Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1580


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Modern Technology Museum.

After the speech, Fang Tian planned to leave the school, but at the suggestion of Li Xiangyang Principal, he walked into the museum to visit.

This museum is not a place to collect antique calligraphy and painting, but a museum of modern technology products.

The first-generation MP3s produced by SoftCloud, the first-generation sunless computers, and the Phoenix processor 510 are all treasured here.

These products are epoch-making and play a vital role in promoting the progress of the IT industry, so this museum has a collection.

Today, it may not be the above, but after a few hundred years, look at these products and you will know how precious these products are.

After all, these products have promoted the progress of the times and the progress of human civilization.

A youngster wearing a black T-shirt appeared next to him. Looking at the object in front of him, he reached out and touched it.

Museum staff immediately stopped: “Sir, don’t touch it, just look at it.”

“Isn’t it just a touch? What’s so great about it?” The black T-shirt youngster pouted, very unhappy.

“Anyway, don’t touch it.” The staff advised him, then turned and walked away.

Looking at him walking away, the youngster in a black T-shirt tickles again, reaching for something in the museum.

Fang Tian couldn’t see but said: “Did you hear it? Don’t touch it.”

“none of your business?” The black T-shirt youngster looked over with a straight face.

Fang Tian said: “You can easily damage it like this.”

“What if it is damaged, at worst loses money, do you think I don’t have the money?” The black T-shirt man disregarded the dissuasion and reached out to continue touching.

Fang Tian disinclined to pay attention to him, turned and walked out of the museum.

Eisa Bower has always followed him and walked out together.

As soon as we walked out of the museum, a large group of students came around and asked for an autograph.

Today, Fang Tian is also a star. Every time a tech star visits a place, he will attract many fans to ask for his signature.

Fang Tian took the books and signature pens from a student girl, and then shua~ shua~ shua~ wrote his net name on it, King.

The name Fang Tian is not necessarily known by everyone, but to say King, it is like the existence of thunder piercing the ear.

So, the general signature will sign this.

“Professor Fang, when will you come to my class?”

“Yes, students are looking forward to it, Professor Fang, come to our class for classes.”

A group of girls with bright eyes and expressions looking forward.

Fang Tian looks handsome, and is also a young and handsome man of the Internet giant. The girls are so excited!

During dreaming, I want to find a young and handsome man who works on the Internet as a boyfriend.

As long as he wants, they all want to be his girlfriend.

Think about taking intimate photos of yourself and your husband in a circle of friends, and envying how many people died.

Fang Tian laughed: “Look at the time schedule.”

“Hey, is this your girlfriend behind you?” The girl blinked her curious eyes and looked at Eisa Bower.

“No.” Fang Tian shook his head.

Not a girlfriend? Everyone thought about it, it should be his secretary or assistant.

“Big brother, your secretary is so beautiful, what’s your name?”

“Not a secretary, but a bodyguard.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. This model-like woman turned out to be a bodyguard?

Being able to fight and watch, the hormones of the boys are soaring and excited.

A boy took out the camera: “Can I take a picture with your bodyguard?”

Fang Tian’s tone is faint: “You should ask her.”

Eisa Bower is generous: “OK. I am happy.”

The boys jumped up in excitement and walked over, standing next to her and taking pictures of her.

At this moment, a youngster wearing a black T-shirt came out of the museum, and it was the one who just touched the museum just now.

This person is not a student of Jinghua University. The dignified top universities will not produce such low-quality students. His name is Sun Zibin, and he follows his father to come to the university to visit the foreign tourists.

Sun Zibin looked at the big ocean baby and was so excited that he quickly walked over and wanted to join in the fun and take pictures with her.

Fang Tian saw him and immediately warned: “You can take pictures, don’t touch them.”

“none of your business.” Sun Zibin pouted.

He stood beside Eisa Bower with his mobile phone and took a picture with her.

Next, he took the second chapter, and his hands began to be unreliable. When he reached out with his left hand, he would touch Da Yangwa’s legs.

Eisa Bower kicked him with one foot before he even touched it.

A cry from him, the whole person flew a dozen meters away, and his back hit the ground!

The classmates around “hua!” were in an uproar, and then silenced, everyone was stunned.

Yan Niu’s power is so fierce, Sun Zibin only feels his stomach turning over, and he curls up on the ground with his stomach covered.

Eisa Bower’s footwork is already considered light. If he is stronger, he will be killed in minutes.

He never thought that Dayangwa would be a War Goddess.

Fang Tian feels funny: “How many times have you said that you should not touch it!”

The sun goes down, it’s not too early, Fang Tian and Eisa Bower leave.

Sun Zibin watched them go, immediately stood up, rushed over, and stood in front of Fang Tian. “Your people hit me and I wanted to go, no way.”

Fang Tian hands in his pockets: “So what do you want?”

“Apologize, compensate!” Sun Zibin looked over with an angry look.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“You are done!” Sun Zibin proudly said: “Do you know me I, your father is who? The billionaires with a net worth of 1 billion have a relationship and background.”

It happened that he came here, a middle-aged man with a chubby figure, Sun Taibao.

“Dad, this rubbish, bullies me.” Sun Zibin pointed his finger at Fang Tian’s nose, his face full of anger!

Sun Taibao was shocked, looked towards Fang Tian.

Sun Tzu Bin said: “Dad, find someone for me to beat him!”

Sun Taibao Fei quickly ran over and quickly reached out.

“pa!” He slapped on Sun Zibin’s face!

“Damned bastard, he is your teacher!” Sun Taibao scolded Sun Zibin angrily.

Sun Zibin only felt hot on his face and almost fainted.

Fang Tian turned out to be Laozi’s Teacher? Not wrong?

Sun Taibao compensated said with a smile: “Professor Fang, I’m sorry, I have no way to discipline.”

Professor? I rely on!

Sun Zibin was shocked, his incredible expression: “Dad, what’s going on?”

Sun Taibao raised his hand and wanted to slap him again.

Sun Zibin was scared back.

Sun Taibao angry Fire Dao: “Do not offend him, you still have to respect him, otherwise I will send you to Africa to dig coal!”

Sun Zibin was so scared that he couldn’t speak anymore.

“Hurry up and apologize to Professor Fang.” Sun Taibao ordered.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry…” Sun Zibin looked at Fang Tian and repeatedly apologized.

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