Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1578


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“You drive so fast, do you know how much fine I have to pay?”

Fang Tian, ​​sitting in the co-pilot position, looked at the female bodyguard next to him. This woman could drive as an airplane!

The speed of the car has soared to 300 kilometers. This woman is not only strong in car skills, but also brave enough to dare to drive so fast in the city.

“I do everything, and I pursue the most speed.” Eisa Bower lightly responded.

Despite that, she also knows that Fang Tian is now her master. If the master wants to slow down, it must slow down!

She slowed down to normal speed and reached her destination in 30 minutes.

Peking University.

A sudden brake, the door opened, Fang Tian pushed the door out, and Eisa Bower looked indifferent and followed him.

I have to say, this feels very popular!

A woman is followed by a strong and strong bodyguard, which feels awesome.

And a man, if he can find a female bodyguard who can watch and play, it feels equally cool.

And very pretend, because, who will not find out that the woman next to you is a bodyguard and think she is just a role like secretary or assistant.

Those who act recklessly want to come over to rob, steal, or even kidnap will ignore her, and the result is that she is beaten to the ground.

Jinghua University is a national institution of higher education for cream of the crop. It is much larger on the wall than Tsinghua University in Fang Tian’s previous life.

University Li Xiangyang Principal came head-on, Fang Tian took the initiative to walk over and shake hands with him.

Not long ago, Fang Tian became a Distinguished Professor of Jinghua University. Today, he came to the school. There are two main things.

The first is to come and give lectures to the students here. When I was a professor at the first university in China, I didn’t give a lecture, which is a bit unreasonable.

Second, SoftCloud cooperated with Jinghua University to establish SoftCloud Research Institute.

Li Xiangyang said with a smile: “At 10 o’clock, the modern entrepreneur Academy, trouble Professor Fang to teach them in the past.”

Academy of modern entrepreneurs? Fang Tian is puzzled.

Li Xiangyang said: “I studied at this Academy, all Boss from various companies at home and abroad.”

In other words, teach Boss yourself in the past!

Li Xiangyang looked at his expression: “Is there a problem?”

“No problem.” Fang Tian responded lightly.

Academy of modern entrepreneurs.

In the classroom, there are more than thirty people sitting in suits and shoes, wearing Uncle Jin, each and everyone.

These people are very proud. Boss from well-known companies at home and abroad, not to mention the tyrants who have a net worth of over ten million, or even over one hundred million.

Fang Tian walked in, glanced at it, and sat down next to a middle-aged man.

Middle-aged man is about 40 years old, has a fat figure, and wears a Uncle Jin of Vacheron Bandung on his wrist. The style is at least 200,000 high-end goods.

At the moment, he is looking at the computer screen, watching the stock market ups and downs.

“This is your company?” Fang Tian looked at the name of the ticket on the screen.

Three Kittens Food Co., Ltd.

The man froze for a moment, then looked sideways: “Who are you?”

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “Guess what.”

Man said: “Student of this school? You can’t come in this place. Please leave.”

“Why can’t I come in?” Fang Tian asked back.

The man said: “This is an entrepreneur training class, are you an entrepreneur?”

“I am not, are you?”

“Did you not see? The three kittens are my company. Does Sun Taibao know?” Sun Taibao said with a proud face.

Fang Tian hehe smiled: “You don’t know me, why should I know you?”

“Which green onion do you count, go out!” Sun Taibao waved his hands again and again.

In his view, the student came here to have a relationship with the boss here.

Fang Tian said lightly: “I am not a student.”

Sun Taibao looked at him up and down. He was in his twenties, not a student? “Youngster, don’t think about pulling relationships all day, study hard, work hard for 20 years, maybe your achievements are comparable to half of mine.”

Fang Tian smiled and shook his head: “I am really not a student, on the contrary, I came to give you classes.”

Sun Taibao was stunned, feeling that this student was too arrogant, not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

“Ding Ling Ling…” the bell ringing during class.

Fang Tian stood up and walked onto the podium: holding chalk and writing two large characters on the blackboard-Fang Tian.

“Dear students, I am your professor, Fang Tian!”

Hearing this, the boss of the whole class was surprised, staring blankly at him on the stage.

Sun Taibao’s face was furious and he said aloud: “Aren’t you just a student? Pretend to be a professor and hurry down for me.”

Another entrepreneur said dissatisfiedly: “What are you doing, hurry down.”

Don’t they believe that there will be such a young professor at the university?

At this moment, the Principal of Jinghua University came in.

Li Xiangyang stood on the stage, sorry to say with a smile: “Forgot to tell everyone, today I will think that a young professor will come to class, this young professor is Fang Tian, ​​Professor Fang beside me!”

I depend? ! The books in your Boss’ hands have fallen out of place!

Here, this professor is too young, only in his twenties, how could he be a professor?

An entrepreneur in the class is dissatisfied and unwilling to listen to a lecture by a young man in his twenties with no half-achievement.

Sun Taibao said: “How did he become a professor? What qualifications does he have to teach us?”

Li Xiangyang looked at Fang Tian introduced: “Do you know SoftCloud technology? He is the founder of SoftCloud technology!”

You don’t know Fang Tian, ​​but who doesn’t know SoftCloud technology?

In just a few years, from scratch, it has become the Hegemon business empire today!

The founder of SoftCloud is known as Legendary in the business world, a rare commercial genius in a century!

Li Xiangyang said with a laugh: “SoftCloud technology has always been at the forefront of the times. Fang Tian has been leading the progress of the times. It is an honor for him to serve as a professor at Jinghua University.”

“Listen to his lecture, you will benefit a lot!”

Absolute silence in the class, there is nothing to say.

There was once a female entrepreneur who spent 5 million to eat a meal with him.

The sky-high price dinner, just to let Fang Tian give guidance, I heard that the female entrepreneur has come back to life and is on the right track.

Today, Fang Tian came to class, this is definitely a rare opportunity.

Boss in the class dared not question any more, to see what he thinks.

Fang Tian pointed his finger at the door: “Whoever doesn’t want to attend the class can go out, I will never stop it.”

Each and everyone sit still and behave like a pupil.

These Boss come to class, the company has encountered some troubles, they also want to find a new way out.

The personal wealth of Fang Tian, ​​kill all the bosses present!

It is the sum of the wealth of the 35 bosses, and it has to be multiplied by 10 times!

Enough to calm these proud billionaire Boss.

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