Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1577


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When I was having dinner, Chen Shanmei mentioned the morning thing again. She was a little worried, son-in-law tall trees attract the wind, and was uneasy without bodyguards.

Fang Tian drinking chicken soup, said with a smile: “The bodyguard already has it.”

“Who is he?” Chen Shanmei asked. “

“A War Goddess bodyguard who can fight and watch.” Fang Tian said with a smile.

Chen Shanmei remembered: “Is it the blonde who appeared this morning?”

Fang Tian ordered nodded.

Chen Shanmei smiled, she was at ease, and the foreign girl was really strong. “Who is she?”

“I don’t know.” Fang Tian also wanted to know her identity, but she didn’t reluctantly say nothing.

After dinner, Fang Tian walked out of the villa leisurely in slippers.

There was a strong wind outside, Fang Tian stood at the door of the villa and waited for a while.

A woman with a cold face appeared in the moonlight.

Eisa Bower carried a dog in his hand, to be precise, a man like a dead dog, came to Fang Tian and left him on the ground.

This man is the driver of Acura. He was quite arrogant at the time, but now…

He was beaten with a swollen face, and his arm was soft, no need to ask, it must have been broken, and both of his right hand’s fingers were cut off.

The middle finger and index finger are gone.

Fang Tian’s forehead was sweating coldly, and he looked at Eisa Bower. This woman is really ruthless!

However, think about his arrogant look when he crashed into a car this morning, and now I see him like this, and I only feel four words-very happy!

Eisa Bower threw a blank piece of paper over.

Fang Tian looked at it and wrote the man’s details, life, phone number, where he lived, who was at home, almost even the ancestor eighteen generations was found out.

I have to say that Eisa Bower is really efficient!

The person in front of him, named Cui Daqiang, Fang Tian kicked on him: “Who made you hit my car?”

Cui Daqiang groaned: “No one is instructing, I think you are not pleasing to the eye.”

How can things be so simple, all this is a well-planned conspiracy.

Fang Tian coldly said: “It seems that you dislike your too many fingers and want to cut off all of them one by one?”

Eisa Bower suddenly had a small knife in his hand, flashing sharp rays of light under the light.

Cui Daqiang’s neck shrunk. This woman is simply Asura, a vicious and merciless.

“I said I said.” Seeing that the knife was about to be cut, Cui Daqiang said quickly: “Lei Yong ordered me.”

Lei Yong? Fang Tian thought, wasn’t he Bai Wanjun’s bodyguard?

Next, he was asked several questions in a row, and he answered them honestly.

Lei Yong gave him a sum of money to let him drive out of Acura to pretend to hit Fang Tian’s car.

Then, the thugs are called to beat Fang Tian together.

At that time, Fang Tian ordered to get off and apologize. At that time, the thug should be called.

Only, Cui Daqiang wanted to pretend to be more forced, sitting in a car with an arrogant attitude, insulting Fang Tian.

Let him unexpectedly, Fang Tian would be so domineering, smashing the glass window of the car, and dragging him out of the car, even the chance to make a phone call was gone.

After the apology was over, he immediately ran away and called someone over.

I thought that a group of people was enough to deal with Fang Tian, ​​but didn’t expect that his battle strength was so powerful, not only that, but blonde babes appeared suddenly, as easy as blowing off dust was done.

The matter is very clear. Fang Tian then walked back to the villa. As for Cui Daqiang, let Eisa Bower handle it.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Fang Tian drank black tea and touched the chin for a long time.

Bai Wanjun’s conspiracy is definitely more than this move, this defeat will definitely be the next.

For success, he can by fair means or foul.

Originally, Fang Tian felt that making the sunless computer the first and defeating the Wanjun computer, the battle with Bai Wanjun should also be over.

But now, the other party does not mean to stop, and the tricks are getting more and more vicious.

Has threatened the safety of family members.

Fang Tian made up his mind that I will not only defeat your company, but also let you go bankrupt!

Go back to the bedroom and turn on the computer to check it online.

On the Internet, in major IT forums, there are a lot of posts from companies that do not set sun, all kinds of black, no bottom line.

No need to ask, it must be the sailor of the rival company.

Although the current Wanjun computer has fallen, it can only be regarded as the second largest computer manufacturer, but it still has a market share of 35%. In other words, every third computer sold in China, there is one Wanjun.

It is no easy task to defeat such an opponent.

Fang Tian touch the chin, conceived the next plan.

2nd day Early in the morning, 20 bodyguards in the mansion were awakened by Eisa Bower.

Each and everyone got up, stood on the lawn in the mansion, and were trained by Eisa Bower.

Yesterday, after Eisa Bower played with them, they discovered that their battle strength was so bad that it was difficult to guarantee the safety of Fang Tian’s family.

The bodyguards are okay against the ordinary Hooligan, but if they face the well-trained mercenaries, they are not opponents at all.

20 bodyguards know the beauty of the beautiful instructors.

Eisa Bower directed them to complete each and everyone training project.

After training for two hours, each and everyone was tired and lying on the grass like a dog.

This woman is simply Asura, the hell girl, who is really a perverted way of exercise. Even if she is very strong, she is almost tossed to death.

There are definitely some effects. As long as you persist in cultivation half a month, the battle strength of these bodyguards will be increased by one level.

Eisa Bower expressionlessly said: “Continue tomorrow!”

The bodyguard who just stood up fell to the ground again.

Eisa Bower glanced at it and turned away.

At this moment, Fang Tian came out of the villa.

I just received a call from Principal of Jinghua University and want to go there.

“You follow me.” Fang Tian looked at Eisa Bower.

She did not speak, and stood silently behind Fang Tian.

It looks like a foreign beauty secretary, but who would know that she is a horrible War Goddess? !

The bodyguard is a bit curious. Fang Tian’s kung fu is also very difficult to deal with. What if he fights with a foreign girl?

“Beauty instructor, who will win if you fight Mr. Fang?” The bodyguard looked towards her very curiously.

After asking, I feel a little nonsense. If Boss can play a bodyguard, what would the bodyguard do?

However, the beauty instructor’s response surprised them.

Eisa Bower looked at Fang Tian: “He is better.”

Everyone is surprised, Boss is so interested? really?

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Want to see me, hang her up and fight.”

Four bodyguards unanimously said: “Think!”

As soon as he spoke, the four bodyguards were swept by Eisa Bower on one leg.

“Punt!” Four people fell into the pool…

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