger fight takes place, oneself may not be able to cope with it.

Third, in today’s society, the probability of fighting conflicts is not very high. Bodyguards are more often a supporting role.

And this babes, not only can play but also watch, follow around, quite pull!

In the past, Fang Tian had invited her to be her bodyguard, but she refused. It is estimated that this time, she would not agree.

As a result, Fang Tian was pleasantly surprised!

Eisa Bower thought for a while and said, “OK! Just be your personal bodyguard!”

Fang Tian felt a little excited: “Are you serious?”

“en.” Eisa Bower slightly nodded. “You are my most trustworthy person.”

For this reason, Fang Tian doesn’t feel that simple?

Once, three visits to Maolu and three bottles of Maotai failed to persuade success. How did she answer so readily this time?

“Isn’t it that simple?”

Eisa Bower said: “You are doing a great thing, and I have to guarantee and protect for you!”

This sounds reasonable. She knows that Fang Tian is working on Operating System and processor chips, and that she has to push social software to the world, which may cause a lot of trouble.

Fang Tian feels that this is only one of the reasons. The other reason is only known to her.

Eisa Bower said: “Another reason I cannot tell you for the time being. You just need to know that I will not hurt you and will protect you and your family.”


In the evening, the sun goes down.

Mid-level villas in the middle of the hill, the compound courtyard.

Four bodyguards with a height of 1.9 meters and bulging muscles stood in front of Eisa Bower.

Just now, Fang Tian took the blonde babes home, and the bodyguard in the courtyard thought that he would not take the woman home with Miss Jin.

After asking, I realized that this is Fang Tian’s bodyguard.

They were surprised and dissatisfied. Can a lady be a bodyguard? Why does Mr. Fang prefer to find a lady as a bodyguard rather than pure men in nursing homes?

Moreover, Mr. Fang gave her a salary of 10,000,000 a year, which is 100 times their salary, and they feel even more unbalanced.

Then the bodyguard said that she would duel with her.

Fang Tian felt interesting, so let them compete.

The muscular male bodyguard looks at Eisa Bower in front of him: “Dai Yangwa, it’s pretty good to see you. I can’t bear to beat you, just admit defeat.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Eisa Bower shot with a lightning and grabbed his collar. Before he responded, he was thrown away by Da Yangwa over the shoulder.

200 Jin heavy muscular male bodyguard flew out of the tree more than ten meters away. The bolt broke and the branch broke, and the poor muscular male bodyguard hung on the tree!

Everyone was surprised, the power of this babes was terrifying!

No. 2 bodyguard dare not underestimate the enemy. He lifted his spirit and moved his punch towards the foreign girl.

All are well-trained and strong bodyguards. It is not a problem to deal with an ordinary person with ten hits. However, in the face of a foreign girl, several punches are hit in the air.

This makes him very annoyed. Bodyguard No. 2 is faster and more powerful, so he can’t even touch the hair.

Eisa Bower appeared behind him in a flash, and then his elbow moved towards his back, and the bodyguard rushed forward.

“Punch!” Bodyguard No. 2 fell into the pool.

Lying trough, this woman is simply War Goddess.

Two bodyguards are left to fight together.

I used to think that when two men beat a woman, they really had no face, but now, if the two can beat her, it’s already awesome.

One left and one right, two bodyguards moved towards Eisa Bower and attacked.

At the sight, she was about to hit her body, but in a blink of an eye, she disappeared.

The two immediately rotated 360 degrees quickly for one week, but neither of them saw her silhouette, and she disappeared so quietly.

At this moment, a silhouette fell from the air and swept one leg.

Two bodyguards covered their chests and flew out, hitting the tree with a thunderbolt.

Eisa Bower landed steadily.

Then, the four bodyguards walked back in embarrassment.

Eisa Bower looked at them: “Do you want to fight again?”

The four bodyguards shivered all over, admiring: “You are War Goddess! You can fight and see!”

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