Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1579


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Fang Tian holds chalk in his hand and writes a large white line on the blackboard.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Professor Fang looked at you Boss and said: “The birth of the Internet, compared with traditional business, what is its biggest advantage? Improve efficiency and reduce costs!”

You Boss are puzzled and want to hear about dry goods.

“For example, a traditional brick-and-mortar store that sells 10,000 pairs of shoes a day. How much business area does this require, how many waiters, and how many cashiers?”

Boss stunned, you look at me.

“How about Internet shops? Take my Santo Shopping website, it only takes 10 people and a small studio to get it done!”

Your bosses are surprised, really? If this is the case, then the cost can really be reduced to a very low level.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Commodity factory direct sales, the owner does not need to rent a store and pay expensive rents. With the platform’s powerful payment system, even the cashier does not need it. The product page is very detailed, even No salesperson is needed, consumers can complete the order themselves.”

“So everyone sees that clothing sold online is cheaper than brick and mortar stores, because the cost is lower and there is a greater profit MySpace.”

Sun Taibao sneered: “E-Commerce is on fire, but the physical store business is becoming more and more difficult to do, and you are all hurt.”

“You have this kind of thinking, and I dare say that your company will finish playing sooner or later.” Fang Tian said solemnly: “E-Commerce is the future trend, and no one can stop the trend of this era.”

“Even if I don’t do it, there will be Boss Ma and Old Liu boards come out to do it. If domestic Boss does not do it, Amazon will occupy the domestic E-Commerce market.”

“Why SoftCloud has today’s success is because we have been at the forefront of the times and are unwilling to change, SoftCloud will also be eliminated.”

It makes sense that you Boss cannot refute.

Sun Taibao said: “Then you say, in the current E-Commerce era, how do we traditional industries change?”

Fang Tian picked up a red chalk, turned around and wrote a large line on the blackboard.

Embrace the Internet.

He turned and faced the Boss again: “Everyone who reads the news should know one thing. A few months ago, a female Boss spent 5 million on a dinner, and the purpose of spending 5 million was For a meal with me.”

The Boss here are nodded one after another. This incident has caused a sensation across the country. Many business people do not understand it. Is it worth it?

Just to eat a meal with the founder of SoftCloud, it costs 5 million. Is that female Boss have brain issues?

Fang Tian said with a smile: “I tell everyone that although she and I ate a meal, although it cost 5 million, now she has received 100 times the return!”

hearing this, Boss are upset, stared wide-eyed, is this true?

Sun Taibao said: “Did you give her a super order?”

Fang Tian shook his head: “I just gave the female Boss a trick, and succeeded in bringing her company back to life and embarked on a rapid development path.”

Every Boss is quiet and listens.

Fang Tian cleared his throat: “That woman Boss, who is in the apparel production industry, but was impacted by the Internet, her company’s clothing business is becoming more and more difficult. I let her embrace the Internet and take the brand licensing model …”

Clear and logical, there is a basis, so that the entrepreneurs in the class have to admire!

It’s very different from what the professors said before, he is talking about real dry goods.

Principal Li Xiangyang walked past the door and glanced at him. He smiled. These proud entrepreneurs are now obediently as if they were pupils.

Unconsciously, one lesson is over.

Fang Tian came down from the podium and moved towards the classroom.

As soon as he left, the Boss stood up and moved towards him.

“Professor, how come you go so fast, I invite you to dinner!”

“Professor, you have spoken so well, I still have something I don’t understand. Continue to tell us in the next class.”

“Professor went out for a meal together, let’s sit down and talk slowly!”

each and everyone Boss is very enthusiastic, invite him to go out to dinner and hand over his cigarette.

Before Sun Taibao mocked, Fang Tian is a student and wants to have a relationship.

How is it now? In turn, it is he who wants to have a relationship!

Fang Tian waved his hand: “I don’t smoke, as for dinner, let’s change the day.”

Finally, go quickly.

Li Xiangyang came over with a smile: “Professor Fang, you can see that they all admire you!”

Fang Tian faintly smiled: “I have always felt ashamed to be a professor, and I feel very happy to be recognized by them.”

Li Xiangyang said: “If you have time to come back, give classes to entrepreneurs here.”

Fang Tian slightly nodded, stroll on the campus path.

“Over the Operating System, how is the progress going now?” Li Xiangyang was very concerned.

Once the domestic system is successful, it will have a profound impact on the domestic IT industry.

Fang Tian smiled: “It’s very close to the goal. Next, I will make a big move to push the domestic system to the top in one breath!”

“Big kill? Li Xiangyang is very curious:” Can you tell me something? ”

“I can’t say it yet.” Fang Tian mysterious smiled.

At 3 pm, the sun is shining brightly.

Jinghua University, Software Academy, held a grand Ceremony, SoftCloud Group and Jinghua University cooperated to establish SoftCloud Research Institute.

Jinghua University is the first higher education institution in China, with a large number of talents and strong scientific research strength. This time, SoftCloud Group cooperated with Jinghua University in depth to establish this research institute and jointly explore the future.

This institute will gather a large number of Peak scientists to explore cutting-edge technologies, such as quantum computers.

In the future, China Internet applications have surpassed the United States.

For example, when Americans are still paying by credit card, mobile payment and even facial payment have become popular in China.

Shared apps, short videos, and takeout et cetera are also ahead of the US.

However, in terms of cutting-edge cutting-edge technology, it has been lagging behind the United States, and many epoch-making technologies have appeared in the United States, not China.

Especially in basic disciplines, the gap with the United States is not a little bit.

Speaking of bridge construction, China can build the largest, tallest and longest bridge in the world, but who knows that the software for designing bridges is all from the United States.

Not only bridge software, but many design software is also from the United States.

If they don’t let you use it, you can imagine how bad it is.

Fang Tian hopes that through this institute, the basic disciplines and cutting-edge technology will also be at the forefront of the world.

Hua Xia is not just making applications on the basis of other countries.

We started to disrupt from basic research and bring revolutionary products.

There are a variety of problems in human society, all of which need to be resolved through technology to let humans around the world know that China is the hope of humanity!

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