Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1581


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Fang Tian came to lecture at the university and benefited Sun Taibao greatly. He knew how to embrace the Internet and let the company grow and develop.

He was very grateful to Fang Tian, ​​but Sun Zibin, the kid who didn’t knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, even dared to offend Professor Fang, Sun Taibao was really angry.

“Professor Fang, we are free to come out for dinner, and then talk in detail.” Sun Taibao said with a smile.

Fang Tian said: “I am very busy and generally do not participate in private dining.”

After finishing, he pulled the car door and sat in, and immediately, Eisa Bower started the car to leave.

Sun Zibin pouted: “Who likes to eat with you.”

Sun Taibao looked at him with a black face: “Do you know how much money Professor Fang’s dinner is being sold now? 5 million, just to have a meal with him.”

Sun Zibin’s eyes widened and he felt incredible. “Those people are stupid?”

“Yes, you have no brains.” Sun Taibao said: “Eat a meal with him, get his advice, the company will take off! Another day, I will see if I can spend 8 million with him. .”


It was already dark, and Fang Tian returned home.

As soon as I entered the villa, I smelled a strong scent of meals.

Hurry up the stairs and walk into the small living room. At this moment, the table is filled with each and everyone plates.

Tonight, Third Madam Jin Chen Shanmei cooks a 5-Star level meal.

You can enjoy top-class delicacies when you go home. It feels really good. Fang Tian sat down and took the chopsticks to eat.

Chen Shanmei sat opposite, holding chopsticks and chewing slowly.

The TV is broadcasting the evening news.

The news is being broadcast, SoftCloud Group and Jinghua University cooperate to establish SoftCloud Research Institute.

Fang Tian and Jinghua University Principal shaking hands appear on the screen.

Chen Shanmei looked at the TV said with a slight smile: “I am so handsome in son-in-law!”

It is often said that women are all sensual, and they are right. She cares more about the senses. She can ignore such big things as SoftCloud Research Institute.

At the end of the news broadcast, it was an entertainment news.

Magnetic male anchor voice said: “Gold Jade film investment investment, super star joined the production of “Fairy Sword and Heroes” will be released nationwide tomorrow night.”

Gold Jade Pictures? Chen Shanmei asked: “Isn’t this the film group under your company?”

“Yeah, invest 500 million in a big production.” Fang Tian said with a smile.

Chen Shanmei is a fan, she feels a little excited. “Premiere, I’m going to check it out.”

After half an hour, Fang Tian was carrying green tea and returned to the house.

Turn on your computer and go online, “The Legend of Fairy Sword and Heroes” will be released soon. Let’s see how popular it is online?

Fang Tian clicked the mouse and opened the famous film and television social networking site.

Almost all the web pages are discussing this movie.

Although it has not been released yet, netizens are full of expectations.

“Fairy Sword and Heroes” is adapted from the novel of the same name “Fairy Sword and Heroes”, this book is the first book on the Internet today.

Over 100 million followers, with more than 150,000 subscriptions.

This World pays more attention to copyright protection, plus the main applications of Search Engine, browser, and application market et cetera are all controlled by SoftCloud, and piracy does not exist.

As a result, a large number of high-quality works have emerged.

“Legend of the Flying Man Biography” Author: National mister Wang.

Who is the country mister Wang? It’s Fang Tian.

In the beginning when Jin Yu Novel Network was just established, Fang Tian wrote a copy of his own in order to increase the popularity of the website, and moved the classic web articles he had read in his previous life.

Brand new world, grand scenes, bloody fighting, and now the netizens are hooked!

This book only serializes more than one million words, but it can be regarded as a long work in this era.

Fang Tian paragraph has been changed for a while. Some fans ran downstairs to the novel website Headquarters and pulled up the banner to let the author update quickly.

This book is a mess, and the value of its IP is also skyrocketing. It has invested a full 500 million yuan. It has been filmed for more than a year, and it will finally be released tomorrow night.

Many online novels are adapted into movies or TV dramas, which are inconsistent with the original works. They simply cannot meet the expectations of fans. A big reason is that the stunts are too bad.

The grand scenes, those bloody fights, cannot be restored without good special effects technology.

As for “The Legend of Fairy Sword and Heroes” filmed by Gold Jade Films, Fang Tian spent a lot of money on special effects at all costs.

Looking at the trailer is understood, it’s very shocking!

Yang Guo Shan Xiangsi, the landlord: “haha! My favorite novel has finally been adapted into a movie, so look forward to it!”

Happy fans on the second floor: “I am also looking forward to it, watching the film is good, I don’t know when the time comes to watch it.”

The beast king of the house next to the third floor: “Don’t read it, the novel is not good-looking, it is not the taste of the original.”

There are many people on the Internet, which proves that this movie has been preheated successfully.

2nd day evening.

Fang Tian called Jin Yuyan and went with her to watch the premiere of “Fairy Sword and Heroes”.

But she cannot meet in Singapore.

She has no time and can only watch it with Mother-in-law.

After dinner, Fang Tian drove in the car with Chen Shanmei moved towards the nearby cinema.

Qianjin Theater, the highest cinema in Beijing.

Looking at the name is understood, which is an industry owned by Jin Yuyan.

Qianjin Corporation is the country’s largest cinema line, with more than 1,000 theaters nationwide.

Fang Tian’s film industry is also deeply integrated with fiancee’s physical industry.

The premiere of this movie was held in her cinema.

The car stopped and Fang Tian and Chen Shanmei moved towards the cinema.

Fang Tian does not need to buy tickets at the theater ticket office. You can take out the emperor card and enter smoothly.

This emperor card is only owned by three people, the first one is Jin Yuyan and the other is Chen Shanmei. The third chapter is in his own hands.

Empty and drinking merrily can be permanently free in the property of Qianjin Corporation with the emperor card, yes, forever.

Qianjin Corporation’s industry, in addition to shopping malls, but also catering, hotels, aviation, tourism, one card in hand, pass worry-free!

There is a wife of a real empire, it is cool!

Similarly, Fang Tian also gave Jin Yuyan and Chen Shanmei a kind of card called Queen Card, which is free for online consumption.

This movie theater with a capacity of 500 people is now full of people.

Fang Tian and Chen Shanmei sat in the front row, the lights were dim, and no one noticed their arrival.

Look at the time, it’s almost 8 o’clock, and the movie will be playing soon.

At this moment, a fragrant wind blew, and a woman wearing big toad sunglasses sat beside her.

Fang Tian looked sideways towards her, and suddenly she was overjoyed, and she also came!

Chen Shanmei also recognized who she was and was about to speak.

“Hush!” The woman in sunglasses put her finger up in front of her mouth and motioned not to speak.

Chen Shanmei understood that laughed eyes looked towards the big screen.

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